Putting astrology to the test

Recently I read an article by Edu Sotos, a Spanish journalist who was skeptical about astrology and decided, at the urging of his boss at Código Nuevo, to put his prejudices against astrology to the test by consulting a professional astrologer in Barcelona. Almost immediately the astrologer, Aleix Mercadé, nailed a self-admitted key feature of Mr. Sotos’ personality with the comment: “you have the Moon in Taurus and Venus in Cancer, you’re a bloody hedonist.” 

The astrologer went on to point out to Mr. Sotos from his chart how much he enjoyed the study of history,  how fond he was of traveling abroad and how much he liked spending time with his dog in the mountains, as well as the fact that he had a talent for communication and the use of words, and many other things which proved to be accurate. Overall the journalist found the consultation useful and ended up being less of a skeptic. In fact, he subtitled his article: “Astrology is an extremely useful tool for self-knowledge if you are able to open your mind.”

Fortunately Edu Sotos provided his birth data and a copy of his natal chart in the article, so I thought it would be of interest to look at it in a little more detail. Mr. Sotos says that he was born on 25 June 1984 with Aquarius rising, Sagittarius on the MC, the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Taurus. He did not mention his exact time or place of birth, but eyeballing the natal chart which he provided, I would guess that he was born around 11:45 pm near Valencia, Spain on a Moon day during a Moon hour.   Here is a close approximation of his birth chart:

edu sotos

My own practice is to first try to verify the timing of the birth chart by identifying a significant past event.  In this chart, Uranus lies in the Placidus 10th house not far from the MC. When Uranus crosses the MC by primary direction, one can expect a notable event of the nature of Uranus (surprising, unusual, novel, unexpected, disruptive, etc.) involving the 10th and the opposite 4th Placidus houses — perhaps a change of residence, a new home, something affecting his parents or their jobs, a family matter, a sick grandparent, the birth of a sibling, etc.  Because Uranus lies almost exactly 9 equatorial degrees away from the MC, this event should occur when he is about age 9, that is, in the year 1993.  If the client can identify such an occurrence, I would take it as evidence that the birth time is reasonably accurate.  Mr. Soto does not mention anything about his early life, so I have no idea whether this observation about his chart is valid.

Next I might look at the broad implications of his time lords, as shown by zodiacal releasing. Edu Sotos has the Part of Fortune in Pisces and the corresponding Daimon or Part of Spirit in Aquarius.  (These two Parts, Fortune and Spirit, are equidistant from the horizon; the Ascendant lies at their midpoint.) To get a sense of the flow of his professional life, we study the Part of Spirit. Here is a table of the zodiacal releasing from the Part of Spirit, generated by Solar Fire.


From the above table we see that, on Level 1, he spent the period from birth through January of 2011 with the Part of Spirit traversing Capricorn, the “negative,” inner-directed nocturnal sign of Saturn, which is also the ruler of his Aquarius ascendant. With his natal Saturn Rx in Scorpio in the 9th Placidus house (the 10th whole sign house), we might expect that he spent the first 27 years of his life in a kind of preparatory stage, with a deep interest in philosophy, religion, publishing, writing, investigating matters in depth, foreign cultures, long distance travel and higher education (all 9th house issues).

Not shown in the above table is that during the period from October of 2001 to November of 2003 (roughly ages 17 – 19), Mr. Sotos was passing through a “Loosing of the Bond” on Level 2 during which the Part of Spirit jumped from Sagittarius into Cancer instead of entering Capricorn.  Such “Loosing of the Bond” periods usually coincide with events that have a strong influence on the choice of career and one’s path in life.  It is likely, however, that Mr. Sotos had already formed a strong opinion about what he would like to do with his life around age 15 when the Part of Spirit passed through Scorpio, where the Daimon met face-to-face with its dispositor Saturn, during the period from August of 1999 to October of 2000.

In February of 2011 the Part of Spirit shifted on Level 1 into Aquarius, which is his rising sign and the “positive,” outer-directed diurnal home of Saturn, where Spirit will remain for the next 29 years! There is the same emphasis on 9th house matters as when Spirit traversed Capricorn, but now there is added oomph or zest, especially because Spirit in Aquarius lies in a square configuration with its ruler Saturn in Scorpio.  Squares are aspects of manifestation in the real world.

On Level 2, the Part of Spirit moves from Aquarius to Pisces in July of 2013.  This is important because Pisces contains the Part of Fortune, so we would expect July 2013 – July 2014 to hold significant developments in career matters.  On Level 2, Spirit continues to advance at a rate of roughly one zodiacal sign per year.  The next significant period is June 2016 to January 2018 when Spirit traverses Gemini, the sign in square aspect to Pisces, which contains the Part of Fortune.  This Gemini period, which squares the Part of Fortune in Pisces, should again be related to a significant career change or development.

If all of the above appears reasonably accurate to the client, I would assume that we are working with a fairly well-timed chart. For example, Mr. Sotos tells us that he worked for 4 years as a correspondent in Brazil.  I would inquire whether his time in Brazil corresponds with the dates indicated by the zodiacal releasing from Spirit.

If we tried to guess his profession from the chart, we might take into account the following:

  • He is born on a Moon day during a Moon hour. His natal moon is exalted in Taurus and occupies the 3rd Placidus house of communication.
  • His Ascendant lies in the Jupiter term/bound of Aquarius, and in the Mercury Chaldean decan and Gemini Hindu decan of Aquarius. Mercury is a god of travel, writing and communication.  Jupiter/Zeus, king of the gods, is an expansive, hedonistic and adventurous deity.
  • His MC (career symbol) in Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter, which is closely linked to Mercury (messenger of the gods) and to Venus (goddess of love and ruler of the Placidus 3rd of communication) by opposition. With Venus in the mix perhaps he will enjoy exploring and writing about making love.
  • Jupiter is also closely linked by sextile to Mars and Saturn in Scorpio in the 9th house of publishing, disseminating information, long-distance travel and foreign cultures.
  • His lunar North Node is making a powerful station in Gemini, indicating a talent for using words to communicate his ideas to others.

Jupiter/Zeus is a prominent archetype in this natal chart.

I am grateful to Mr. Sotos for publishing his very interesting natal chart and for making some of his personal history available for us to learn from.



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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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