Donald Trump: Leo or Virgo rising?

There has been some debate in the astrological literature about whether Donald Trump has tropical Virgo or Leo rising.  His birth certificate gives a birth time of 10:54 AM, which is within a few seconds of the change of sign on the Ascendant from Leo to Virgo in the tropical zodiac.

Trump birth certificate

It occurred to me that perhaps the sidereal zodiac could be informative, so I cast his Vedic chart using the excellent freeware program Jagannatha Hora.  Here is his Vedic Rasi natal chart with the Navamsa superimposed:


In his Vedic chart, Donald Trump clearly has the Ascendant (As) in Leo with Mars also in Leo in the 1st house.  Jupiter occupies Virgo in the 2nd in the natal Rasi chart but moves to Leo in the Navamsa chart.

These are Trump’s birth data in the sidereal zodiac:

Planet Sign House
Sun 29 Tau 49′ 26″    10
Moon 28 Sco 05′ 58″      4
Mercury 15 Gem 45′ 17″    11
Venus 02 Can 38′ 01″    12
Mars 03 Leo 40′ 18″      1
Jupiter 24 Vir 20′ 52″ R      2
Saturn 00 Can 42′ 40″    12
Uranus 24 Tau 47′ 19″    10
Neptune 12 Vir 44′ 15″ R      2
Pluto 16 Can 56′ 16″    12
Chiron 21 Vir 48′ 28″      2
Lilith 11 Sco 22′ 32″      4
True Node 27 Tau 41′ 58″ R    10
P. of Fortune 04 Aqu 59′ 09″      7
Vertex 29 Sag 34′ 10″      5
Ascendant 06 Leo 42′ 38″      1
Midheaven 01 Tau 04′ 01″    10

Here are some typical Vedic interpretations of Trump’s key placements, quoted verbatim from the site

Your Vedic Ascendant

LEO rising or Simha Lagna

People with Leo rising tend to be generous, proud, emotional, romantic, extroverted, vain, egotistical, courageous, sentimental, self-confident, showy, and want to shine and be successful in wherever they go and whatever they do. They like to “rule” and have homage paid to them for their “royal” nature. You like to take risks and can sometimes be foolhardy, but you definitely have a zest for living.

The worst thing someone can do to you is to hurt your pride or be unappreciative of you. You wear your heart on your sleeve in matters of love and you need a partner you can be proud of, and you want them to be proud of you. You are faithful to and protective of those you love. You can be quick-tempered, but you tend to not stay angry for long. You like to play the kingly role and have a sense of drama surrounding you.

You are a ham. You like being the center of attention and will do things just to get that attention. You can be stubborn in a sunny sort of way. Your roar is worse than your bite. If your pride is hurt or your dignity is trampled on, then watch out, because you can forgive, but you don’t forget. You enjoy sports and out-of-doors activity.

Your vitality and spirit are strong except if your heart is broken in love. Your need for love and affection is very great and you need to feel appreciated. If frustrated, you lose your desire for living. Spiritual lesson to learn: Humility. The Sun rules Leo so the Sun will be important in your chart.

Mars in Leo

You are proud and probably have a big ego. You want to excel, to stand out and be recognized for who and what you are. You like to be Number One. It is difficult for you to take orders or to stay in the background. You like to be noticed and will do things in a dramatic manner just to get attention and be seen. You hate being wrong and may insist that you are always right. You are forceful, strong, energetic, artistically creative, determined, and highly competitive. You play hard, you play to win, and you do not give up easily. In fact, you see life as a competitive sport, game or performance. You love admiration and applause, and you have a strong sense of personal honor and integrity.

You tend to be very self-confident, even arrogant. But you may become self-conscious, defensive, and rather belligerent if your self-confidence is shaken. You tend to be enthusiastic, rather impulsive, full of energy, and ambitious. You are very ardent in matters of love and will pursue your love interest with great fervor and passion, letting nothing get in the way of your desires. You don’t beat around the bush, but say exactly what you feel, often in an embarrassing direct way. On the negative side, there may be a love of taking risks or of gambling. You can be quarrelsome, argumentative and jealous. There may be heart trouble if physical activity is overdone when you are not in shape or if anger is allowed to vent destructively. Energy and passion both need to be disciplined. You need to be admired for your actions.

Mars in 1st house

You have an abundance of physical vitality. Sometimes there is so much energy that you become reckless, impulsive, and throw caution to the wind. You may experience cuts and burns on your head and face which may leave some sort of scar. You are assertive, independent, impatient, and want to do your own thing. You have strong organizing ability. You are usually self-confident. Guard against accidents due to rushing around in your impulsiveness. You may be subject to higher than normal fevers.

Jupiter in 2nd house

You have the ability to be financially successful. Money seems to come to you and you have probably never missed a meal in your life. You have confidence and optimism in your talents and abilities. Your visionary ideas and investments usually prosper due to your intuitive appraisal of situations. You enjoy material possessions and may be termed “lucky”. You inspire trust in others and may benefit from receiving financial assistance from others in order to develop your visionary and idealistic ideas. You must guard against self-indulgence and over-extravagance. Curb your desire for rich, sweet food and desserts.

Sun in 10th house

You may have a desire to attain success and power for the benefit of others or to seek success and power for yourself without thought of anyone else. You want to shine and be recognized for your accomplishments. You want to be really good at something. There is strong motivation towards succeeding in a career and/or personal achievements. You have the ability to inspire others through your example. You are ambitious and self-aggrandizement is possible. People in high places can help or hinder your career.

Neptune in 2nd house

You have a strong imagination and psychic sensitivity which can be used to tap your inner talents. You receive intuitive hunches and are apt to have vivid dreams. You have an appreciation of beautiful objects. You seldom worry about money, which may be just as well, since your finances can be complicated and sometimes confusing. This placement can tend to make you extremely generous or extremely dishonest. If dishonesty is present, you will experience losses through theft, fraud and deception. Do everything on the up-and-up and money matters will go smoother. Avoid risky speculations and investments. Be completely honest with respect to money matters.

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