Astrological Talent in the Chart of Evangeline Adams

In the previous post I commented on a Jaimini technique presented by Laura Barat for identifying astrological talent in the horoscope. One of the major Western astrologers of the last century was Evangeline Adams, so I thought it would be interesting to test this technique in her chart. Here is her chart cast in the tropical zodiac according the the birth information she published about her natal horoscope in her various texts, which were my first introduction to astrology back in the 1950s and 1960s. Data: 8 Feb 1868, 8:30 AM LMT, Jersey City, NJ.

Evangeline Adams Birth Chart, tropical zodiac, Campanus house cusps

In her YouTube video cited in the previous post Laura Barat tells us to consider the following (I believe that Laura Barat was a student of Ernst Wilhelm and that she is explaining the method as taught by Ernst in his courses on Jaimini astrology):

  1. The signs occupied by the atmakaraka in the birth chart and in the D9 varga. Adams’ atmakaraka is Venus, which occupies Pisces in the natal chart and Capricorn in the navamsa.

2. The pada of the Ascendant. Adams’ Asc lies in Pisces and its pada in Sagittarius.

3. The “upa-pada” or pada of the Midheaven, which in Adams chart lies in Pisces. [Here we apply the exception from BPHS to the general rule for finding the pada: If the lord of the sign lies in the 4th from that sign, then that 4th sign becomes the Pada. The 10th or Midheaven sign in the Rasi chart is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, which lies four signs away in Pisces, making Pisces (the 4th sign from the Sagittarius Midheaven) the “upa-pada” of the Midheaven in this chart.]

Remembering to count in reverse zodiacal order from feminine signs, we must next determine whether Venus, Jupiter and/or Ketu occupy any of these signs or any that are in the 2nd, 3rd or 5th place from these signs. In addition there must be a connection with the 8th house which rules occult knowledge including astrology.

In Adam’s chart we see the following:

Venus is the atmakaraka and lies in Pisces in the Rasi chart and in Capricorn in the D9. In addition, Pisces is the “upa-pada” or pada of the Midheaven sign in the birth chart. Venus also rules the 8th sign/house Libra from the Lagna Ascendant in the Rasi chart. Mars rules the 8th bhava cusp in the Rasi chart and conjoins Venus in the D9 chart. Venus and Mars also lie in the 2nd sign from the pada Jupiter in the D9 chart.

Jupiter occupies Pisces and conjoins the Venus atmakaraka in the Rasi chart and also occupies Libra in the D9 chart. Libra is the 8th sign from the Pisces Lagna in the Rasi chart.

Ketu occupies Pisces and conjoins the Venus atmakaraka in the Rasi chart.

Thus, according to this method, all three “astrological planets” (Venus, Jupiter and Ketu) are activated and there also are many connections involving the 8th house, indicating that Evangeline Adams is strongly disposed to become a talented astrologer.

As an aside, in her video Laura Barat uses the chart of American astrologer Noel Tyl to illustrate this technique. Tyl was born on 31 December 1936 at 15:57 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. In the tropical zodiac he has 00 Cancer 04 rising and his atmakaraka is Mercury, which lies in Capricorn in the Rasi chart and lies in Virgo in the D9. Capricorn is the 7th sign from his Lagna but it contains the Campanus 8th house cusp as well as Jupiter and the Sun, so there is a strong connection of his atmakaraka (and his natal Sun) to both Jupiter (wise counsel, spiritual knowledge) and the 8th house of occult understanding. In the D9 chart, with Mercury in Virgo, we count in reverse zodiacal order and find both Venus and Ketu in the 5th sign from Virgo. Venus also rules the 8th sign from the Lagna in the Rasi chart. In his D9 chart Mercury occupies Virgo as does the 8th cusp of the Rasi chart, again linking the atmakaraka with the 8th house. See Noel Tyl’s chart below:

Noel Tyl Birth Chart, tropical zodiac, Campanus house cusps

Addendum: Astrologer Larry Ely noted on Facebook: “I rectified Evangeline Adams’ chart for Karen Christino and her time of birth is exactly 8:30 am within a 2 seconds of time. But as to Tyl’s chart, I think he has about 29Ge40 rising if that makes any difference to your Vedic reading of him . Following up on Larry Ely’s rectification of Noel Tyl’s chart, the only difference the change of Ascendant from the beginning of Cancer to the end of Gemini makes in this technique is that the atmakaraka Mercury lies in the 8th sign from the Lagna rather than the 7th sign from the Lagna. This change actually strengthens the disposition toward astrology because it involves both the 8th sign as well as the 8th Campanus cusp with the atmakaraka, and is thus an argument in favor of this rectification.

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