Solar Eclipse (July 2, 2019)

Today (July 2, 2019) the world will experience a Solar Eclipse.  Here is the chart for the eclipse cast for maximum eclipse time in Washington, DC, USA:

Eclipse July 2

This eclipse is likely to be significant for the USA because it occurs very close to the Independence Day July 4th Sun.

In Washington, DC, at the moment of the eclipse Scorpio is rising, making Mars the ruler of the Ascendant. Mars is the out-of-sect malefic in this day chart, so we might expect this eclipse to herald a highly stressful period in U.S. history.

Ascendant-ruler Mars lies in Leo in the 9th Placidus house (foreign affairs, air travel, higher education, the legal system, religion, etc.) and the 10th Whole Sign House (the government and its leaders, actions in the world).

Mars is square Uranus, powerful because it is the most angular planet in the chart as it sits directly on the western horizon, opposing the Ascendant.  Mars square Uranus symbolizes sudden, unexpected events (such as accidents, explosions, electrical discharges, natural disasters, etc.) which abruptly disrupt the status quo.  Could the USA abruptly go to war or suffer an unexpected terrorist attack?

Mars also closely conjoins Mercury, lord of the 8th house of death and other people’s money.  This eclipse may precede an important death in the U.S.A. and may also indicate problems with the economy in the months ahead.

Mercury at 3 Leo 26 has it antiscion at 26 Leo 34, which is the ecliptic position of the malefic fixed star Caput Algol (the head of the Medusa), a symbol of beheadings (losing one’s head figuratively or literally), killing, mob violence,  misfortune, death, major illness, etc.  With Mars ruling the eclipse Ascendant and being closely joined to Mercury, we can only hope that this eclipse is not a harbinger of more school shootings or assassination attempts against public figures in the months ahead. Or possibly the USA will need to deal with yet another of Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s beheadings of innocent critics.

The eclipse itself opposes Saturn and Pluto across the 9th and 3rd houses, which symbolize communications, travel, religion, laws and foreign affairs.  The eclipse itself joins together the Sun and the Moon, rulers of the 10th and 9th houses respectively, which are then subject to the forceful and frustrating opposition from Saturn and Pluto in the 3rd.

Below is an astrocartography map, showing where the major lines of the planets pass during this eclipse.  Mars/Mercury (whose antiscion activates Algol) passes through the USA central time zone and through the Central American countries whose residents are trying to enter the USA at its southern border.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction which opposes the eclipse passes through the center of the USA.  Could this mean more flooding and other natural disasters which have plagued this region?  With the 3rd and 9th houses highlighted, could it presage a major transportation accident or an aviation disaster?  Because Saturn rules dark-skinned people, the opposition of Saturn to the eclipse could indicate protests against racism accompanied by violence.

The eclipse’s Sun/Moon/Descendant lines pass through Europe, perhaps highlight mayor disagreements with European allies about 7th house treaty agreements or decision to go to war.

The very prominent Uranus of the eclipse chart highlights the east coast of the USA.  As we are entering hurricane season, could this indicate an unexpectedly severe storm passing along the east coast?

It will be interesting to see how the symbolism of this eclipse chart plays out over the months ahead.

Eclipse MAP 2

Addendum (July 8, 2019):  California has been experiencing earthquakes for the past few days.  Eclipses are often associated with natural disasters.  In the astro*cartography map above the Venus line passes along the coast of California and the Chiron line is close to its eastern border.  Venus in the eclipse chart is peregrine (without essential dignity) and lies in the bound of Saturn in the 8th house (in both whole sign and quadrant systems); thus, Venus is a “malefic” in this chart and carries the significations of the 8th house.

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