An example of transfer of light in horary

Recently I came across an interesting example of the use of transfer of light in horary. The querent, the astrologer who asked the question, kindly gave me permission to reproduce her chart here.

The astrologer is a woman who asked whether he husband would sell his car, of which he was the sole owner.  I decided to use Lilly’s method with Regiomontanus Houses and only the visible planets.  Here is the chart:

It is a Saturn day during a Saturn hour, and Saturn rules the Ascendant and occupies the 1st house.  The chart appears radical.

There are some considerations before judgment:

  • The Moon is at the very end of a sign in the terms of malefic Mars.  (This is not so bad because the Moon applies to conjoin Mars, who receives her in his term and exaltation.)
  • Saturn is Rx in the 1st house.  (This is not so bad because Saturn is a principal signifier in the question, so its placement in the 1st is significant for the outcome.  However, since the 1st is also the astologer/querent, it could mean she will have some difficulty interpreting the chart.)
  • The Moon is besieged between two malefics, Saturn and Mars.  (I’m not sure what this means.  Perhaps it is a again a warning that the querent/astrologer may find this chart hard to interpret.)

The querent’s husband is shown by the Cancer 7th house, ruled by the Moon.  The car is the husband’s movable possession, ruled by the Leo 8th house (2nd of the 7th).  Thus, the Sun rules the husband’s car.

Moon (the husband) in the 1st house suggests that the buyer has more control over the deal than the seller.  With the buyer able to call the shots, the husband is likely to get less money than he wants for the car.  The price the car will sell for is shown by the Scoprio 10th, ruled by Mars, peregrine in Aquarius in the 1st (the seller’s domain).

The potential buyer is shown by the Capricorn 1st house, ruled by Saturn. In addition, Mars is the exalted ruler of Saturn and has dignity as the common triplicity ruler in Earth signs.  With Mars also posited in the 1st house, Mars could represent the buyer, especially if the buyer is better described by Mars than by Saturn.  (Lilly uses a similar argument in his horary about the Houses of Mr. B.)

There is no applying aspect between Saturn or Mars (potential buyers) and the Sun (the car).  However, Mercury has just trined Mars (a potential buyer) and will soon conjoin the Sun (the car), indicating through its transfer of light that the car will sell, perhaps through the intermediacy of a third person.

Furthermore, the ruler of the Part of Fortune can signify our material goods.  With Fortuna in Taurus, Venus in Cancer in the 7th is a possible symbol for the husband’s car.  The Moon’s last aspect was an opposition to Venus (the car) and her next aspect is a conjunctioin to Mars (the buyer), again uniting the car with a potential buyer through the intermediacy of a translation of light.

Without taking into account the transfer of light in this chart, it would have been easy to read it as giving a negative outcome for the husband.


The husband did sell his car through intermediacy of a mechanic who brought him and the buyer together.  The husband got a little less than his asking price.  According to the querent, the mechanic was well described by Saturn and the buyer, by Mars.

What about the considerations before judgment?  The querent, who is also the astrologer, felt frustrated by the chart because it was difficult to interpret.   Perhaps the considerations had more to do with the astrologer’s experience interpreting the chart than with the actual outcome.  In the end, her husband did sell the car for a price a little less than he wanted to get.






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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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1 Response to An example of transfer of light in horary

  1. Ramesh T.B. says:

    can SUN (being a massive star) act as translator of light between jupiter-saturn?
    how about mars?

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