Combining Zodiacal Releasing with Vedic Mahadashas

Recently I’ve been re-reading an old book by astrologer Richarch Houck (13 Apr 1947 – 01 Apr 2001).  My first exposure to Vedic astrology came with reading Houck’s classic The Astrology of Death back in the 90s.  I must confess that at the time, some two decades ago, the Vedic techniques did not make much sense to me.  Since then I’ve studied Hellenistic techniques, such as the use of time-lords, and Houck’s methods are now a lot clearer than they used to be.  Nonetheless, I regard myself as a complete novice with regard to Vedic astrology, so please forgive me if I say something really stupid in the following comments.

It occurred to me to do a comparison of Valens’ method of zodiacal releasing and the Vedic Vimshotarri Dasha time-lord technique in the same chart for a specific event.  Searching the internet, I came across the birth data of a woman, born 6 October 1954, who reportedly had a car accident which put her in the hospital and totaled her car “a few days before” September 23, 2013.  I assumed that “a few days before September 23rd” meant the period from September 17th (6 days before, less than one week) to September 21st (two days before), so I decided to study the dates Sep 17-21, 2013.

Here is her natal chart in the tropical zodiac with Placidus houses and the mean node:


Is there any indication of a serious car accident leading to hospitalization in this tropical chart?  Yes, quite clearly:

  • Jupiter rules the 3rd of local travel and the 12th of hospitalization.
  • Jupiter conjoins Uranus (accidents) at the cusp of the unfortunate 8th house.
  • The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction opposes the Moon (ruler of the 8th) and Mars (violent accidents).   Uranus opposite Moon is almost exact.

At the time of the accident, the native was 58 years old, so her annual profected Ascendant for the year of the event was Libra, which makes Venus the “Lady of the Year” according to Valens.  Venus lies in detriment in Scorpio and squares Pluto in the 8th, warning of a difficult and perhaps life-altering year (birthday in 2012 to birthday in 2013).  The activation of Libra stimulates the Sun and Neptune in Libra, and Neptune is closely square the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer and square the Moon/Mars conjunction in Capricorn.  This stressful T-square will thus be activated during this profection year.

Because we are dealing with an accident, out of her control, I will look at zodiacal releasing from the Part of Fortune for the period of the event:


Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact date of the accident, but we know it occurred “a few days before 23 September,” which gives a range from about 17 Sept to 21 Sep, 2013.  Her zodiacal releasing for this range of dates activates:

  • L1 – Cancer & Moon:  This activates the T-square Moon/Mars – Neptune – Uranus/Jupiter.  Jupiter rules the 3rd of local travel and the 12th of hospitalization.  Cancer rules the unfortunate 8th house (crisis, loss, accidents).
  • L2 – Gemini & Mercury:  This activates the almost exact Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Scoprio in the 10th, with Saturn ruling the 2nd of income and Mercury ruling the 7th and 9th.
  • L3 – Capricorn & Saturn:  This activates Saturn and the Mercury/Saturn conjunction (see L2).
  • L4 – Cancer & Moon:  Same as L1.  The accident occurred when the natal T-square was activated at this level, reinforcing the activations at higher levels.

Now lets look at her non-lunar hard-aspect transits for this period:


Amazingly, she had the following transits during the week of her accident:

  • 17 Sep: her Saturn return at age 58!
  • 18 Sep: Transiting Lady of the Year VENUS conjunct natal Mercury and Saturn, activating the natal Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.
  • 18 Sep:  Transiting Mercury (travel & transport) conjunct the natal MC.
  • 20 Sep:  Transiting Pluto turns stationary direct at 8 Cap 59 near the natal nodal axis and stimulating the natal Mercury/Saturn conjunction by sextile.
  • 22 Sep: Transiting Mercury square natal Mars.

Now let’s look at her sidereal chart and examine what dashas were in effect at the time of the accident.  Her is her natal sidereal chart with the Krishnamurtia anayamsa and Whole Sign houses, mean node.


In the sidereal chart the Ascendant is Scorpio, which makes the profected Ascendant Virgo and Mercury the Lord of the Year, thus highlighting the Mercury/Saturn conjunction in the 12th house — a fitting symbol for a possible transportation accident leading to hospitalization.


Here are the dashas, calculated using the Krishnamurti ayanamsa (which is very close to what Richard Houck used) with the program Jagannatha Hora:


In the dasha system we see the following:

L1 – Saturn, emphasizing the 12th house (hospitalization, misfortune), which Saturn occupies, as well as the 3rd (local travel) and 4th (vehicles in the Vedic system) houses which Saturn rules.

L2 – Mercury, again emphasizing the 12th house, which Mercury occupies, and the 8th (loss, accidents, crises) and 11th (social contacts) houses, which Mercury rules.

L3 – Saturn (see L1).  Viewing Saturn from the point of view of L2-lord Mercury, Saturn rules the 4th (vehicles) and 5th (? travel for pleasure ?) houses from Mercury.

L4 – Venus, which occupies the 1st house (the body, one’s vital functioning) and also the 7th (opposing the Ascendant and thus symbolizing assaults on the body) and the 12th house (hospitalization), which Venus rules.  (In Vedic astrology Venus is a general signifier of conveyances and vehicles, like cars.)

L5 – Since we are considering the period from Sep 17 to Sep 21, the possibilities on L5 (for the ayanmasa used here) are

  • Sun (Sep 17 – 19) – transiting Venus conjoined natal Mercury & Saturn at this time.
  • Moon (Sep 19 – 21) – transiting Pluto stationed direct at this time.
  • Mars (Sep 21 – 22)

Here is the chart for the moment Pluto turned stationary direct (20 Sep 2013 about 5:39 PM) superimposed on the natal chart in the tropical zodiac with Placidus houses.  Venus is moving about one degree per day, so the period from Sep 18 – 20 has transiting Venus activating the natal Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio on September 18th, and transiting Venus conjunct the transiting North Node (Raju) on September 19th.


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