Beginner’s Luck with Yogini Dasas

A few months ago I read an article about Yogini dasas in Vedic astrology and became intrigued, so I began experimenting with them over the summer (2019). In a previous post I detailed some of the basics of the Yogini dasa system.

In August of 2019 I was corresponding with a colleague about them, and he mentioned that he was planning to get married (a event which we had foreseen in his tropical chart primary directions for this year) but that for various reasons the wedding had to be delayed.  I looked at his Yogini dashas for this period and saw that he had entered the Venus-Mercury-Saturn Yogini period on August 3rd (Saturn signifies delays), which would last until October 1st when he would run his Venus-Mercury-Venus Yogini dasas until the beginning of December of this year (Venus is a planet of love and marriage).  From this I concluded that the delay in the wedding plans would last until October 1st and that the wedding would take plane in October or November of 2019.  He recently told me that the wedding is now set for mid-October. The combination of primary directions and Yogini dasas had enabled an accurate prediction of a marriage within a two-month period of 2019.

Even more impressive is the following example. Also in August of 2019 a 35-year-old man, who works as a high-end mechanic, was seeking higher paying employment and better job security in a related field. He asked if he would be able to get the job at a facility which often does work for the government and requires a rigorous background check for security reasons. He knew people who had applied for similar jobs at this facility and had been turned down without explanation on the basis of the background check. His birth data are being withheld to protect his privacy.

I began by looking at this primary directions for the coming year. His Midheaven degree in the tropical chart was about to change signs by primary direction in the coming months, which suggested a significant career change was in the offing. Because I had been studying Yogini dasas, I decided to try this technique in his sidereal chart to answer his question. Fortunately, a YouTube video posted by Lunar Astro,  entitled “Secrets of Yogini Dasha — Best Dasha to Predict Events,” discussed the chart of a client who asked about a career change. Following the steps outlined in this video, I told the mechanic that he would likely get the job and would hear about it around 26 September 2019.

Here is his sidereal chart (true Lahiri) with his current Yogini dasas.


He entered his Moon Yogini MD period in February of 2019. The Moon rules the 3rd House (which the Lunar Astro video employs to study “change of place”).  The Moon occupies his 6th House of the workplace, together with Mars and Saturn, which reflect his discontent with his current working conditions. The presence of the 10th Lord in the 6th may indicate his interest in finding another job. The 4th Lord Moon in the 6th correlates with his interest in changing where he works.

During the period from February through July he sought information about the new company, spoke to friends who work there, and kept alert to any job openings.  In July of 2019, during the Moon-Saturn Yogini period, he learned of a job opening and began the rather arduous application process, which he knew from friends could take several months to complete. Saturn rules his 10th House of career.

In August of 2019 he asked my opinion about whether he would get the job and, if so, when. Looking at his Yogini dasas, I thought that the application process would last until the end of the Saturn subperiod.  The Moon-Saturn period ran from late July when he applied for the job through 19 September 2019. During this time he had to go for interviews and complete mountains of paperwork documenting all facets of his life for the previous seven years.  It was a highly stressful period.

I told him that I thought he would get the job because the Venus subperiod follows the Saturn subperiod. Venus is a benefic. It rules his Ascendant and conjoins benefic Jupiter, both of which lie in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. The Moon-Venus Yogini dasa runs from 19 September through 29 November 2019, so I told him I thought he would get a favorable response to his application during this period.

To refine matters further, I looked at sub-sub-periods. My reasoning was that Venus rules his Ascendant and his 6th House of the workplace, so that a change of workplace would likely occur during a Venus sub-period, especially when benefic Jupiter was also activated. In addition the 3rd House ruler Moon (signifying change of place) lies in the 6th house, which is ruled by Venus.  Based on this reasoning, I said that a likely time to hear about the job would be 26 – 27 of September 2019 when the Moon-Venus-Venus-Jupiter Yogini dasa was in effect. The following list illustrates this Yogini period.


It occurred to me that the Jupiter sub-period 26 – 27 September seemed the most favorable for receiving news about the job.

The outcome was that around 3:30 PM on 26 September 2019 (yesterday) I received a text message from this man that he had just received a phone call from the new company and they had offered him the job. Needless to say, I was impressed that the Yogini system had been so precise. Without the Lunar Astro video I would never have been able to make this prediction, and most likely it involves a lot of beginner’s luck as well.

Another feature I considered was the progressed birth Nakshatra, as explained in his books and videos by V. P. Goel.  According to this method, the birth Nakshatra is paired with the first Yogini dasa, and each subsequent dasa period is paired in order with the subsequent Naksahtras, with some exceptions as explained by Goel to keep the sequence of the Yogini Nakshatras in order.

This person was born with the Moon in Chitra, so that at age 35 his progressed Nakshatra in the Yogini system advanced into Shravana, activating his natal Sun as well as the cusp of the Hindu Bhava 10th House (based on the Porphyry system, but with the cusps shifted to the midpoints of the Porphyry houses, so that the Ascendant falls in the middle of the first house, etc.).  Thus, during his Moon MD Yogini period, the natal 9th house Sun and the cusp of the 10th Hindu Bhava are highly active, suggesting career advancement. The following chart illustrates these comments.



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1 Response to Beginner’s Luck with Yogini Dasas

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve experienced beginner’s luck too, especially when I play games as a novice and use unorthodox moves. Sometimes other players get frustrated by this. There are reasons to critique the validity of “beginner’s luck” statistically, but it can be replicated under the right circumstances. Here is a link to a good article about this topic
    Also, Geoffrey Cornelius points out in his book the Moment of Astrology that in the famous Vernon Clark trials, novice astrologers performed just as well as experienced astrologers (page 61). Lastly, I’ve found various creative professionals talk about sometimes knowing less yielding better results.

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