Zodiacal Releasing in Horary Charts

Recently I’ve been experimenting with the Hellenistic time-lord technique of zodiacal releasing in horary charts, and it seems to be quite useful.

In zodiacal releasing each of the seven visible planets is assigned to specific time periods in the progression of the querent’s life.  As the various signs of the zodiac are activated, their planetary rulers and any planets contained therein become active. Most commonly the releasing is begun with the sign which contains the Part of Spirit, symbolizing our voluntary and intentional actions.

Let’s see how zodiacal releasing adds another dimension of understanding to a famous horary chart: the houses of Master B by William Lilly.

Mr BLilly really wanted to buy this property, so he cast a horary chart on 30 March 1634 OS (10 April 1634 NS) and followed the advice of the stars on how to negotiate the deal.

Seeing that the Sun (a significator of the 7th house seller) and Venus (the querent’s significtor) were conjoining in Taurus (ruled by Venus, thus favoring Lilly) on 25 April 1634 OS (6 May 1634 NS), he decided to bargain about the price on that date.  He closed the deal on 17 May 1634 OS (28 May 1634 NS) when the Moon conjoined Venus in Gemini, ephemeris time.

Here is the zodiacal releasing from Spirit for this period according to the program Aphesis by Curtis Manwaring.


The zodiacal releasing begins with the Part of Spirit in Taurus, the 8th house of the horary chart. Lilly waits until the Lot of Spirit moves into Gemini on Level 3 to begin serious negotiations. Gemini is a active period because it squares the Part of Fortune in Pisces. The activation of Gemini also activates Mercury (ruler of Gemini), Jupiter in Gemini, and Mars and the Moon in Virgo in the radical 11th of Lilly’s friends, which is also the turned 5th house of the seller. Lilly tells us that he actively engaged the assistance of the seller’s daughter (a friend of Lilly’s) in his bargaining tactics.

On 25 April (OS), the Part of Spirit has moved to Cancer on Level 4. Cancer is the 10th house of the horary and symbolizes the price of the house, fitting symbolism for a negotiation about the price.

On 17 May when he paid the seller and finalized the deal, the Lot of Spirit had moved to Capricorn on Level 4. Capricorn is the 4th house of the horary and symbolizes the landed property which he just took possession of.  The activation of Capricorn also activates the Sun (seller) and Venus (querent) in Aries in the 7th. The conjunction of Venus and the Sun symbolized the coming together of buyer and seller to seal the deal.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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