Where is my garage door remote?

My wife got home this evening and had misplaced her garage door remote, so she called me on her cell phone to come out and open the garage for her. She then asked me to help her look for the missing remote, which she had used earlier in the day and which she thought must be in her car. I cast a chart for the time she asked the question: 6:35 PM EST, 7 Dec 2017, Orange, CT. Here is the chart:

Garage door remote

  • The querent is ruled by the Moon (Cancer Ascendant).
  • The missing remote is signified by 2nd ruler Sun (Leo cusp).
  • Sun and Moon are both below the horizon, which supposedly indicates that it may be hard to find. Not so.

Moon in 2nd indicates her approaching the missing remote. Moon is in partile trine to Sun, and they are separated by only 11 minutes of arc.

Lilly says that separation occurs “when two Planets are departed but six minutes distant from each other” (CA 110). I assume he is measuring the distance between the centers of the bodies of the planets. This definition of separation may be true for the non-luminaries, but Lilly does not take into account the apparent sizes of the sun and moon, so Lilly’s statement is misleading.

In fact, the apparent size of the sun in our sky is about 32 minutes of arc (radius 16′), and the apparent size of the moon is about 31 minutes of arc (radius 15.5′). Thus, when the luminaries are separated by only 11 minutes of arc, as in the above chart, the bodies of the sun and moon are still overlapping by aspect. For the sun and moon, true separation occurs only after they are departed at least 31.5 minutes of arc (the radius of the sun plus the radius of the moon).

The partile aspect with the bodies of the sun and moon not yet separated indicates that she will find the remote very quickly. The sun rules the 2nd cusp of where she keeps her valuables. She looks in her pocketbook a few minutes later, and there is the remote.

Note that Venus at its brightest has an apparent size of only about 1 minute of arc and is larger than any other planet in the night sky. The sun’s apparent size is 30 times greater than that of Venus at its brightest. The radius of Venus at its largest is 0.5′ of arc. The radius of the body of the sun is 16′ of arc. Adding the two, we get 16.5 minutes of arc which is found in the definition of cazimi or being in the heart of the sun. Lilly is a bit more generous and defines cazimi as the centers of the sun and the planet being at least 17 minutes of arc apart.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to Where is my garage door remote?

  1. Cat Walker says:

    Thank you for another interesting Horary chart. 🙂

    By the way, according to Bonatti’s 143rd consideration the chart is indeed radical. Moon in Leo, the ascendant ruler, and Saturn in Sagittarius, the hour ruler, are both in fire signs (same triplicity).

    “Whether the Querent proposes the question really and intentively or not? For if the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the hour be in the same or the Signs wherein those Significators are placed be of the same Triplicity or complection the Question is serious;”


    (Hour Agreement & Radical Questions
    The conflicting opinions of Bonatus & Lilly
    Compiled by Deborah Houlding )

    Saturn which signifies closed doors is in the 6th house which signifies the garage (4th from 3rd = the car’s home). Sun (the remote, an appliance) is on the cusp of the 6th (at the garage door, the appliance) and Saturn (the closed garage door) is under Sun beams (controlled by the beaming appliance). Beautiful symbolism for a radical chart.

  2. Margaret says:

    I got to “in her purse” by a completely different route. I assigned your wife the lord of the seventh and keys the natural ruler Merc, since the eighth (possessions of your wife) was already taken. The keys show in her turned 12th–hidden but in a restrained area but close to her (one degree) like the bottom of her purse.

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