A young woman goes missing

This past weekend I attended a horary workshop in which we discussed the case of 25-year-old Alicia Ross who went missing some time after midnight on Tuesday 16 August 2005 in Toronto, Canada.  In the workshop we focused on a question asked by a friend of the family.  Here I would like to look at the chart for the time she was last seen alive. The Toronto City News describes the incident as follows:

Alicia Ross, a 25-year-old Markham woman, returns home from a date with her boyfriend, Sean Hine. He claims to have dropped her off and watched as she went inside her Bronte Road home. Her mother comes to her basement bedroom to borrow a purse and briefly chats with her daughter. Then, for the first time in months, Sharon Fortis goes to bed early. It is a move she will come to forever regret. ‘I never go to bed early,’ she recalls later. ‘It was just that one night.’  Something happens between that moment just after midnight and the time the sun comes up. Alicia is gone, somehow lured out of the house again. She disappears without her keys, her purse or even her shoes. Her car remains in the driveway.

Because of the strange circumstances of her disappearance, the police suspected foul play.

Lilly says to cast the event chart for the moment the missing person is last seen alive and to use the 1st House to signify the missing person. Because an exact time was not specified in the news report, I selected 00:01 AM on Wednesday 17 August 2005 as the “moment just after midnight” to cast the chart and, following Lilly, used Regiomontanus Houses and the mean lunar node.

It is a Mars day during a Venus hour.

Taurus rises, making Venus the primary significator of the missing person.  The Moon is a general signifier of fugitives and missing persons. Venus is dignified in Libra, but the Moon is in detriment in Capricorn.

Within the past hour transiting Venus has left Virgo and entered Libra, suggesting some type of change of state or circumstances for the person signified by the 1st House. In addition, the Moon at 17 Capricorn lies “at the bendings,” that is, in square to the Moon’s nodes. The Moon lies at the southernmost point of its orbit and has just turned northward, again indicating a change of state and often some type of crisis point.  More ominous is the conjunction of the South Lunar Node with Jupiter, ruler of the 8th house of death.

The most angular planet in this disappearance chart is Saturn in its detriment in Leo almost exactly on the IC or 4th House cusp. The 4th House symbolizes how matters will end, and in this case a debilitated Saturn on the IC suggests that the situation will end badly.

In missing persons cases I always look at Emerson’s Death Point: Mars + Saturn – MC. In this chart Emerson’s Point of Death lies at 10 Scorpio 35, almost exactly opposite the 12th house Mars.  This configuration is disturbing because Mars signifies anger and aggression, and in this chart Mars rules the 7th house of perpetrators of crimes and it occupies the 12th house of secret enemies.  Mars here is peregrine (without dignity) and in his detriment (Taurus) and thus likely to act badly.  As a person, Mars generally signifies a man between the ages of young adult and middle age.   If a man were involved in Alicia’s disappearance, he would likely have problems with outbursts of anger and aggression (Mars in Taurus in the 12th).

The last aspect made by Venus (the missing woman) was a square to Pluto Rx in Sagittarius in the 7th house of open enemies. This suggests some type of violent confrontation with the 7th house person, signified by the cusp-ruler Mars.

The Moon’s last aspect was a square to Jupiter, ruler of the 8th house of death.  The Moon here could be considered void of course because it makes not further aspects within an orb of 12 degrees to visible planets while in Capricorn.  However, the Moon’s next aspect in Capricorn will be to the minor planet Chiron, which often symbolizes being wounded.

Mercury in this chart is transferring the light from Saturn in Leo on the IC to Mars in Taurus in the 12th, thus re-activating the prior Mars square Saturn aspect.  This transfer of light is significant because Saturn conjoins the 4th cusp of endings and disposes the Moon in Capricorn by domicile and Venus in Libra by exaltation, the Moon and Venus being the two significators of the missing person.

The outcome was that on September 20, 2005, 31-year-old Daniel Sylvester, the neighbor of Alicia Ross, confessed to having killed her. Again according to the Toronto City News, Sylvester explained why he killed her:

The two met in a laneway straddling their homes and an argument broke out. When she called him “a loser” he lost his temper and attached her, hitting her head against the pavement. He would later recall how he disposed of her remains, even going back to move them to another location.”




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2 Responses to A young woman goes missing

  1. Valesca Harp says:

    Hello, do you do personal astrology chart readings?

    Thank you,


    Sent from Outer Space

  2. Kathleen says:

    Thank you, this was an awesome article, although tragic in outcome. Your book is so very good, thank you for it. In analyzing this case (before reading the outcome) I searched for other Fixed Stars and found S Asellus is conjunct Mercury and means sudden downfalls, loss of reputation, domestic problems among other things which I found interesting. In reading the example in the book of the 10/17/89 earthquake in San Fransisco you used the inconjunct and I applied it to this case for the first aspects of the significator of the querent and found Venus applies to an inconjunct withg Uranus and Mars! Seems to tell the tale very well. Thanks so much.

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