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Recently Indian astrologer Ashwin Balaji  invited me to participate with him in a video discussion about horary astrology.  In preparation I went through my files to find a representative horary chart. The following question has to do with a planned vacation and whether it would have to be cancelled or postponed.

My wife and I were planning a trip to Italy in October of 2018.  Unfortunately, at the beginning of September I developed a cardiac problem and was not sure whether it would render my traveling abroad impossible during the coming months.  We really wanted to take this vacation, so the idea of possibly needing to cancel it was not very welcome. On September 9, 2018, I asked whether we would be able to make the trip.  Here is the chart:

go to italy

It is a Sun day during  Moon hour. This seems fitting because the Sun and the Moon both have to do with travel.  The Sun rejoices in the 9th house of foreign lands.  The Moon is in constant and rapid motion around the zodiac.  In this chart the Moon rules the 9th house of long-distance travel, and both the Sun and Moon conjoin the 11th house cusp of hopes and wishes.  We really wanted to take that vacation. The Ascendant lies in the water sign Scorpio, and the Moon is the participating triplicity ruler of the water signs. All of these factors suggest that the horary chart is “radical” and fit to be judged.

The ascendant rules the querent. In this chart with Scorpio rising, Mars rules me since I am asking the question. Mars is currently in Capricorn where it is exalted, but it is at the end of the sign and is about to enter Aquarius where Mars has no essential dignity. Because Mars also rules the 6th house of health concerns, this impending change of sign of Mars could portend a worsening of my medical condition. I also noticed that Venus, ruler of the 12th of confinement and undoing is separating from a recent square to Mars, which rules the ascendant (the body) and the 6th (illness). Separating aspect show what has already transpired.

Also concerning is that Mars (me) is applying to conjoin the lunar South Node, which often symbolizes some type of decrease or loss. Furthermore, the Scorpio ascendant is almost exactly square to the degrees of the Moon’s nodes, which Barbara Watters calls “fateful” degrees (‘fateful’ meaning ‘having far-reaching and decisive or momentous significance’). Being in square to the lunar nodes is often referred to as being “at the bendings” and is a harbinger of a crisis point in the matter. Astrologer Ema Kurent writes: “the significator (or the Moon) in the applying square to the nodes predicts a separation or an ending (of the matter asked about)” (Kurent, Horary Astrology, p. 137, italics mine).

Travel abroad is shown by the 9th house, and vacations come under the rulership of the 5th house of having fun. If there is an applying aspect between my ruler Mars and the rulers of the 9th or 5th houses, then the need to cancel the trip my be averted. Here the Moon rules the 9th and Jupiter rules the 5th.  Mars and Jupiter form no aspect and, even though the Moon will eventually trine Mars, currently they are not within orb. In addition, the next aspect the Moon makes is a conjunction with the Sun (a New Moon), and Bonatti says that “the corporal conjunction of the Sun, which is called combustion, is harmful beyond all other impediments” (Ben Dykes trans., Bonatti on Horary, p. 353).

All in all, it’s not looking very positive. We’d really like to take this vacation. Mercury rules my hopes and wishes (11th house), but Mercury is under the sunbeams and approaching combustion. Finally, Uranus, the planet of upsets and unexpected changes, is the most angular (and therefore most prominent or powerful) planet in the chart. Here Uranus opposes the Ascendant (me) from the cusp of the 7th house.

It turned out that we had to cancel the vacation because my heart condition worsened and required surgery in early November of 2018 (probably symbolized by Mars applying to conjoin the Moon’s South Node).

Here is the dignity table for this chart:


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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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1 Response to A travel horary

  1. Mechi Silvano says:

    I would said: The conjunctionSun//Venus bans the travel.
    Sun is Lord 10, also medical treatment (and my chest, my heart); and Venus con-signifies C12 -where actually it is-, sending me to the hospital.
    Above that, antiscia of Mars goes to C1 (home), and antiscia of Venus goes to C4 (my country, home again)

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