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An embarrassing addendum (24 Jan 2021): A colleague recently asked me about this chart and upon reviewing the text, I realized that I entered the wrong date in Janus to cast the chart.  My notes indicate that the question was asked on 24 Oct 2017 but the chart is set for 25 Oct 2017.  I must have entered the wrong date without realizing it.  Below is the original post, unaltered.  At the end I will post an addendum with the 24 Oct 2017 chart, which I believe is the correct one. Sorry for any confusion.

Original post:

I  also posted this in a horary group in which I participate and will update this post once the outcome is known.  The chart and dignity table are from the Janus 5 astrology program (a recent update).

Question: The querent is a private tutor who was helping one of his clients prepare for an important exam. As the time of the exam approached, he was worried that his student was not well enough prepared to pass the exam.  A couple days after the exam the student contacted him to say that the exam was very difficult and he thought he had failed.  The exam was still being graded, and the results would not be available for at least another week, so the querent asked a horary question, “Will he pass the exam?” (which he had just taken).
Date 24 October 2017, 4:13 pm (16:13) EDT, Orange, CT, Asc = 20 Pisces 34.

Pass exam

It is a Mercury day during a Jupiter hour, and Jupiter rules the Ascendant. Jupiter is combust and Mercury is under the beams and both lie in the 8th house (loss), so planetary conditions are not very favorable at the moment of the question.

The 12th part of the Ascendant lies at 6 Scorpio 48, where it conjoins the 8th cusp and Jupiter and is combust the Sun, reflecting the querent’s concern that his student will fail. The dispositor of the 12th part is malefic Mars in Libra, the sign of its Fall.

Saturn, which conjoins the MC, is of the diurnal sect of the chart and has dignity by term and face, suggesting that the exam will be quite challenging and will require hard work if he expects to pass.

I took 7th ruler Mercury to represent the querent’s client (the student). The 9th from the 7th (radical 3rd), also ruled by Mercury, signifies the client’s knowledge and preparation. Mercury has dignity only by term (bound) and is under the sunbeams, so the student is not well prepared and will have difficulty displaying what he does know. In addition, Mercury is disposed by Mars, which lies in an angular house in its sign of detriment and is the malefic of the contrary sect of the chart.

If we take the 10th to represent success, then Mercury (the student) lies in the 8th (loss) and is separating from Jupiter (lord of the 10th), suggesting that he will not pass the exam. The Moon is separating from a sextile to Jupiter and applying to sextile Mercury, a translation of light, giving some hope that he could pass, but the Moon lies in her own detriment and occupies the Fall of Jupiter and none of the dignities of Mercury, so it’s a long shot.

Finally, Mercury in Scorpio (the student) is in in a sign opposite to the Part of Fortune (in Taurus) and in aversion to the dispositor of Fortuna (Venus in Libra), so sheer luck is not on his side.


I’d appreciate any thoughts about this chart. The outcome will be known in about two weeks. Frankly, I’m hoping that my analysis of this chart is mistaken and that the student will pass the exam.

Addendum: The 12th parts are also called dodecatemoria. The Babylonians used them at least as far back as the 5th century BCE. Masha’allah describes their use in interrogational astrology in his essay On Hidden Things. Since I started trying Masha’allah’s method, I have found 12th parts (especially of the Ascendant) to be extremely helpful in horary charts.
This site does a traditional chart and lists the 12th parts:


The student got the results on 31 October 2017.  He passed with the minimum passing grade.  One point less and he would have failed.  It seems that the Moon, though in Detriment, had just enough strength by accidental fortitudes to transfer the light from Jupiter to Mercury.  It probably also helped that Venus, the dispositor of the Part of Fortune, is highly dignified and is posited in the 7th house which signifies the student.

I was assuming that the Moon is the sign of its Detriment was extremely powerless to help, but perhaps detriment has more to do with the quality of the Moon than with its power to act.

Further Reflections (7 Nov 2017):

This chart has been bugging me because I couldn’t understand how the Moon could be so effective in translating the light from Jupiter to Mercury, indicating that the student would pass the exam.  After reviewing some Hellenistic ideas, I think I found an explanation.
The Moon lies in the domicile of Saturn, the exaltation of Mars, and the triplicity of Venus.  While Saturn has some dignity and is domicile ruler of the Moon position, Saturn is averse to Capricorn from its position Sagittarius and thus unable to help the Moon very much.  Mars is without dignity and in detriment in Libra, so it can’t help the Moon.  Venus, however, which disposes the Moon as triplicity ruler of its position in Capricorn, is quite dignified in Libra and fortifies the Moon in Capricorn with a square from Libra.  Venus lies in an angular house and is also dispositor of the Lot of Fortune.  The Moon is succedent and occupies the house of joy of Jupiter.  These conditions appear to give the Moon just enough positive impetus to indicate a passing grade.  To summarize:

  • The Moon is peregrine and in detriment, and thus not inclined to do much good for the querent.
  • Being without dignity in Capricorn, the Moon must rely on its dispositors (by domicile, exaltation, triplicity, term or face in Capricorn) for help if she wishes to accomplish anything.
  • Domicile ruler Saturn and exaltation ruler Mars are not in a position to help the Moon, which leaves Venus as the next potential ally.
  • An angular Venus in her own domicile Libra disposes the Moon via the dignity of triplicity.
  • Lilly scored dignities as follows: domicile 5 (100%), exaltation 4 (80%), triplicity 3 (60%), term 2 (40%) and face or decan 1 (20%).  Thus, triplicity has just enough dignity to get him over the finish line but not enough to come in at 1st or 2nd place.
  • Venus is especially positive because she also disposes the Part of Fortune.
  • Venus fortifies the Moon by “overcoming” Luna (a Hellenistic concept) with a square from Libra to Capricorn.
  • The Moon has strength to act because it is just leaving the angular 10th and entering the succedent 11th, which is the joy of Jupiter (the benefic of the sect of the chart).


ADDENDUM 24 January 2021:

Given the discrepancy between the written text and the chart posted above, I believe the correct chart should have been cast for 24 hours earlier and it looks like this:

Horary chart recast for 24 October 2017
Querent asks, “Will my student whom I have been tutoring pass his exam?
Dignity Table for above 24 Oct 2017 chart
Aspect sequence from the time of the question onward

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2 Responses to An interesting horary chart

  1. Magistrella says:

    Horary is very interesting. I’m an amateur, know just enough to be dangerous, but here goes:
    Seclusion and hard work are the keys to passing the exam. Saturn (discipline and hard work) is on the MC in Sagittarius, the sign of education, sextile the South Node in the 12th (seclusion) and trine the North Node in the 6th (work), respectively. Saturn is disposited by Jupiter, ruler of the 9th (education) and 10th (career) and Jupiter is out of aspect – not a lucky set of circumstances. There are many influences in the seventh house aspecting the Myet oon approaching the cusp of the 11th, indicating distractions by friends and family. At this time the student may feel torn between social and familial obligations, perhaps to take the kids trick-or-treating, put up the xmas tree, etc. To pass the exam, the student needs to excuse him/herself this year and let everyone else do these works and party on without him/her. Final exams and the holiday season conflict every year. And, looking again to the Nodes, the student has been there and done that and realizes s/he will need to do so again to achieve scholastic and career success. It’s just a darn shame to have to miss out year after year.

  2. Antares says:

    So I asked two questions, (Will he pass the exam) and (Why)?; I am getting Emperor upright and Ace Pents reversed, respectively. Please see Tarot Beyond the Basics (A. Louis). Great Person, Aid, Will; and for Pentacles Opulence.

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