Will my cat be put to sleep?

This is a sad horary. My son’s beloved cat, who was in his 18th year of life, had gotten sick several weeks ago. After repeated trips to the veterinarian and a course of medication, the cat appeared to improve but then had a turn for the worse. The vet recommended keeping the cat for a few days of observation.

Today (Saturday, 2 Dec 2017) was the day my son was to meet with the vet for a definitive diagnosis. I spoke to my son this morning, and he asked at 9:33 AM EST whether the outcome was that his cat would need to be put to sleep. Here is the chart.


It is a Saturn day during a Sun hour. Saturn rules the Ascendant. The Sun rules the fire triplicity by day and Saturn is the participating ruler. The Sun rules the radical 8th of death, and the Sun rules the cat’s turned 8th of death (8th from the 6th). The chart appears radical.

Jupiter is angular at the MC. Jupiter rules the radical 12th (grief, sadness), and the radical 12th is the derived 7th of the cat (7th from the 6th) and thus symbolizes the cat’s doctor, the veterinarian.

The 12th part of the Ascendant (at 14 Cap 06) is 19 Gemini 12, conjunct the cusp of the 6th of small animals. The ruler of the 12th part is Mercury in the radical 12th (sadness) which is also the 7th of the cat, symbolizing the veterinarian.

The main signifiers are:

  • Mercury, ruler of the 6th, is the cat.
  • Saturn, ruler of the 1st (8th from 6th), is the death of the cat.
  • Saturn, as ruler of the Ascendant, is also the querent.
  • Sun rules the radical 8th of death.
  • Venus rules the cat’s derived 4th house of endings and lies just inside the cat’s derived 6th house of illness.

Mercury (the cat) is turning stationary Retrograde and will conjoin Saturn (the cat’s death) in a little more than a degree. Mercury rules and opposes the Part of Fortune (material well-being) in the 6th house of pets.

The Moon’s last aspect to a visible planet was an opposition to Jupiter (ruler of the 12th) and the Moon’s next aspect is an opposition to Venus, ruler of the radical 9th, which is the turned 4th of the cat (4th from 6th), symbolizing the cat’s ending and final resting place. The Moon co-rules the querent, and its past opposition to Jupiter (the vet) probably symbolizes the fact that he left the cat at the vet several days before the question.

The 1st house is the turned 8th of the cat. Pluto (lord of the underworld) conjoins the cusp of the 1st, and the South node (of the nature of Saturn) lies at the end of the 1st. Neither placement is favorable to the cat’s survival.

All in all, the chart looked like the vet would recommend putting the cat to sleep.

My son phoned about 4 pm from the vet to say that the cat’s condition was terminal (he was dying of incurable kidney failure) and that they had put the cat to sleep. The appointment was for 2 pm, so I’m guessing that the event took place around 3 PM. Given the circumstances, it would have been inappropriate to ask about the specific time of the cat’s demise.

Addendum: In an online horary group Marc Weizmann pointed out that Mercury conjoins the fixed star Sinistra (at 29 Sag 45). which according to Robson is associated with “mortality by poisoning.” The cat was dying from the accumulation of toxins in its blood because the kidneys could not clear them. In the same group Maria Blaquier noted that the cat’s derived 6th house ruler Mars in detriment in Libra could indicate kidney disease.

I also noticed in reviewing the chart that the Hemetic Lot of Necessity lies at 14 Cancer 05, exactly opposite the Ascendant. In this case the querent was confronted with the necessary and inevitable consequences of his cat’s illness. The Lot of Necessity is the Hermetic lot of the planet Mercury, the god of logic, rationality and orderly unfolding of the universe.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to Will my cat be put to sleep?

  1. ayves says:

    I am so sorry for him. I had lost two dogs and a cat many years ago.

  2. yelrek77 says:

    We love our furry felines also. Best wishes for your son in his grief.

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