January 5, 2019 Eclipse: Danger for the U.S.A.?

Today (5 Jan 2019) we will experience a solar eclipse in 15 degrees of Capricorn (tropical zodiac).  I wondered how this eclipse might play out in the U.S.A. and cast the Gemini rising chart for America with the solar eclipse outside.  Here it is:

eclipse terror

The eclipse takes place in the 8th house of death of the U.S.A. Gemini rising chart. In addition, Saturn (ruler of the 8th) occupies the 8th and conjoins the eclipse.  Saturn (a natural signifier of loss and death) also rules the 9th and 10th houses of this chart, thus also signifying travel, foreign interests and the government.  Does this portend another terrorist attack by foreign operatives on American soil or in the air (9th house), or perhaps a major transportation accident?

Also troubling is the fact that the transiting lunar nodes conjoin the natal Mercury/Pluto opposition of this chart, with Mercury in the 3rd of local travel being the Ascendant ruler and thus signifying the lifeblood of the county.  Pluto occupies the 9th of long-distance travel and foreigners.

In addition transiting Uranus (sudden disruptive events) in Aries (ruled by aggressive Mars) is making a station on the cusp of the 12th house (undoing, subversion, secret enemies, grief, loss).  This stationary transiting Uranus is also square the Moon’s nodes, which usually indicates a period of crisis or a significant point of inflection.  Essentially there is a major T-square involving transiting Uranus in the 12th square the natal Mercury/Pluto opposition as well as the transiting nodes.

All in all it looks like this solar eclipse portends an extremely stressful period for the U.S.A., which may be marked by some type of violence leading to death in the homeland.


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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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7 Responses to January 5, 2019 Eclipse: Danger for the U.S.A.?

  1. Pamela Gibson says:

    It occurs to me that if someone wanted to take over the United States, shutting down the government for an extended (or critical) period of time might be a good start.  One would need a good ruse, like a border wall. 

  2. Scott says:

    Tony, I wonder if one might also view this eclipse chart in the context of problems with the USA tax structure and treasury, rather than in terms of death from terrorist attacks. The 8th house is aftrer all death and taxes…and other people’s money and resources…which makes me also think about all the national debt the USA has accrued, some of which might be called in by other nations and interest. There’s a great deal of personal anxiety about the so called wall which another comment addresses. One of my misgivings of late has to do with an awareness or witnessing of how some folks – but not you [grin]- are using incomplete astrological delineation techniques to justify or shore up their own political point of view or current understanding of current geopolitics ? Whether one is doing this from a position of either left or right of center, or smack in the eye of the storm [i.e. center] makes no difference to me- it is essentially a misuse of astrology, and a most vexing recent development in 21st century astrological circles, when predictive pronouncements are re-purposed to serve the agenda of one side or the other? How many current mundane astrologers-or mundane astrologers wannabes- are actually establishing a personal space or mind set of objectivity as a prelude to reading aloud to others what they see in writ large in the celestial calligraphy of the Heavens? ‘What does not change/is the will to change’. With an approaching planetary emphasis and expression of tropical Capricorn, those of us who persist in time will be witnessing a global restructuring on every level- but also a Saturnian resistance to such restructuring. Which might suggest the usefulness of playing a game of devil’s advocate with the certainties of one’s own astrological awareness.

  3. Scott, you make a good point. The 8th can refer to financial matters and the Moon in the Gemini rising chart does rule the 2nd of money. What concerned me was the presence of both transiting Pluto and Saturn (both death symbols) besieging the eclipse in the 8th, the station of Uranus on the 12th house cusp (traditionally a very unfortunate house associated with death, loss and endings), and the square of Uranus to Pluto. In addition, the involvement of the moon’s nodes with the natal Mercury/Pluto opposition feels very fated. Furthermore, natal Saturn (ruler of the 8th) squares the eclipse in the 8th. This 8th house emphasis could mean some sort of financial crisis, but the symbolism seems to me more ominous than that. I hope I’m wrong and that we get through the next few months without major problems, but my intuition about the chart tells me that we may be in for a significant loss of life (8th house) and a period of mourning (12th house), especially with Uranus, Pluto and thelunar nodes so closely involved.

  4. Jean Fullerton says:

    Though I too prefer a Gemini rising chart, it would be interesting to read your comments using a Sag AC.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Jean,

      The Sibly chart has 12 Sag rising, so the same houses are emphasized through their polar opposites. Today’s eclipse occurs in the Sibly 2nd (the nation’s money and resources), which simultaneously activates the 8th. The Sibly sun lies on the Placidus natal 8th cusp, so the eclipse especially activates the 8th house. The sun rules the Leo 9th of this chart (travel, foreign affairs). There is less of a 12th house emphasis if one uses the Sibly chart.


  5. I fear that you’re right for this and other reasons…the Pluto return coming up and then Neptune into Aries – the last time was, well, the start of the (first?) civil war. Ouch.

  6. daritarose says:

    Wouldn’t it also be useful to look at the Solar Return charts for this year and maybe the one before the one after?

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