Where is my silk scarf?

My wife is forever misplacing things. This evening (15 December 2017) we had dinner at a restaurant with some friends. When we got home, my wife noticed that the silk scarf she had been wearing was missing. At 8:30 pm she asked me to help her find her scarf. I quickly cast a horary chart.

Silk scarf

It is a Venus day during a Mercury hour.

My wife is shown by the Leo Ascendant. Her ruler is the Sun, and her co-ruler is the Moon.

The missing scarf is ruled by Mercury, ruler of the Virgo 2nd house of movable goods. The Moon can also signify missing items, as can the dispositor of the Part of Fortune, which is Mercury in this chart. Venus is a natural signifier of women’s clothing.

In this chart all the signifiers of the scarf lie in Sagittarius, the 5th Whole Sign house, and all but the Moon lie in the 5th Regiomontanus house. Because the 5th house signifies fun, good times with friends, enjoyable meals and restaurants, I suggested that she call the restaurant.

In addition, the location of missing items is often revealed by the ruler of the 4th house, which in this chart is Mars in Scorpio. Mars conjoins the 4th cusp (the subterranean house), and Scorpio (a water sign) implies a location lower down and dark or dirty . I told her that her scarf was probably on the floor under the table where we ate at the restaurant.

Within 5 minutes of her asking the question, she called the restaurant and they found her scarf on the floor under the table where we had eaten, just as the chart indicated.

Her rapid recovery of the scarf was probably indicated by Mercury Rx applying to the Ascendant in less than one degree.

Addendum: She went the next day to retrieve her scarf from the restaurant. This occurred at 12:30 pm, which is 16 hours after she asked the horary question.

The question was asked at 8:30 PM.  I looked at a digital clock which only displays minutes, so the exact time could have been anywhere between 8:30 and 8:31 PM. If we take the mean time shown by 8:30 pm on the digital clock (the midpoint between 8:30 and 8:31) and calculate the Ascendant for 8:30:30 pm, we get a value for the Ascendant of this question as 16 Leo 30.  There are 47 minutes of arc between this Ascendant and the position of Mercury (the scarf). If we allow 1 degree to represent one day (24 hours), then 47 minutes corresponds to about 19 hours after the question. Thus, she should have retrieved her scarf within about 19 hours. In fact, she got it back 16 hours later. Since I did not record the exact time to the second, it’s possible that she asked the question closer to 8:31 pm, which would still have shown as 8:30 pm on the digital clock.


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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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