A Divinity Student Goes Missing

There was a notice on Facebook that a 20-year-old divinity student went missing in Knoxville, TN. He was last seen on Saturday, 3 February 2018, at 2 pm leaving his part-time job.

According to the Trussville Tribune:  “Smith was last seen leaving work at Weedman Lawn Care at 2 p.m. on Saturday and never returned to his dorm.  His car was found running at a construction site with his cell phone inside. Knoxville police are searching the area with the K9 unit.  His shoe, a beanie and his gold chain were found, according to family members. A cinder blocked had been placed on the gas pedal. Smith attends Crown College of the Bible in Knoxville and is a graduate of Mountain View Baptist School in Grayson Valley.”

His family grew concerned the next day when they learned that he had not returned to his college dorm on Saturday night. There was an Instagram photo of a lake at Admiral Farragut Park on his cell phone about the time he went missing on Saturday.

On Monday, 5 Feb 2018, at about 3 pm a body was found. The Trussville Tribune reported:  “According to authorities in Tennessee, a body has been found during the search for Blake Smith, a Knoxville college student and Trussville native. Blount County Sheriff James Berrong announced that a body was found in George’s Creek. That is a tributary that drains into Fort Loudoun Lake, about a quarter of a mile from the construction site where Smith’s vehicle was found.”

On Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018, the Knox News reported: “The body found in a creek in Louisville, Tennessee, was confirmed Tuesday to be Blake Smith, a Crown College student who went missing over the weekend.  An autopsy found Smith’s preliminary cause of death was ‘hypothermia/drowning, and his death appears to be accidental’, the Blount County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.”  It is possible that the student had a car accident, hit his head, and in a state of confusion wandered into the lake and drowned.

Here is the chart for when he was last seen.

Lilly says that missing people are shown by the 1st house, here ruled by Mercury in Aquarius entering the 9th. The missing person is a divinity student, so the 9th house placement of his significator is descriptive.

Mercury is under the sunbeams and approaching combustion with the Sun, which is debilitated in Aquarius. In addition, the Sun is conjunct the Moon’s South Node. This configuration does not support a favorable outcome.  In Lilly’s system, the Sun is con-significator of the 4th house of conditions at the end of life and the grave. It is also striking that the Sun lies almost exactly on the midpoint of Mars/Uranus (sudden violent accident).

Furthermore, Pluto (Lord of the Underworld) on the cusp of the 8th of death is a troublesome placement.

Air signs suggest a westerly direction. Aquarius suggests outdoors – hilly, uneven places; quarries & mines; indoors – high places, the attic, roof, and upper part of all rooms.
Mercury is USB and will soon be combust, so he may be hard to find, especially with Mercury in the cadent 9th house. In addition, the 9th house placement could mean that he moved or was moved at a distance from where he went missing.

The Moon can also represent missing persons. Here the Moon lies in Virgo in the 5th. Earth signs suggest a southerly direction. Virgo can indicate indoors – studies, closets, storage areas, drawers, barns, dairy houses; and outdoors – places where corn or crops are processed & stored.

Moon applying to square Saturn is not a favorable aspect.  Saturn, ruler of the 8th of death, receives the Moon only in his term or bound, which is a weak reception. The Moon receives Saturn in the sign of the Moon’s detriment.  With only reception by term, the applying square of the Moon (missing person) to Saturn (Lord of death) is an ominous indication. In addition, in Hellenistic astrology Saturn is associated with very cold conditions and with death by drowning.  In this chart Saturn lies exactly at the midpoint of Mars/Mercury.

The family says there was an Instagram photo of a lake at Admiral Farragut Park on his cell phone about the time he went missing. Perhaps they should look in a rocky area in the southwest region of the park.  Aquarius is a symbol of the Water Bearer, so a location near where water meets land is a distinct possibility. Manilius regarded the signs of Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius, to be “amphibious” signs “in which watery and earthy elements are mixed in even compact.”

This chart is strongly reminiscent of a horary discussed by Simmonite in the mid-1800s.  A woman went missing and the querent wanted to know whether his missing mother would be found dead or alive.  The horary was cast in Sheffield, UK, on 11 February 1850 at 6:56 PM.  The woman was found drowned in a lake.  Apparently she was “insane” and had either accidentally (in a state of confusion) or intentionally drowned.  Here is the chart.

It is a Moon day during a Mercury hour.

In this horary chart, the mother’s ruler is Mercury because Gemini is on the 10th cusp, which Lilly assigned to mothers.

Mercury is under the sunbeams, as it was in the missing student chart.  Mercury applies to combustion with the Sun in Aquarius in the mother’s turned 9th (the radical 6th). As in the previous chart, the Sun is conjunct the Moon’s South Node. The Moon (a signifier of missing persons) is combust the Sun.  Interestingly, Neptune lies in Pisces in both charts.

It is quite striking that two similar charts, cast 168 years apart, regarding the same type of question result in almost identical outcomes.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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  1. Trinity says:

    If a person were for example born in the month of September e.g., (Virgo) and the ascendant be in (Libra). Is there a debilitation “self” being in the 12th?

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