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How Evangeline Adams Predicted World War II

When I first got interested in astrology in the 1950s, among the only books available on the topic in my local library were those of Evangeline Adams. I recall reading, during my teens, Adams’ text Astrology for Everyone (copyright 1931 … Continue reading

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Ebenezer Sibly’s Use of Placidus Houses in the late 1700s

The British astrologer Ebenezer Sibly (1751 – c. 1799) is perhaps most noted for the chart he published for the July 4th 1776 Independence Day of the United States of America. In discussing with Chris Brennan on The Astrology Podcast … Continue reading

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How Placidus Became the Dominant House System

This month Chris Brennan invited me to discuss the history of the Placidus house system in England and America on his site The Astrology Podcast. It was a lot of fun and I think it went well. I learned a … Continue reading

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Zadkiel’s Rejection of Regiomontanus Houses

On Friday 21 February 2020 I had the great pleasure of chatting with Chris Brennan of The Astrology Podcast about a blog post I did regarding the switch from Regiomontanus to Placidus houses in England, starting at the end of … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Surprise

On 4 February 2020 I received a surprise in the mail. Llewellyn Publishers sent me copies of my book Tarot Plain and Simple translated into Russian. Here is a photo. In my natal chart, transiting Moon was exactly conjunct my … Continue reading

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Bias in astrological data collection?

Hillary Clinton has been making the news recently because of her negative comments about Bernie Sanders. During the last election cycle there was much debate about the accurate birth time of Hillary Clinton. Interestingly AstroDataBank ( lists two birth times: … Continue reading

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