Missing Argentine Submarine

An Argentine submarine went missing on 15 November 2017. According to the LA Times:

“The last communication between the San Juan and authorities onshore was at 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 15. The submarine surfaced that morning in the area of the San Jorge Gulf, about 270 miles southeast of the Valdes Peninsula in Chubut province.”

I was unable to find an official report of the exact location of the sub’s final communication, but looking at google maps I estimated the coordinates to be about 46s20 and 60w20.  These produce the following chart, which is approximate. The MC may be in the last degree of Leo or the first degree of Virgo, depending on the exact time and the correct location.


The submarine is signified by the Sagittarius Ascendant, ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio in the 11th.  Jupiter, which is peregrine (without essential dignity) and under the sunbeams, is the exalted ruler of the 8th house of death. (I use the Egyptian terms rather than the Ptolemaic terms which give Jupiter dignity by term. Ptolemy invented his own set of “more scientific” terms which were not the ones used by the practicing astrologers of his time.)

The Moon, which rules the Cancer 8th cusp of death, is also a signifier of the ship. Luna has recently entered the Via Combusta, indicating potential difficulties, perhaps related to some type of combustion. This is troubling because the Moon rules the 8th house of death. Jupiter, ruler of the Ascendant (the ship) and exalted ruler of the 8th of death, also lies in the Via Combusta.

The Moon is separating from a conjunction with Mars and a square with Pluto and is applying to an opposition to Uranus and finally a sextile to Saturn before Luna leave the sign Scorpio. The recent conjunction with a debilitated Mars, the malefic of the contrary sect, suggests that the sub ran into problems. Mars also rules the unfortunate 12th house of undoing.

The next lunar aspect being an opposition to Uranus indicates sudden and unexpected circumstances, such as an unanticipated accident, especially because Mars disposes Uranus. The combination of Mars, Pluto and Uranus could indicate a violent or explosive event. The Moon (ruler of the 8th of death) transfers the light of Mars (ruler of the 12th) to Pluto by square and then to Uranus by opposition.

Saturn (a classic symbol of shipwrecks) is the most angular planet and lies on the Ascendant, showing hindrances and difficulties. If the IC lies in Aquarius, then Saturn rules the end-of-the-matter. If the IC lies in Pisces, then Jupiter rules the end-of-the-matter, and Jupiter is without dignity and under the sunbeams.

Neptune occupies the 4th house of endings and is very slow because it is about to make a station and turn direct.  The Lot of Accidents and Infortune (Asc + Mars – Saturn) lies at 10 Pisces 04 in this chart, conjunct the stationing Neptune, suggesting an accident at sea related to some type of confusion or lack of clarity.

Overall this chart does not look promising.

ADDENDUM: My thanks to Lisbon Gaviotta for sending me this information which was posted on Twitter by Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization.


As you can see in the graphic, the impulsive event occurred at 10:51 AM local time, slightly north of the site of the last communication with the submarine, so the MC of that chart must correspond to 59.69W at 7:30 AM, namely at 00 Virgo 26.  The latitude of the last communication chart is at about 46S20, just slightly due south of the explosion.  Here is the corrected chart:


Here the ruler of the 4th house of endings is Jupiter.  The Lot of Infortune and Accidents lies at 10 Pisces 40 where it conjoins Neptune.

Jupiter’s last aspect was an opposition to Uranus.  The Moon applies to conjoin Jupiter but the Moon is separating from a conjunction with Mars and a square with Pluto, and the Moon will oppose Uranus and then sextile Saturn before leaving Libra to join Jupiter in Scorpio. Thus, the Moon will transfer the light from Uranus to Jupiter, reactivating the Jupiter/Uranus opposition, with both Jupiter and Uranus disposed by malefic Mars in his detriment in Libra and ruling the 12th house of undoing.

In addition, the difference in arc between Saturn (shipwrecks) and the Ascendant (the submarine) is about 3.5 degrees, which translates to about 3.5 hours or a time of approximately 11 AM.  The impulsive event occurred at 10:51 AM.

From the chart it appears as if the crew became aware of a problem at about 7:30 AM and called for help.  They headed due north but were stopped by a sudden unexpected violent or explosive event (Mars, Pluto, Uranus) which severely damaged their vessel (Saturn 3.5 degrees from the Ascendant).

REFERENCE: William Lilly, Christian Astrology (1647)


 Of a Ship, and Whatever are in Her,

Her Safety or Destruction.

Generally, the Signe ascending and the Moon are Significators of the Ship, and what goods are in her: if in the question demanded you find all these unfortunate, that is, if a malevolent Planet by position be placed in the Ascendant, he having dignities in the 8th; or if you find the Lord of the Ascendant in the 8th, in any configuration with the Lord of the 8th, 12th, 4th or 6th, or the Moon combust, or under the earth, you may judge the Ship is lost, and the men drowned, (unless you find reception betwixt themselves) for then the Ship was casually Shipwrecked, and some of the sea men did escape: but if you find the preceding Significators all of them free from misfortune, both men and goods are all safe; the more safe if any reception be. But if the Ascendant and the Moon be infortunate, and the Lord of the Ascendant fortunate, the Ships like to be drowned, but the men will be saved: Some for better knowledge and discovery of what part of the Ship was like to be freest from danger, have divided the several parts of the Ship, and have assigned to every of the twelve Signes, a part or place of the Ship, by which if any damage was to come to the Ship, they could or might better prevent it.

  • Unto Aries they give the Brest of the Ship.
  • To Taurus what is under the Brest a little towards the Water.
  • To Gemini the Roother or Sterne of the Ship.
  • To Cancer the Bottome or Floor of the Ship.
  • To Leo the top of the Ship above Water.
  • To Virgo the Belly of it.
  • To Libra that part which sometimes is above, and sometimes below the Water, or betwixt Wind and Water,
  • To Scorpio that part where the Seamen are lodged, or so their Office.
  • To Sagittarius the Mariners themselves,
  • To Capricorn the ends of the Ship.
  • To Aquarius the Master or Captaine of the Ship.
  • To Pisces the Oares.

At the time when the Question is asked concerning the well or ill being of the Ship, see which of these Signes, or how many of them are fortunate, or hath the Moon or the Lord thereof fortunate, it’s an argument those parts of the Ship so signified, will have no defect, or need repaire thereof, or the Ship will receive any detriment in those parts: but which of these Signes you find unfortunate, or in what Signes you find the Moon or Lord of the Signe where she is, unfortunate, in that place or part of the Ship assigne impediment and misfortune, and thereof give warning.



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3 Responses to Missing Argentine Submarine

  1. The crew says:

    I did not hear nuclear explosions. Maybe Jupiter’s light from Uranus protected it!

  2. brilliant analysis of a sad event. Thanks.

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