A horary with a twist

Lost and Found Horary:  Where are my ear buds?

The querent, my friend Michael whom I was visiting, was unable to find a pair of moderately expensive ear buds. He asked the question on Sunday 10 Feb 2019 at 5:27 pm EST in New York City.  It is a Sun day during a Jupiter hour.

Missing Ear Buds

  • Leo rises, so the Sun signifies the querent.
  • Mercury rules the Virgo 2nd house and thus signifies the missing possession.

Mercury has just changed signs and is separating from the Sun, symbolizing the recent separation of the ear buds from their owner. Mercury is also under the beams, suggesting that the earbuds are hidden from view and I told the querent that they might be in or beneath something, like a piece of clothing.  Mutable signs cab signify pockets and containers.

Given that Mercury was angular, I told the querent that the ear buds were likely to be in his home or in a place that he frequents. Its placement in the 7th raised the possibility that his wife might be the one to find them, or that they might be in a place used by his wife.

The Moon can rule fugitives and can co-rule the querent. Here the Moon in the 9th in Aries suggests that the missing ear buds might be with something related to travel (I suggested he look in his car) and might be near something red (Aries).

The Moon’s next aspect to a traditional planet is a sextile to Mercury (the ear buds). This sextile occurs in a little over a degree after the Moon moves into fixed Taurus. The fact that the sextile would perfect in a little more than a degree from a fixed sign and cadent house suggested that he would find the ear buds in a little more than a week.

An interesting twist: two horaries in one

On 12 Feb 2019 (two days after the question) my friend’s wife sent me an email:
“It occurred to me that the inside of my backpack is lined with bright red fabric and maybe the earbuds were in there. I looked, and in a little bag inside the backpack, I found earbuds! But they were my earbuds, not Michael’s.” Strangely, the chart led my friend’s wife to her own ear buds and not to her husband’s!

But the story does not end here. On 18 Feb 2019 (8 days after the question) I got an email from Michael that he finally found his own ear buds in a coat closet in the pocket of his raincoat.

In the photo, note the red stripe on the adjoining jacket, the red carpet on the floor and the red umbrella seen faintly beneath the raincoat.  In hindsight, Mercury in Pisces (a water sign) might have suggested a rain coat and perhaps also the bucket on the floor to hold wet umbrellas.  Pisces might also refer to the shoes beneath the raincoat.

Another potential clue is that the Sun (signifying the querent) lies in the 6th house and is about to enter the 7th.  The 6th house often indicates pockets, containers, closets, etc., so that the querent was recently involved with such a place when the item was misplaced.

To clarify, Lilly writes on page 33 of Christian Astrology: “…what Planet you shall find to be in that space, you shall say that he is in the first house; yet if he be within 5 degrees of the Cusp of any house, his virtue shall be assigned to the house whose Cusp he is nearest…”  If we read Lilly’s text carefully, we see that he views the house cusps as boundaries of the houses.  Thus, in this chart the Sun lies in the 6th house. The point that Lilly is making is that even though the Sun lies in the 6th house, because it is so close to the 7th cusp “his virtue shall be assigned to the house whose Cusp he is nearest.”  In other words, the Sun in this chart lies in the 6th house but its influence will be felt primarily in the 7th house.

An analogy might be a parent standing just outside the room of a small child who is misbehaving.  Even though the parent is technically in the hallway outside the child’s room, the parent’s influence will be felt by the child on the other side of the threshold.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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