Primary Directions and the Crisis in Venezuela

Recently I’ve been experimenting with the Hellenistic technique of “distributions” which involves looking at the planetary ruler of the bound (or term) which the directed Ascendant is traversing as you advance a chart using primary directions.  You also consider any planets, aspects, lots, etc., which the primary directed Ascendant may encounter as it passes through each bound.  The lord of the bound or term is called the “distributor” and the planets or plantary aspects it meets along the way are considered its “partners” in describing the nature of the period under consideration.

Recently I happened to read a post by the noted Spanish astrologer Pepa Sanchis in the Facebook group Prima Luce in which she looks at the natal chart of Venezuela and its symbolic progressions with Mars currently opposed to Saturn.  It occurred to me that the chart of Venezuela would be a good testing ground for the Hellenistic theory of distributions.  The data for the chart are given in AstroDataBank as July 5, 1811 at 3 PM LMT in Caracas (Rodden rating A):


The crisis in Venezuela has been ongoing since 2010 with ever-increasing shortages due to the fall in the value of crude oil as well as  gross mismanagement by the Venezuelan government.  President Chavez was in power when the crisis began.  After his death on March 5, 2013, Nicolas Maduro took over and continued the decline.

Using Janus Software I calculated the distributions for the period from 1989 to 2028 to get an overview of the crisis period and its antecedents.  Here is the list:


The primary directed Ascendant of Venezula entered the sign Gemini in 1990 and passed into the bounds of Mars in November of 2007, initiating the earliest beginnings of the crisis.  This Mars-as-distributor period lasted until June of 2015 when Saturn took over.

There had been an Asc/Venus conjunction in August of 2007, making Venus the partner to Mars during this period.  Venus in 16 Gemini had some dignity by term but was opposed by Saturn and squared by Pluto, which did not allow Venus to be very benefic.

The next aspect the Asc made was a conjunction to Jupiter in December of 2011.  Jupiter as partner to Mars cannot be very helpful because he is in his detriment in Gemini and is also opposed by Saturn and squared by Pluto.

Next the primary directed Ascendant opposes Saturn, making Saturn the partner to Mars beginning around February 26, 2013.  With both malefics now acting as time lords, Hugo Chavez dies right on cue on March 5, 2013, and conditions continue to deteriorate for the people of Venezuela.  Here is the natal chart of Venezuela with the primary directed chart for March 5, 2013 outside, showing the directed Ascendant (red arrow) at 21 Gemini 56 opposite natal Saturn at 21 Gemini 55.  This chart was calculated online at

chavez primary

On June 5, 2015 Saturn takes over as both the distributor and partner.  The severe decline continues and worsens.  Mercury at 24 Gemini 03 becomes partner to Saturn in June of 2015 but Mercury, though dignified in Gemini, is opposed by Saturn and Pluto and is also the ruler of the 8th (both Placidus and Whole Sign) of loss and death.  Not long afterward, the directed Ascendant conjoins the natal Placidus 8th house at 25 Gemini 16 (which in Regiomontanus is at 24 Gemini 25).  With the primary directed Ascendant now in the quadrant 8th house, people start dying in riots against the government in the ensuing period.

Saturn remains distributor until January of 2022, but then Mars takes over again as the directed Ascendant moves into Cancer.

At least in this example, the Hellenistic method of distributions is quite impressive, especially in pinpointing the death of Hugo Chavez within 7 days of the event.


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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to Primary Directions and the Crisis in Venezuela

  1. I also use primary directions, to find the divisor Ptolemy, of course. But to rectify the time of birth I use key of Naibod which is more accurate. Do you ever use Naibod?

  2. Yes, I also use Naibod. The rate that works seems to vary from chart to chart. Often Naibod is on target but sometimes Ptolemy’s rate of one degree per year works, other times a different rate may work better such as solar arc in right ascension. I think in the Venezuela chart I used Naibod. Often the midpoint of Ptolemy and Naibod gives good timing.

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