The Solar Eclipse and the Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

On Thursday, 17 August 2017, terrorist drove a van on La Rambla in Barcelona, killing 13 people and injuring many others.  According to Spanish news reports, the attack began at 16:50 (4:50 p.m.) local time (“A las 16.50 horas, una furgoneta se lanzó contra los centenares de personas que se encontraban en La Rambla” — El País).   Here is a chart for the start of the incident:
The most angular planet in this chart is a Rx Saturn in the 1st house near the Ascendant, which is typically an ominous sign.  Mars occupies the 8th house where it conjoins the Sun and from which Mars sextiles Asc-ruler Jupiter and trines the Ascendant and Saturn in Sagittarius.  This sextile and trine occur in signs of long ascension, which Lilly would interpret as lending an unfavorable cast to these normally propitious aspects.  Mars rules the unfortunate 12th and occupies the 8th of death — another factor which renders these aspects somewhat disadvantageous.

Here is the chart for the total solar eclipse (New Moon) which occurs on 21 August 2017, cast for Barcelona:

In the solar eclipse chart, Saturn rules the Aquarius Ascendant and is angular in the 10th. This is the same Saturn that is rising at the time of the attack.   In addition, this solar eclipse opposes the Ascendant in Barcelona.

Here is the birth chart of modern Spain (cast for the inauguration of Juan Carlos in 1975) with the 21 August eclipse chart for Barcelona superimposed:

Modern Spain has an Aquarius Ascendant.  The August 21st solar eclipse occurs in the 7th house of Spain’s open enemies.  Furthermore, the eclipse squares the natal Sun (and natal Mercury) of modern Spain.  The square from the eclipse in the 7th to the ruler of the 7th (the Sun) in the 10th warns of an attack by open enemies.  The square of the eclipse to natal Mercury (rulers of the 8th) warns of the risk of death.  It is striking that the solar eclipse so closely squares the natal Sun of modern Spain.

Currently Spain is also undergoing a transit of Neptune in the 1st house in square to its natal Neptune in the 10th house.  The MC of the eclipse almost exactly conjoins natal Neptune in the 10th, warning of hidden dangers and mysterious circumstances.

Annual Profections

At the time of the Barcelona terrorist attack the chart of modern Spain indicated that it was in a Cancer annual profection year.  Cancer, ruled by the Moon, in on the cusp of the unfortunate 6th house of Spain.  The Moon, which is “Lord of the year” according to the method of annual profections will eclipse the Sun on 21 August 2017, making this profection year one of special significance as far as eclipses are concerned in the chart of modern Spain.   This is so because the Sun and Moon, which rule Leo and Cancer respectively, are the celestial bodies involved in eclipses.  (Chris Brennan has a good discussion of the effect of eclipses in his recent YouTube video on eclipses.)

Here are Spain’s current profections calculated in Solar Fire:


Note that the profected Ascendant is activating Spain’s natal MC and Mercury (ruler of the 8th of death) at the time of the terrorist incident.  In addition, profected Pluto is activing Spain’s natal Saturn in the 7th of open enemies.

Zodiacal Releasing and the Attack

If we consider the zodiacal releasing in the chart of modern Spain from the Part of Fortune for an event that befalls the nation we see the following pattern:


Level I:  Scorpio — 10th Whole Sign house, which activates Mars and the planets in the 10th.  Transiting Mars of the solar eclipse occupies Spain’s 7th house of open enemies and rules Spain’s 3rd house of vehicles and transport.

Level II:  Leo — 7th Whole Sign house, which activates the Sun and the planets in the 7th of open enemies.   The 21 August 2017 solar eclipse occurs in Leo in the 7th Whole Sign house of open enemies in modern Spain’s natal chart.

Level III:  Capricorn — 12th Whole Sign House, which activates Saturn — ruler of the eclipse chart in Barcelona.  Capricorn rules Spain’s house of secret enemies and activates Saturn, which is rising in Barcelona at the moment of the attack.

Level IV:  Scorpio — 10th Whole Sign House.

Here is the Whole Sign chart for modern Spain with the solar eclipse chart superimposed:


Notice how Scorpio, Leo and Capricorn are activated by zodiacal releasing from Fortune at the time of the terrorist attack in Barcelona on 17 August 2017.  Leo rules the 7th of open enemies, and Capricorn rules the 12th of secret enemies.  Scorpio rules the 10th of government.

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