Lilly’s use of almutens in the Houses of Master B

In the previous post, the question of using the almuten of the Ascendant as a significator was important to judging the chart accurately.  Lilly used the same technique in his famous horary about whether he would be able to purchase the houses of Master B.  Here is Lilly’s chart, recalculated using a modern computer:

Master B houses

Lilly is signified by the Libra Ascendant, ruled by Venus. Lilly’s signifier in the 7th shows his interest in Master B’s properties and also indicates that Master B has the upper hand in the deal.

To quote Lilly directly:

Lilly text

Note that Lilly takes the Sun, almuten of the 7th cusp, rather than Mars (which rules the Aries 7th cusp) to be the seller.  He does this because the Sun occupies the 7th house of the seller and is also the exalted ruler of the Aries 7th.  Being exalted, the Sun describes well the seller who is high in his demands and, he implies, a rather imperious person.

The 7th ruler Mars is not a good choice for the seller because Mars in Virgo is peregrine (without essential dignity) and, speaking Hellenistically, is in aversion to the 7th house.  A planet in aversion to the house whose cusp it rules cannot effectively manage the affairs of that house.  The Sun in contrast rules the 7th cusp by exaltation and is also triplicity ruler of the Fire signs.  In addition, the Sun occupies the 7th house, and thus is in a much better position to govern 7th house matters (that is, being the seller of the property).

This chart bears a striking resemblance to the horary in the previous post about whether the astrologer’s husband would be able to sell his car.  Following Lilly’s method in both charts leads to a correct interpretation.

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