How Evangeline Adams Predicted World War II

When I first got interested in astrology in the 1950s, among the only books available on the topic in my local library were those of Evangeline Adams. I recall reading, during my teens, Adams’ text Astrology for Everyone (copyright 1931 and reissued in 1960). Adams died in November of 1932. I also recall being astounded that in the Introduction to her 1931 book Adams predicted that the United States would enter into war in 1942, a full 9 years after her death. She based her prediction on the cycle of Uranus in the USA chart and noted that during the American Revolution and the American Civil War, Uranus was in Gemini. Checking the ephemeris, she noticed that Uranus would again enter Gemini in 1941 – 1942, and with it the USA would again enter into a major war.

Apparently her 1931 volume was not the only time that she had predicted a war in the early 1940s. The site quotes The Milwaukee Sentinel of 11 October 1931 as announcing an upcoming talk by Adams at the city’s Pabst Theater:

“Evangeline Adams, the astrologer, who in 1912 predicted a world war in 1914 and who predicts that the next great war will occur in 1941-42 with the United States as its center, will speak on astrology as a science at the Pabst theater, Oct. 23 [1931] at 8:15 p.m” (bold and italics mine).

Adams first astrology teacher was Dr. J. Heber Smith (5 Dec 1842 – 23 Oct 1898), who stressed the importance of using transits in predictive work. A booklet entitled Transits of the Planets attributed to J. Heber Smith is published by the American Federation of Astrologers. In this text J. Heber Smith (or whoever the author is) notes that transits of Uranus are “powerful, irresistible and destructive in evil aspect to the Sun, or other important parts of the horoscope.” From her study of planetary cycles Adams had already noticed that the ingress of Uranus into Gemini corresponded the the United States entering into a major war. She also regarded squares and oppositions as “evil” aspects and would have considered sensitive points like the degrees of the Ascendant and Midheaven as important parts of the horoscope.

In previous posts I have shown that Adams used a chart for the USA based on 3:03 AM LMT in Philadelphia on the 4th of July 1776, Independence Day. She most likely chose this “birth time” of the nation on the basis of the Solar Eclipse of August 14, 1776 calculated for the maximum eclipse time. It was not uncommon for Adams to insert natal planets into a chart calculated with sensitive cusps; this was the basis of her horary method, which she appears to have combined with her mundane astrology techniques in making this prediction.

Adams saw that Uranus would enter Gemini on 7 August 1941, so she was certain that the USA would become involved in a war in that year. Most likely she also noticed that Uranus turning Retrograde and then Direct would make a series of “evil” squares to the Midheaven of her USA Gemini-rising chart, specifically on 21 May 1941, 23 January 1942 and again on 14 February 1942. Transiting Uranus during this period was traveling in close proximity to transiting Saturn, another ominous indicator. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on 7 December 1941 in the midst of this sequence of squares from transiting Uranus to the USA Midheaven. Below is the list of transits of Uranus to Adams’ USA chart, generated by Solar Fire. Note that Uranus stations direct in February of 1942 almost exactly square the radical USA Midheaven.

Here is Evangeline Adams’ Gemini-rising chart for the USA surrounded by the transiting planets of 7 December 1941 in Philadelphia. Note transiting Uranus and Saturn, in square aspect to the radical MC and approaching their ingresses into Gemini of the USA chart.

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