Con-significators in horary

In his descriptions of the astrological houses in Christian Astrology (pages 50-56), Lilly mentions the con-significators of the houses, which he appears to view as a kind of minor dignity somewhat like the joys of the planets, but he never seems to use them in any of his horary examples. For years this omission has puzzled me, and I have experimented with the use of con-significators in missing item charts, where they often give additional clues to the location of what has gone missing.

What is a con-significator?  To answer this question we need to understand that astrological thinking is based on analogy and metaphor.

Horary astrologers generally use the planet that rules the sign on the cusp of a house to signify the matters of that house. Con-significators associate the numerical order of a house with a particular zodiacal sign and a particular planet. The ordering of the zodiacal signs is based on the belief that the year begins with the sign Aries, which is therefore paired with the number 1 in the so-called “natural zodiac.”  Those who study Hellenistic texts would be more likely to pair the rising sign Cancer of the Thema Mundi with the number 1.

As for the planets, their numerical ordering is taken from the Chaldean order, which gave rise to the days of the week: Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, in order from 1 to 7.  The following table shows these analogical relationships.


The following example illustrates the potential usefulness of using con-significators to find lost objects. Argentinian astrologer Maria Blaquier kindly gave me permission to use this chart, which she had posted in a horary astrology group online:

My husband couldn’t find his sleeping bag, represented in this chart by L2 the exalted Sun in Aries, the bag is very good quality and red. His question was WHERE IS MY SLEEPING BAG? There are no aspects between L1 and L2, however they are less than 30 degrees apart so the bag could have been near him. I found it today” (April 5, 2019).

Chart data: 2 April 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1:50 PM BZT2 (+3:00).

missing sleeping bag

The question was asked on a Mars day during a Jupiter hour. The horary astrologer has to wonder why the question pressed on the querent’s mind on a Mars day during a Jupiter hour. What do Mars and Jupiter have to do with the matter?

The querent is her husband, signified by the Moon because Cancer rises.  The quesited sleeping bag is represented by the Sun (L2) because Leo is on the 2nd house cusp.

The Sun (sleeping bag) lies in Aries (ruled by the red planet Mars and of an eastern direction) in the 9th house. The sleeping bag is red in color. Maria looked in the eastern side of her house and found the missing sleeping bag in a cupboard where her son keeps his backpack and sporting equipment, as symbolized by the adventurous 9th house. I would not have guessed that her son was involved, but Maria viewed the 9th house as the 5th of the 5th. Since the 5th rules children as well as fun activities, the 5th of the 5th could well represent the things her son uses for enjoyment, such as his sporting equipment.

Could the con-significators have added any insight into the matter? Consider the following:

  • Jupiter is a con-significator of the 2nd house, so it could bear a connection with missing possessions.
  • Jupiter is important in this chart because the querent asked the question during a Jupiter hour.  (It was also on a Mars day, and Mars rules the 5th of the querent’s children.)
  • The Sun rules the 2nd house (the querent’s goods) and lies in the 9th, whose con-significator is also Jupiter.  In addition, Jupiter rules the Pisces cusp of the 9th.
  • Jupiter lies in Sagittarius in the 6th house (closets, cupboards). The 6th house is the 2nd of the 5th (the belongings of a child).
  • Perhaps another clue of the son’s involvement is that the Moon’s last aspect was a conjunction to Venus, suggesting that the sleeping bag (the wandering Moon) was last connected with Venus symbolism. Looking at the table of con-significators, we see that Venus is associated with the 5th house (the sun) and also with Leo (the 2nd house of the querent’s possessions) and Scorpio (the 5th house of the querent’s children). Venus also rejoices in the 5th house. The Moon’s next aspect is a conjunction to Mercury, which is the con-significator of the 6th house (cupboards, and the son’s possessions).



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