Bonatti: Should I change from one official duty to another?

In Chapter 6 of Treatise 6 of Bonatti (Ben Dykes translation), Bonatti discusses his technique for deciding which of two options is better for the querent. In this post I will apply Bonatti’s method (pp. 553-554) to a sample horary. This is the chart of a querent who wants to know whether it would be better for him to maintain his current office in a particular location or to close that office and move his business elsewhere.

The querent is signified by Mars, ruler of Ascendant Scorpio. According to Bonatti, Mars also rules the querent’s current position (1st house) and thus Venus, ruler of Taurus, rules the option of closing his current office and working in a different locale.

Mars (his current location) has dignity by exaltation and term, whereas Venus is peregrine. Venus is also conjunct the cusp of the unfortunate 8th house. Based on these factors, Bonatti would tell the querent that it is better to stay working in his current office.

To further refine his delineation, Bonatti would look at the condition of the Moon (the flow of events and co-ruler of the querent) and of the Part of Fortune (the querent’s material well-being). Applying aspects refer to the future, whereas separating aspects refer to the past.

The Moon in this chart is:

  • peregrine in the cadent 6th house
  • not aspecting Jupiter
  • applying to sextile Venus from Aries, the detriment of Venus
  • applying to square Mars with reception
  • separating from a square to Saturn Rx without reception

Pars Fortuna in this chart:

  • Venus and Jupiter do not aspect the Part of Fortune
  • Saturn Rx is applying to PF
  • Mars is not aspecting PF

According to Bonatti, the best case scenario for staying put is when:

  • the condition of L1 is good
  • the Moon is separating from benefics
  • the benefics are aspecting the Part of Fortune
  • In this chart only the first condition is applicable: it is preferable to stay but it does not portend ideal circumstances in his current location.

According to Bonatti, the worst case scenario for changing or moving is when:

  • the condition of L7 is bad
  • the Moon is joined to malefics
  • malefics aspect the Part of Fortune
  • In this chart all three conditions are applicable (L7 in bad condition, Moon square Mars and Saturn, Saturn applies to Part of Fortune); thus, closing his office and moving to a new location is a bad idea.

In summary, with L1 is much better condition than L7, staying in his current office is the better option. Closing his current office is definitely a bad idea, but staying in his current office with not be without its problems.

Addendum (20 May 2018): Bonatti appears to have taken his approach from Sahl’s On Questions, Sect. 9.4 (see Dykes translation, page 139). Sahl discusses the horary question, “Is it better for me to remain where I am (continue doing what I’m doing)  or to relocate to a new place (and do something new or different)?” To answer this type of question, Sahl considers the Moon and the lords of the 1st and 7th houses (L1 and L7). According to Sahl (my paraphrase and elaboration):

  • If the Moon is separated from a malefic, it is better to move on (presumably to leave the bad past behind). In horary question the Moon is a general signifier of change and the flow of events, and a co-ruler of the querent.
  • If the Moon is separated from a benefic, it is not advisable to leave because the querent will be leaving the good behind.
  • If L1 is in good condition in the chart, the current situation is good because the 1st house signifies where you are now.
  • If L7 is in better condition than L1, then it is better to move to the new location (signified by the 7th house) because the ruler of the 7th is in better shape than the ruler of the 1st (where you are now).


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2 Responses to Bonatti: Should I change from one official duty to another?

  1. Raúl says:

    How to know about application or separation by spatial arrangement in the medieval Astrology of Bonatti?

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