Horary about an astrological coaching practice

Today I received the following question from a reader of this blog. Because she raises an important question, I decided to answer her inquiry in blog form.  Here is her question:

“Hi Anthony – I have a tattered copy of your Horary Astrology Plain & Simple and although I’ve used it hundreds of times, I do not consider myself a practice horary astrologer (I am more of a psychological astrologer having studied with Liz Greene in London years ago). Having just retired from 30 plus years practicing law, I’m about to launch my new astrological coaching practice and drew up a horary chart to see the future of this new endeavour. YIKES! 10 Scorpio rising with the Moon at 2 Scorpio about to square Mars (9 Aquarius) and then conjunct Venus (10 Scorpio) finishing up with a conjunction to Jupiter at 23 Scorpio. Via Combusta. I’ve read your piece on that again – and although I’d not consider myself distressed about this new endeavour, I’m probably obsessed with it (just a little). I’d love to say that after some hard work and set-backs this new practice will not only be fun (that conjunction with Venus) but also profitable (conjunction with Jupiter). BUT, I’m really nervous about that Moon being in the burning way – and wondered what you think. Chart set for 10 October 2018 at 9:43:09 BST (Oxford, UK) – tropical, placidus. THANKS for any words of wisdom.”

Here is the chart.  Following Lilly, I cast the chart in Regiomontantus.

It is a Mercury day during a Saturn hour.  Lilly writes: “See the Question be radicall, or fit to be judged; which is, when the Lord of the Ascendant and hour be of one nature or Triplicity.”

Ryhan Butler describes this consideration as follows: “Another ascendant based consideration is comparing the sign on the ascendant to the lord of the hour of the chart.  There should be some form of similarity between the ascendant and the hour lord, this can happen in three ways.  The first is that the lord of the hour rules the sign ascending, the second is that the lord of the hour is of the same nature as the sign ascending (Scorpio rises during a Venus hour is okay because they are both cold and wet), finally the sign ascending can be a member of the triplicity that planet rules (Capricorn rising during a Moon hour is okay because the Moon rules the Earth Triplicity by night).”

The Lord of the Ascendant is Mars, and the Lord of the hour is Saturn.  Mars is a hot/dry planet, whereas Saturn is cold and variously considered dry or wet, depending of the ancient source.  They are not of the same nature, nor are they of the same triplicity.  This discrepancy raises the possibility that the chart may not be a true horary moment. Perhaps the querent asked the question prematurely before fully reflecting on the matter.  Bonatti recommends investigating and pondering a question and seeking divine guidance through prayer for at least 24 hours prior to asking a horary question.

The 12th Part of the Ascendant often reveals what issues are on the querent’s mind. In this horary the 12th Part of the Scorpio Ascendant lies at 04 Pisces 04, which emphasizes the 4th and 5th houses, Neptune in Pisces, and domicile ruler Jupiter in Scorpio in the 1st house.  Jupiter in this chart rules the 2nd and 5th houses.  The querent does appear to be thinking about income (2nd house) and a creative endeavor (5th house), which involves self-promotion (Jupiter in 1st house) and centers around themes related to Jupiter, Neptune and Pisces (astrological counseling). The 4th house position of the 12th Part may indicate that she plans to work from home or perhaps to establish some new foundation as part of her retirement from her previous occupation.

There is a strong emphasis in this chart on the Via Combusta or Burnt Way, a region overlapping Libra and Scorpio, the signs of fall of the Sun and Moon respectively. The region from the 28th degree of Libra to the 6th degree of Scorpio lies in the terms of Mars, an excessively hot and dry planet which is inimical to the Moon. Often the Moon (emotions) in the Via Combusta indicates that the querent is undergoing emotional distress (Moon in Scorpio, its sign of fall).

Clearly, Lilly’s cautions about the Via Combusta are a source of distress for this querent.  According to Lilly, a via combust Moon is “not safe to judge.”  In other words, the chart may not reliably predict the outcome. Another possibility is that, with the Moon in Scorpio, the querent may be obsessively preoccupied with the matter and unable to see the forest for the trees.  In this chart, the Moon also lies in the 12th house, so the querent may be overlooking or not seeing some important factor which could promote the success of this endeavor.

Another important point about Moon in the Via Combusta is that it can sometimes describe the situation, in which case the chart is certainly radical and will provide a reliable answer to the question.  Perhaps a coaching practice aimed at those who are emotionally distressed would be described by Moon in the Via Combusta. Another possibility is that the Moon in the horary chart reflects some important aspect of her natal chart, which would render the horary radical. For example, she mentions that she is “a psychological astrologer having studied with Liz Greene” — so perhaps the 12th house Moon in Scorpio in the Via Combusta is simply descriptive of her background in astrological depth psychology.

The clients of the querent would be shown by the 7th house, ruled by Venus Rx in Scorpio (the detriment of Venus) in the 1st house, conjunct the Ascendant.  Venus has dignity by triplicity and term at the Ascendant, so clients may come but they are likely to be symbolized by Venus Rx in Scorpio, perhaps those who wish to explore psychological issues in depth.

The endeavor itself would be shown by the Leo 10th house, ruled by a peregrine Sun in Libra (its fall) in the 11th house.  In the Regiomontanus system, the sun is strongly influenced by the 12th.  Using only the seven visible planets, the Sun in this chart is void of course.  Again this suggests that the querent may need to rethink how she is setting up this new practice to make sure that it is a viable endeavor.

Mercury rules the 11th (income from the 10th house endeavor) and is about the oppose Uranus, suggesting that some new information will unexpectedly come to light about financial matters.  Financially, she should do well.  Jupiter rules the 2nd of income, is quite strong and applies to conjoin the Part of Fortune.

Much of what I wrote is speculation about the chart.  In analyzing horary charts it is best to have a conversation with the querent to flesh out the symbolism of the chart and see how it fits the circumstances of her life.

Please leave any comments about this chart in the section below.  The querent raises a valuable question about considerations before judgment, and any further insights would be welcome.



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  2. tutandelvis says:

    What do you charge for horary chart?

  3. Evan says:


    I’m a very amateur astrology student that happened to stumble upon your blog. I was wondering if you do personal readings of any kind? I’ve paid once for a computer generated astrology service, which was certainly worth it, but I’d love to hear what a professional with decades of experience could tell me about my chart that I don’t know or understand. If that’s possible, could you send me an email? I looked for your email to send this message, but I couldn’t find it. Thank you very much in advance for reading this message. I hope to hear back from you soon!

  4. Evan,
    You did not provide an email. You can leave me a message on FB at https://www.facebook.com/anthony.louis.336

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