Masha’allah: Acquire a kingdom?

Masha’allah spent the year 791 writing up a number of horary charts of his clients. On 23 May 791 a client asked whether he would be granted a kingdom which he was seeking. Here is a chart set for Baghdad in the sidereal zodiac (Sri Yukteswar method) which approximates the one that appears in the original text.


It is a Moon day during a Moon hour. The querent must have been anxious because he asked the question first thing Monday morning when the sun had just risen.

Gemini rises, making Mercury Rx in Gemini the significator of the querent. His co-ruler is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which is about to oppose Mercury. In fact, Moon and Mercury are mutually applying to an opposition, which will be the Moon’s next aspect. Thus, the Moon commits her disposition to Mercury.

What will Mercury do with the Moon’s disposition? Mercury Rx in Gemini receives the Sun, which rests just above the ascending degree, and the Sun and Mercury are mutually applying to a conjunction. Thus, Mercury commits his disposition (and that of the Moon) to the Sun, which now carries the ball for the querent, having received the disposition of the querent’s two rulers.

The quesited is the 10th house kingdom. With Aquarius on the 10th cusp, Saturn rules the quesited, and the Sun is nicely applying to sextile Saturn in Aries in the 11th house of the querent’s hopes and wishes.

Will the Sun be able to perfect the sextile to Saturn, indicating that the querent will get the desired position, or will some other planet interfere with the perfection?  The only planet capable of interfering is Mars, which lies at a degree intermediate between that of the Sun and Saturn in this chart.

Mars occupies a “bad” house (the 2nd) and is the dreaded malefic of the nocturnal sect in a day chart. Unfortunately, Mars applies to square Saturn, and the Mars/Saturn square will perfect before the Sun has a chance to sextile Saturn, thus destroying the querent’s hopes of getting his desired kingdom.

Masha’allah tells us that the querent learned that he would not be granted the kingdom on 28 May 791, the very day that Mars perfected its square to Saturn. Here is the chart for the morning of the day the querent got the bad news:

bad news


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