Would Evangeline Adams have predicted the current pandemic?

In the last post I discussed how Evangeline Adams predicted World War II almost a decade before it happened. In this post I’d like to speculate about how she might have analyzed the current pandemic of Corona Virus. Because Adams worked primarily with transits, I compared the current transits to the symbolic chart she used for the birth of the USA. What stood out was transiting Pluto in the USA 8th house of loss and death opposing natal Mercury, which rules the USA Gemini-rising chart Ascendant (health, vitality) and 2nd house of the economy.

Pluto is a planet of crisis, upheaval and major transformation. One of my favorite old-time astrologers, “Moby Dick” Jacobs, used to say that Pluto transits indicate defining moments that divide our lives into periods of “before and after.” Here is the chart which Adams used in her predictive work about the USA:

Evangeline Adams’ USA natal chart

Currently, transiting Pluto is in the 25th degree of Capricorn in the 8th house of the Evangeline Adams’ USA chart and is approaching its Pluto return. Pluto has also been transiting opposite natal 1st-ruler Mercury since the Corona Virus epidemic began late in 2019. Here is a list of significant transits since the fall of 2019:

03 Oct 2019: Tr. Pluto turns stationary direct at 20 Cap 38 in the USA natal 8th (loss of life) and opposite natal Mercury in the natal 2nd (the economy). Mercury in this chart also rules the 5th house of the entertainment industry and the stock market.

17 Nov 2019: According to news reports, the first case of a person in Wuhan, China, suffering from Covid-19 was traced back to 17 November 2019.

10 Jan 2020: Lunar Eclipse at 19 Cancer 59, activating the tr. Pluto opposite natal Mercury aspect. At this time in January of 2020 Health Secretary Alex Azar warned President Trump of the high risk of a pandemic striking the United States but, according to news reports, the president discouraged widespread testing because large number of cases coming to light would look bad for his presidential campaign. The symbolism of the blocking of the light during a lunar eclipse played out in the policy-making at the White House. The refusal to acknowledge the pending pandemic continued through late February 2020. Sources inside the White House reported that President Trump grew furious when he learned that CDC official Nancy Messonnier had warned publicly on February 25th that a U.S. coronavirus outbreak was inevitable.

09 Mar 2020: Tr. Pluto opposes natal Mercury. This is the week that the “shit hit the fan” in the United States. Major universities sent students home. Broadway shut down in NYC. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were diagnosed with the virus. President Trump shook hands with Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro who then tested positive for Covid-19. Many governors declared states of emergency, banning large gatherings. Disney closed its amusement parks. The stock market had one of its worst weeks in history (Mercury rules the 5th of gambling, entertainment, and speculative investments).

11 March 2020: 102nd anniversary of the start of the 1918 Flu Pandemic. On March 11, 1918 an Army private at Fort Riley, Kansas, reported to the camp hospital with influenza-like symptoms early in the morning. Before the day was over, over 100 soldiers had similar symptoms. Many of these Fort Riley soldiers were sent to Europe in WWI, and there the flu spread, becoming more deadly as the virus mutated among soldiers in the trenches.  When these soldiers returned to the US, they brought the virus with them. Because Spain was reporting cases of this 1918 flu, which originated in the United States, it was misnamed the Spanish flu: “In the summer of 1918 Public health officials in Philadelphia issued a warning about what they called the ‘Spanish influenza’. It was called the Spanish flu because it was first officially noticed in Spain in May 1918 (Spain was neutral in WWI and was one of the only countries with a reliable press at that time, so they reported the flu earlier than other countries).”

25 Apr 2020: Tr. Pluto turns stationary retrograde at 24 Cap 59. Stations of planets are period of high intensity, so the period around the end of April 2020 should be highly significant for what happens to the USA because of the virus.

14 June 2020: Tr. Pluto opposes natal Mercury. This week should resemble what happened the week of March 9th, 2020 with a substantial rise in the number of cases of corona virus illness. If we are lucky, the summer months from July into September may see a temporary lull in activity, but late September and early October there is likely to again be a peak of concern about the pandemic and its effect on the U.S. economy as transiting Pluto stations opposite USA natal Mercury on October 4th.

04 Oct 2020: Tr. Pluto turns stationary direct at 24 Cap 29, almost exactly opposite natal Mercury. October of 2020 is likely to have a second wave of corona virus infections and a resurgence of all the concerns we witnessed in mid-March of 2020 related to the spread of the virus and its economic impact. Any travel plans for the weeks surrounding this date will likely need to be cancelled. Given the proximity of this date to the U.S. presidential elections, the government should start planning now (March 2020) for the possibility that the resurgence of the virus will require voting from home, perhaps by absentee ballot, for a large number of Americans.

08 Jan 2021: Tr. Pluto opposes natal Mercury. This is likely to correlate with another “wave” of Covid-19 similar to what happened in March of 2020. With natal Mercury in the 2nd house, the U.S. economy and stock market are likely to suffer in the early part of 2021.

27 Apr 2021: Tr. Pluto turns stationary retrograde

11 Sep 2021: Tr. Pluto opposes natal Mercury

06 Oct 2021: Tr. Pluto turns stationary direct

30 Oct 2021: Tr. Pluto opposes natal Mercury

20 Feb 2022: Tr. Pluto conjoins natal Pluto (the Pluto return)

From the above list of transits it appears that the current lethal pandemic and problems with the American economy (natal Mercury in the 2nd, natal Pluto in the 8th) will be under major stress from transiting Pluto and will characterize the final period of its Pluto cycle through the time of the Pluto return in February of 2022. The fact the Mercury rules not only the Ascendant but also the 5th house of this USA chart correlates with the toll the virus is taking on the stock market as well as the entertainment, sports, restaurant and vacation sectors of the U.S. economy.

Unfortunately the USA response to the pandemic has been dismal. When China shut down cities in December of 2019, it was a clear warning the countries around the world needed to begin immediate testing for the virus. The USA delayed until late February to begin any testing in earnest and as of the date of this writing the testing is woefully inadequate. I read in the local news this week that in Connecticut where I live, with a population of 3 million people, fewer than 100 tests had been done statewide. It is not possible to mount an appropriate response if we don’t know where the virus is and who is already infected. Unfortunately, transiting Pluto opposing the Ascendant-ruler Mercury of the Adams’ USA chart does not bode well for how the virus will propagate and cause needless deaths throughout America in the months and perhaps years ahead.

The following chart shows Adams’ USA chart in the center surrounded by the chart for Pluto turning stationary retrograde on 25 April 2020, which should be a peak time in the pandemic crisis facing the United States in the coming months.

Transiting Pluto is opposing Asc-ruler Mercury from the 8th to the 2nd house as it approaches the end of its Pluto cycle and prepares to make a Pluto return in the year 2022. The current pandemic and economic downturn in the USA correlate with the transits of Pluto to Adams’ USA chart, especially the opposition of transiting Pluto to natal Mercury.

Other than noting that the Ascendant of the Pluto station chart of 25 April 2020 lies in the natal 4th house and closely squares the USA Uranus in the 12th, I leave it to the reader to ponder the other implications of this comparison chart.

Historical Note: Among the worst cases now in the USA are those in the Seattle area. Looking back to when Pluto was last transiting this same part of the USA chart during the 1770s, we find that, in this same region of the country, the disease smallpox (variola majoreradicated at least 30 percent of the native population on the Northwest coast of North America, including numerous members of Puget Sound tribes.

The following graph from the Washington Post makes clear the importance of “social distancing” during this pandemic:

Addendum (19 March 2020):
As I’ve been following the news for the past week since first writing this post, it appears that scientists are catching up with the astrological analysis presented above. One recent headline on Vox read:

Scientists warn we may need to live with social distancing for a year or more

Researchers say we face a horrible choice: practice social distancing for months or a year, or let hundreds of thousands die.

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8 Responses to Would Evangeline Adams have predicted the current pandemic?

  1. Jon says:

    Lets all buy stocks on the 25th April, call it karmic hedging!

  2. Hi Jon,
    I’m not a financial or market astrologer, so I don’t know whether buying at the station of Pluto is a good idea or not. It looks to me like the USA is headed into a prolonged recession, especially with transiting Mars on the day of the Pluto station exactly conjoining the natal Moon, ruler of the 2nd. Mars in Adams’ USA chart rules the 6th of health matters, so I would read it as the pandemic depressing the USA economy for an extended period.

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  4. Jon says:

    This may be a strange question, I am not to sure how to arrive at the solution. There seems to be a lack of “Fire” especially coming out of a Saturn dasha. Fed prints money, lack of authentic and genuine relations “Fire”. Bernanke and Greenspan unsure when financial conditions were “ideal”. When was the last Fire dasha and when will be the next fire dasha? Seems that the solution can be found when Fire can purify and authenticate existing conditions. Warm regards!

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  8. So far, your predictions have been spot on!

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