A horary about a purchase

Recently I wanted to get a new headphone/microphone combination to use with Skype.  After reading reviews on amazon.com, I settled on one that looked reasonably priced and of good quality.  It had a ton of positive reviews.

As I was about to order it, I noticed that they were advertising a new improved model which had just come on the market.  I was undecided between an older model with lots of favorable reviews and a newer model with no reviews as yet.  I decided to go with the newer model but wondered if I was making a mistake because so few people had had a chance to try it and leave a review, so I asked the horary question, “Is this head set worth buying?”  Then I took a chance and ordered it anyway.

Here is the chart.

With Gemini rising, my significator is Mercury.  Cancer on the 2nd cusp (possessions, purchases) rules the headset I was going to buy.

There is no aspect between the Moon and Mercury, an argument against making the purchase.  Nonetheless, the Moon in Gemini in the 1st house lies in the exaltation of Mercury, reflecting my interest in the newer model.

Looking for other indications, I noted that Jupiter is the exalted ruler of the 2nd house, so maybe Jupiter also rules the headset. Unfortunately, Mercury is separating from a sextile to Jupiter, another argument against making the purchase.

I also noticed that the most angular planet in the chart was the Sun in its detriment in Aquarius.  The Sun rules the end-of-the-matter 4th, suggesting that I would be disappointed in the end.

The outcome was that the headset arrived but the microphone did not function properly.  I returned the item to amazon.com for a refund.  Had I listened to the chart, I could have avoided the inconvenience.  On the other hand, it’s always useful to check a horary chart against the outcome to see how the astrological symbolism functions in the real world.



About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to A horary about a purchase

  1. ayves says:

    so useful, thank you. I’ll try it.

  2. Cat Walker says:

    Thanks for sharing the interesting chart. Other things to note
    1. Ear-ly degree rising – too early to decide on the purchase or better wait until there are reviews?
    2. Mercury lord of the ascendant, as the querent, is in Moon’s sign of detriment and Jupiter’s sign of fall, where these two aparrently signify the headphones, the querent doesn’t like them.
    3. Gemini is not the exaltation of Mercury. Virgo is.
    4. Moon is on a nodal degree (North Node Glyph resembles headphones) and applies to Uranus (electronic malfunction) in the 12th of self-undoing?
    5. It’s easier to read the chart in hindsight. 😉

  3. Thanks for the additional insight. Moon in the degree of the Nodes was considered fateful and rather ominous by Ivy Jacobson-Goldstein and Barbara Watters.

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