Harvey Weinstein fired: aversion, nodes, eclipses and quincunxes

This week’s news from Hollywood centered around the firing, on Sunday 8 October 2017, of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment by the company which he founded.  According to the NY Times:

“The sexual harassment allegations uncovered by The Times stretched back decades and came from actresses as well as former employees of the Weinstein Company and Miramax, the previous company that Mr. Weinstein and his brother founded.”

Weinstein was born in Flushing, Queens, NYC on 19 March 1952, time unknown. Here is his natal chart cast for Noon with average planetary positions for the day. It is noteworthy for demonstrating the power of the Hellenistic concept of “aversion” in the interpretation of a chart.

Harvey Weinstein Natal Chart for Noon
Features of this chart which stand out are:

  • Sun at the end of Pisces in partile inconjunct with the South Lunar Node at the end of Leo.  The Sun disposes the South Node, which lies in the terms of Mars, a planet associated with male libido. The Sun is also in a wide (or whole sign) inconjunct with Pluto in Leo.
  • Mars (male sexual desire) very strong in Scorpio mutually applying to square Pluto (intense emotion, powerful hidden forces) in Leo. In mythology, Pluto’s lust prompted him to abduct Propina (the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone) and take her to Hades where he pleasured himself at her expense.
  • Mercury (modes of thinking) in Aries (ruled by Mars) mutually applying to oppose Neptune in Libra (egalitarian relationships) and closely applying to quincunx Mars in Scorpio.
  • Jupiter in Aries in partile opposition to Neptune in Libra.
  • Venus in Pisces rules Libra, which is inconjunct to Pisces.
  • Venus and the Sun in Pisces are in aversion to Jupiter and Mercury in Aries, to the North Lunar Node in Aquarius, to Pluto and the South Lunar Node in Leo, and to Saturn and Neptune in Libra.
  • Mars in Scorpio lies in aversion to its sign Aries where Jupiter and Mercury are located. Thus, Mars has little say in how Jupiter and Mercury behave, especially with regard to their opposition with Neptune in Libra, another sign which is in aversion to Scorpio where Mars resides in this chart.

In Hellenistic astrology the modern quincunx (inconjunct) relationship is referred to as “aversion” and occurs when planets occupy signs that are 30 degrees or 150 degrees apart, and thus unable to “see” each other. Interpretive key words and phrases for the configuration of planets in “aversion” include:

  • out of awareness
  • not visible
  • not seen
  • out of control
  • unregulated
  • poorly integrated or unintegrated
  • turned away from
  • averse to
  • unconnected
  • not communicating
  • hidden from each other
  • controversy, separation or exile by peers (Paulus of Alexandria)
  • “While the cat’s away, the mice will play.”

When the planet is in aversion to a sign that it rules, then the ruling planet is unable to manage the affairs symbolized by that sign or any planets residing therein. Paulus of Alexandria tells us that a planet in aversion to its own domicile indicates controversy, separation and exile because that planet cannot “see” its home sign and is thus unable to manage the affairs signified by its sign in a way that benefits the native.

In Weinstein’s chart, the Sun is averse to Leo and thus unable to manage the affairs of Leo as well as Pluto and the South Lunar Node therein. In other words, whatever Leo, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes signify in his chart remains unintegrated with the part of his personality represented by the Sun.

In addition, Venus in Pisces, being inconjunct to Libra, has little say over how Saturn and Neptune behave in her home sign Libra, which is associated with intimate relationships. Being averse, Venus is unable to regulate what goes on in her own Libra home, leaving Saturn and Neptune free to do whatever they feel like. When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

Weinstein’s career has certainly been eclipsed this fall, so let’s look back to the most recent solar eclipse of 21 August 2017 to see how it played out in his chart.  Here is Weinstein’s natal Noon chart with the August solar eclipse superimposed.

Interestingly, the 21 Aug 2017 solar eclipse occurred exactly quincunx Weinstein’s natal Sun, which rules Leo where the eclipse took place, and also closely conjunct Weinstein’s natal South Lunar Node. The following in an interpretation of this configuration from page 74 of the Eclipse Interpretation Manual by Rose Lineman:

“Self-centered tendencies surface during the period these aspects are effective. They reveal egotistical attitudes associated with the natal south node which have created handicaps in the past and presently conflict with positive experiential potentials described by the natal north node. The self-awareness fostered by these aspects contributes to the capacity to develop selfless attributes that promote personal growth and reinforce constructive solar eclipse activity. Events that manifest under this configuration stem from selfish action which the individual perpetrates or action of which he or she is the victim.”

According to Lineman, when a transiting solar eclipse hits the natal South Lunar Node, we can expect activation of the following:

  • self-centered tendencies
  • egotistical attitudes which have created handicaps in the past
  • events that stem from selfish action which the individual perpetuates

Obtaining sexual satisfaction at the expense of women in one’s employ certainly qualifies. There are many other interesting connections between the August solar eclipse chart and his natal chart, but I will leave those for the reader to explore.

Further Reading:
Steven Birchfield: Aversion or the “Inconjunct”: Dignities, Strengths, and Weaknesses – a closer look


Original material in this post is copyright Anthony Louis 2017.


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  1. Jeffrey Geist says:

    Somehow had never known of the theory of aversion you present here re the quincunx. Much thanks. Great article.

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