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Beginner’s Luck with Yogini Dasas

A few months ago I read an article about Yogini dasas in Vedic astrology and became intrigued, so I began experimenting with them over the summer (2019). In a previous post I detailed some of the basics of the Yogini … Continue reading

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The Progressed Yogini Nakshatra

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of reading about Vedic astrology, a subject at which I am an absolute beginner.  I came across an interesting book by V.P. Goel about progressing the Moon’s birth Nakshatra as part of predicting with … Continue reading

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In horary, can a planet in a house signify the quesited?

There is disagreement in the literature about whether a planet in the house of the quesited can signify the quesisted if it is not also the ruler of the sign on the cusp. John Frawley, for instance, on page 34 … Continue reading

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Recent video interviews about astrology

Recently I’ve done a couple of interviews about astrology, one with Belgian astrologer Levi Cosijn on finding lost objects with horary and the other with Indian astrologer Aswin Balaji on primary directions and the Morinus astrology freeware program.  Below are … Continue reading

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