Masha’allah: Will a sick person recover?

The 8th century Jewish Muslim astrologer Masha’allah had a way of analyzing horary charts that is quite instructive. In the previous post I reviewed one of his charts about a 10th house matter. Here I would like to consider how Masha’allah analyzed a question from a sick person about whether he would live or die from his infirmity. The analysis below is drawn mainly from Masha’allah with some additional observations of my own.

From the description of the original chart, I was able to reconstruct a close approximation with modern software, using the following data: “Will I die or recover?” asked on 11 April 791 AD, near Basra in modern Iraq, 3:37 PM LMT, sidereal zodiac with method of Sri Yukteswar.


An infirm client who was in considerable pain asked Masha’allah the question on the afternoon of a Moon day during a Jupiter hour.

The dodecatemoria of the Ascendant (given by Masha’allah as being in the 15th degree of Virgo) lies in the region from 18 to 30 degrees of Aquarius in the 6th house of this chart. The querent’s intention (revealed by the dodecatemorion of the ascending degree) is to ask about his illness and chances for recovery. Venus in the 6th house, the Alcabitius house containing the 12th-part of the Ascendant, will play an important role in answering the question. The planet Saturn, which rules Aquarius, the sign of the 12th part of the Ascendant, lies in Aries on the cusp of the 8th house of death. The querent is worried about dying from his illness.

The querent is represented by Mercury (Virgo rising) and the Moon (always a co-ruler of the querent). Masha’allah would prefer to use Mercury, the primary ruler, to signify the querent BUT in this chart Mercury in the 8th is “in aversion” to (inconjunct) the Ascendant and is void of course. Thus, Mercury has no aspectual relationship with the sign Virgo or with any planet aspecting Virgo, and thus Mercury is incapable of managing Virgo’s significations. Mercury is currently completely at the mercy of the illness, being combust the Sun. Fortunately, Mercury is in the process of leaving combustion, which gives some prospect of an eventual improvement in the illness.

The Moon, however, lies in Taurus in the 9th house, which has a trine relationship with Virgo. Therefore, the Moon is more capable of signifying the querent. The Moon, like Mercury, is void of course. Since the Moon is involved in no aspectual activity, there is nothing to indicate a significant change in the querent’s medical condition for some time to come.  With the Moon void of course, not much change is happening and the illness is continuing its course. The querent’s illness will change, for better or worse, only after the Moon leaves Taurus and enters the next sign, Gemini, where it’s first aspect will be a square from the Moon to Venus at 6 Pisces 35.

Mars rules the 8th house of death and is quite powerful in the Midheaven, indicating the querent’s ongoing pain and fear of death. Neptune in Virgo on the Ascendant also reflects the chronic nature of the ailment.

Hellenistic astrologers also considered houses from the Part of Fortune. In this chart Fortuna lies in Libra, so that the Moon in Taurus occupies the 8th house of death from Pars Fortunae, again indicating that the querent is worried about dying from his illness.

When the Moon squares Venus, it will “commit its disposition” to Venus, which is the slower planet. Normally, Masha’allah would like there to be a reception of the Moon by Venus to lead to a successful outcome. Here the square of Moon to Venus will occur when the Moon reaches 7 Gemini 43 and Venus is at 7 Pisces 43.  At this moment the Moon will be in the term or bound of Jupiter with which Venus is in mutual reception. Thus, it seems that Masha’allah is viewing the Moon being in the term or bound of Jupiter (which is in mutual reception with Venus) as being equivalent to the Moon being received by Venus.

Venus will then carry the 1st house significations of the Moon (querent and his life force) in this chart. This is good news because Venus in Pisces is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter is not applying to Saturn (the only planet heavier than Jupiter), so Jupiter has no one to whom to commit his disposition, and thus Jupiter becomes the final arbiter of the querent’s body and vitality, the significations which the Moon passed to Venus, and Venus passed on to Jupiter. The dispositing buck stops with Jupiter. In addition, Venus is only 14 degrees away from perfecting a sextile to Jupiter, which will occur on 26 April 791 (see chart below).

Masha’allah concludes that the querent’s illness will take a significant turn for the better after Venus bodily conjoins Jupiter in Taurus in about two and a half months. With the two benefics in mutual reception determining the outcome of the question, the querent will survive and eventually get better from his illness.

It appears that Masha’allah is thinking in terms of something like a relay race. The Moon (querent) handed its disposition over the Venus, which in turn handed the disposition over the Jupiter.  The buck will stop with Jupiter, but the end of the race will not take place until Venus bodily touches (conjoins with) Jupiter to bring the matter to its conclusion.

From just glancing at the original horary chart, you might think that Venus will square Mars (ruler of the 8th of death) before she perfects the sextile to Jupiter. Mars, however, is advancing in the zodiac along with Venus, so that the square from Venus to Mars occurs only after the  sextile of Venus to Jupiter takes place. Had Venus squared Mars (death) before sextiling Jupiter (recovery), the querent may well have died from his illness.

On April 22, transiting Mercury reached 18 of Taurus and conjoined Venus at 18 Pisces. Venus received Mercury in her domicile Taurus, and Mercury (the querent) committed his disposition to Venus as well. Thus, Venus has taken over the dispositions of both rulers of the querent and passed them on to Jupiter for final arbitration. Meanwhile, transiting Venus in Pisces is applying to a square to Mars in Gemini.

Below is the chart for April 26, cast for the same time as the question. You can see that Venus will sextile Jupiter well before she goes on to square Mars. With Mars ruling the 8th and being a natural signifier of bodily injury, the ongoing application of Venus to the square of Mars indicates that the infirmity will get worse before it gets better (at the time that Venus finally meets up with Jupiter in the heavens by bodily conjunction).


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    a benefic outcome.

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