An interesting horary

Today my wife was about to leave home when she was unable to find her car keys.  Since she had a meeting to get to, she needed to leave on time.  We both began to look for the keys and it occurred to me to cast a quick chart for some celestial guidance.  She normally keeps the keys in her rather large (to my mind) pocketbook but she couldn’t find them in there.  Here is the chart:


My wife usually asks me to do a chart when she can’t find something, so I anticipated her request and cast the chart even before she asked.  Then I wasn’t sure whether I should regard myself or her as the querent.

The ruler of the querent is the Moon, which rules the Ascendant.  The keys would be shown by the Sun, which rules the 2nd house of movable goods.  Mercury is a natural ruler of keys, so he could also be a significator.

The Moon (a natural signifier of women and wives) is separating from the Sun, which makes sense because she had misplaced the keys. The Moon is combust, which probably reflects her pressured state to find the keys so she could get to her meeting on time.  The Moon’s next aspect to a visible planet will be an opposition to Jupiter in the 4th of hidden treasure (her missing keys?) and then a conjunction to Mercury (a natural signifier of keys).

If I am the querent, then my wife is the 7th house ruler Saturn and her keys are ruled by the 8th house, which is also ruled by Saturn in Sagittarius (a fire sign like Aries) in the 6th house.  In horary I view the 6th house as one of compartmentalization, and often the signifier of the missing object in the 6th indicates that it has been placed into some kind of container or compartment.  The Moon will eventually trine Saturn before she leave Aries.  If Mercury rules the keys, then Mercury will trine Saturn in 1 degree 22 minutes of arc.

The angles of the chart are all cardinal signs, suggesting a rapid resolution.  The key significators (no pun intended) are in Aries in the 10th house, so the keys should be in the home and in a place she would normally keep them.  The emphasis on Aries suggested the color red.  Noticing that her purse was a burnt orange color,  I suggested that she completely dump out the contents of her pocketbook because the chart suggested that the keys would be therein but obscured but some other thing because the Moon (a general signifier of something  missing) was obscured by the rays of the Sun.

The 4th house indicates hidden treasure (her keys?), and the ruler of the 4th can give clues to its location.  With Libra on the cusp, the ruler of the 4th is Venus, which is Retrograde in Aries in the 10th.  Again there is an emphasis on Aries (things that are hot and reddish in color) and the 10th, a location in the home or office where the querent might normally keep the object.  She always takes her pocketbook with her to work-related meetings.

Between 2 and 3 minutes later she found her keys hidden by some of the countless things she carries in her purse, and so she was able to leave on time to get to her meeting.  Given the outcome, it seems to me that Mercury signified the keys in this chart (perhaps indicated by Mercury being in parallel of declination with the royal fixed star Regulus).  The applying trine between Mercury and Saturn suggested that she would find the keys in under 2 minutes.  She recovered the keys at 12:29 PM and a few seconds, and I noticed at that time that the Part of Fortune (another symbol of one’s property) was exactly square Mercury in the 10th.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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  1. ayves says:

    Good, and precise!!!

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