The Passing of Edward Aschoff

There was a sad story this week about the unexpected passing of ESPN reporter Edward Aschoff at age 34 after a bout with pneumonia. Aschoff was born in Oxford, MS, on 24 December 1985, time unknown. He died on his 34th birthday. In cases like this I typically find that the true Lunar Nodes in the Solar Return are moving very slowly and are either stationary or about to make a station within 24 hours. In addition, there are usually other striking symbolic connections in the Solar Return chart.

Because the time of birth is unknown, I cast a birthplace chart for sunrise in the tropical zodiac with Placidus houses. My rationale for using the sunrise chart is that when you don’t have a birth time, the sunrise chart gives the archetypal symbolism of the particular day based on the view of sunrise as a new birth of the sun, so that everyone born on that day resonates with the sun’s renewed existence in its daily “re-incarnation.” Here is Edward Aschoff’s sunrise chart for this day and place of birth:

Birth Chart of Edward Aschoff set for sunrise

In the sunrise chart, his Sun/Neptune conjunction lies on the Ascendant, and the Sun rules his 8th house of death. Mercury rules Gemini (a sign associated with the lungs) on the 6th of illness. Next I cast the current Solar Return of this sunrise chart for his birth place.

Solar Return of sunrise chart at the birth place on 24 December 2019, also the day of his demise.

The Solar Return as a stand-alone chart is quite striking. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, almost exactly conjoins the Ascendant. Saturn almost exactly conjoins the MC degree where it is united with Pluto, both Saturn and Pluto being symbols of death. The lunar nodes are moving very slowly and will make a station within 19 hours of the time of this Solar Return, indicating sudden, unexpected and very challenging conditions during the period covered by this Solar Return.

In addition, the solar eclipse of December 26th, within two days of his death, will occur at 4 Capricorn 06, which is almost exactly on his natal Sun/Neptune conjunction, with the Sun ruling the 8th house in the sunrise natal chart. In the Solar Return, the eclipse conjoins Jupiter, which rules the 8th house of the return chart. Typically, close contact from eclipses to natal planets indicate dramatic and unexpected events.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to The Passing of Edward Aschoff

  1. tutandelvis says:

    How much do you charge for a natal chart reading?Thank you, Carolyn


  2. Lulu says:

    It’s a very sad and interesting case.
    Using the solar return of the sunrise chart, wouldn’t the analysis hold true for all who were born on the same day at the same location?

  3. Without a birth time the sunrise chart functions fairly well as a kind of archetypal chart for persons born on that day in the same location. The specifics of how the general factors play out will depend on the individual chart. Thus anyone born on the same day in the same location would be facing some stressful and unexpected challenges in the coming year, especially with the eclipse falling so close to their Sun/Neptune conjunction in the Solar Return.

  4. Patrick Ross says:

    Anthony, this reading made me want to reread The Art of Forecasting Solar Returns. My guess is that you have looked at D. Trumps SR for 2020. The SR and Primary Directions are vivid.
    Thanks for sharing. Patrick

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