A Compelling Observation about the Moon’s True Nodes in Solar Returns

In June of 2019 I’ll be speaking on Solar Returns at the 36th Congreso Ibérico de Astrología in San Sebastián, Spain.  In preparation for this talk, I examined dozens of solar returns of prominent figures for years when dramatic events occurred in their lives.

In studying these many charts, I noticed a correlation which I believe has not been previously reported in the astrological literature.  Specifically, in years of dramatic, life-altering and often disruptive events such as accidents, illness, hospitalization, surgery, falls from power, political losses, exile, turmoil, arrests, conflicts with authorities, relocation to another country, the loss of an important loved one or even the death of the native, it occurred in the solar return for that year that the Moon’s true nodes were either stationary or had made a station and changed direction within 24 hours of the moment the Sun returned to its natal position.

From the geocentric perspective of astrology, the Moon’s nodes are simply the points of intersection between the Moon’s orbit and the Sun’s orbit (the ecliptic).  In traditional astrology, the custom was to use the Moon’s mean node which is always retrograde because the Moon’s nodes makes a cycle backwards through the zodiac about every 18.6 years.  Modern science is able to measure more precisely the exact position of Moon’s nodes, which generally run retrograde but which can “stop” and go direct from time to time because of slight perturbations in the Moon’s orbit due to gravitational forces as it travels around the Earth.  For those who wish more information about the difference between the Moon’s true and mean nodes, I recommend the YouTube video by David Cochrane.

To illustrate this phenomenon, let me pick a couple events at random: the arrest of actor Jusse Smollet and the death of Eva Perón from the point of view of the solar return of her husband.

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett made national headlines this year for a scandal in which he told the Chicago police in January that two men had attacked him and yelled racial and homophobic slurs. Apparently the whole incident turned out to be a publicity stunt.  Smollet was born June 21, 1982 in Santa Rosa, CA, time unknown, so I used sunrise to calculate his natal chart.  His solar return for this year (based on a sunrise birth) looks like this:

Note that his true lunar nodes are stationary (S) in the solar return for this year.

The next example is the solar return of Juan Perón (born 8 October 8 1895), president of Argentina, for the year when his wife Eva died (26 July 1952).  President Perón was born at 7:47 AM in Lobos, Argentina.  Here is the solar return in effect for the year his wife passed away:

As you can see, the true nodes in this solar return are very recently direct in motion.  Looking in the ephemeris, the true nodes had been stationary just two hours before the exact moment of the return.

It should not be surprising that the Moon’s nodes making a station or being very recently stationary should correlate symbolically with such dramatic and life-changing events.  Traditionally the moon’s nodes were always associated with eclipses, which were ominous portents since Babylonian times.  The Babylonians also regarded stationary planets are being extremely powerful.

In Vedic mythology the Nodes resulted from Lord Vishnu hurling his disk to sever the head of Rahu-Ketu for having secretly imbibed the nectar of immortality.  In vengeance the two nodes (Rahu and Ketu) periodically swallow the light of the Sun and the Moon, causing eclipses and terrifying humans on earth.


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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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9 Responses to A Compelling Observation about the Moon’s True Nodes in Solar Returns

  1. Scott says:

    Thank you Tony for bringing this up.
    The only astrologer I know that really paid attention to stationary vs direct Nodes in the nativity or the progressed nativity was Al H. Morrison. He believed that folks born with direct Nodes were more stubborn or iconoclastic. He researched what happened when the Lunar Nodes went direct or retrograde by progression and in some of his later writing insinuated that the Nodal symbolism flipped for the native when the Nodes changed direction [i.e., from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct] in such cases].
    I believe he also paid attention to stationary Nodes. Didn’t Charles Jayne as well, late in his career?
    Someday we will get a collection of Al’s letters published; he corresponded with a great many astrologers and I know he discussed the possibility of direct vs retrograde Lunar Nodes, and their change of direction, as signifiers of character and life change in some of this correspondence. I think the research hypothesis you have advanced is compelling and merits further study by every able bodied astrologer. Start with your own charted solar returns, stargazers, and let us know what you find out.
    All my best,
    Scott Silverman

  2. Scott,
    Thanks for the info on Al Morrison and Charles Jayne. Unfortunately, I am not current with their work on the Moon’s nodes. If Morrison found that a change of direction of the true nodes correlated with life changes, it is consistent with what I have now repeatedly observed in solar returns in roughly 50 cases I have looked at. The cases were chosen at random either from recent news events, from people I knew, or from famous people who had dramatic life changes. For example, an astrologer I recently corresponded with had a serious car accident at age 26. I checked his solar return for that year and the true lunar nodes were stationary. This finding has occurred in case after case chosen at random, so I think there is something to it. In those instances where the nodes are not stationary, almost always they have changed direction within the 24 hours before or after the moment of the solar return.

    A few months ago I mentioned this finding to a fellow astrologer. She sent me the following message a while later: “a couple of weeks ago I saw a client and the nodes were stationary in her SR; I remembered how you give importance to this and I told her to be careful (Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus in the 3rd of SR) that unexpected things could happen. She had a cycling accident and has spent 3 weeks in hospital.” I had found that stationary nodes often occurred in the solar return of the year of a significant accident.

    I agree with you that it would be great to hear from readers as they test this correlation in their own solar returns and in those of their clients to see if it holds up as a useful predictive tool.

    Best wishes,

    • Montag Add says:

      I was born with my True nodes Direct. I notice that my nodes will be Direct this upcoming Solar Return. Do Natal Direct Nodes plus Solar Return Direct Nodes equal even more disaster?

      • The observation was that years in which the true lunar nodes are stationary in the solar return tend to be years of great change and a certain amount of upheaval in one’s life. If your nodes are direct, this condition does not apply.

      • Montag Add says:

        thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for this information! There is very little data about this particular situation. And since my Solar Return with nodes direct is coming up … this was of concern to me. You have eased my mind and my spirit. Namaste.

  3. Ross says:

    Would the stationary to retrograde in the hours prior to Trumps 2020 SR chart fit? What might we expect?

  4. Hi Ross,

    Definitely Trump’s 2020 solar return would fit the pattern. His true lunar nodes would be considered stationary at the time of the return, suggesting a year (June 2020 – June 2021) of upheaval and unexpected dramatic changes.

    I haven’t studied his return in any detail but what stands out immediately is Pluto on the Descendant, which could mean a disruption in his marriage or other intimate relationships. The return Ascendant conjoins his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction in Cancer, which is opposed by transiting Pluto. With the Moon ruling the SR Ascendant and the Sun on the 12th house cusp, he could suffer a major health crisis and end up in the hospital. He will be 74 years old, which makes it a Libra/Venus profection year. Natal Venus on the SR Ascendant again hints at health problems, and Venus could also indicate problems in his marriage or with other intimate relationships.

    From a mundane astrology perspective, the 7th cusp refers to open enemies, treaties, and going to war. Natally, the 7th can refer to lawsuits, which Trump routinely engages in.

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but I expect a very dramatic and stressful year for Mr. Trump beginning with his solar return in June of 2020.

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