Boris Johnson enters the ICU

Yesterday (April 6th) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson entered the Intensive Care Unit for breathing difficulties related to COVID-19 which he contracted last month. As receiving a question from a colleague about this event, I wondered what astrological measures might currently be active in this chart. Johnson was born in NYC on 19 June 1964 at 2 pm EDT. Here is his birth chart with Topocentric houses.

Boris Johnson’s birth chart. Topocentric houses. Tropical Zodiac.

Boris Johnson was born on a Venus day during a Sun hour. The Sun is also hyleg in his chart. The Prime Minister is now 55 years old and will turn 56 in June. At age 55 his profected Ascendant falls in the natal 8th sign from 1st house, that is, in Taurus. An 8th house profection year often puts an emphasis on life and death issues as well as one’s personal mortality. The fact that Jupiter rules the 6th of illness and occupies the 8th raises the possibility of personal illness during the year. Venus, which rules the Taurus 8th house, lies in aversion to the 8th and is combust the sun, so the year is likely to be a rather difficult one. Next let’s look at his current solar return at his birth place.

Boris Johnson Solar Return at birthplace.

The Solar Return occurred on a Mercury day during a Sun hour. During this solar return year Johnson’s “lord of the orb” is Mars, so Mars and the Sun are especially emphasized. SR Mars opposes SR Asc-ruler Saturn in the 1st house and also conjoins SR Mercury, ruler of the return 6th house of illness. The Sun’s placement in the 6th house of his chart becomes a prominent symbol for the year. In the SR chart the Sun in Gemini in the 6th with natal Asc-ruler Venus conjunct the cusp of the 6th suggests health problems related to parts of the body symbolized by Gemini. Natally the Sun is the hour lord and afflicts Venus, ruler of the natal 8th house. Mercury is significant in the Solar Return as ruler of the 6th of illness.

In the current solar return Capricorn rises and Saturn rules the SR Ascendant. SR Saturn is Retrograde in the 1st where it conjoins SR Pluto and opposes the SR Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cancer in the 7th. In horary charts Lilly regarded Retrograde Saturn in the 1st house as particularly troublesome. With SR Mercury ruling the SR 6th of illness, conjoining SR Mars (inflammation, infection), and opposing SR Asc-ruler Saturn in the 1st, the symbolism of significant illness during the year is evident. The illness symbolism is reinforced by the Sun in the SR chart occupying the 6th house of illness. In addition, as I have previously reported, the presence of the Stationary Lunar Nodes in the Solar Return chart almost always heralds a year of dramatic, unanticipated life-altering events which often take the form of a personal, professional or serious health crisis.

Regarding distributions through the bounds, at age 55 Boris Johnson’s directed Ascendant lies in the Saturn term of Scorpio and its participant is the opposition of Jupiter from the 8th house. Natally Jupiter in the 8th is tightly opposite Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd, so this troublesome natal Jupiter/Neptune opposition is active by primary direction during this phase of his life.

If we look at his primary directions for this period, we see the following. I used Placidus semi-arc, hard aspects only, with and without latitude, and a key of the midpoint of Ptolemy/Naibod, which is my preferred rate for primary directions.

Judging from his hard aspects for the current year, Johnson’s primary directions indicate April as a difficult month as the directed Ascendant and natal Mars in the 8th perfect an opposition, and the directed Moon conjoins natal Pluto. Directed Pluto will perfect a quincunx to natal Mars in June, which also looks troubling. Not shown in the above list is the fact that primary directed Venus is closely applying to conjoin the natal 8th Topocentric cusp, which it rules, again marking this period as having 8th house significance.

Addendum: Boris Johnson’s Lord of the Orb at age 55.

In response to a comment, let me explain the lord of the orb. At birth each chart is associated with a “planetary hour.” When Boris was born the hour lord was the Sun. The Lord of the Orb is a way of “profecting” the natal hour lord through the Chaldean order of planets.

In Johnson’s case, the Sun is the hour lord at birth and since there are 7 visible planets the Sun will be Lord of the Orb at ages 0, 7, 21, 28, 35, 42, 59, 56, etc.

Because Boris is 55 years old in this solar return, the lord of the orb this year is the planet preceding the Sun in Chaldean order, namely, Mars. I put together the following table to make this clear:

In the above table, the natal hour lord becomes planet “A” and at age 55 the “lord of the orb” is planet “G”. When A is the Sun, G is assigned to Mars, as you can see in the list of planets in Chaldean order which repeats in cycles of seven.


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3 Responses to Boris Johnson enters the ICU

  1. Jon says:

    Jamie Dimon CEO (born March 13, 1956) would be fascinating as well he had series of health issues throat cancer and more recently heart surgery. J.P. Morgan “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” What does astrology say about biorhythms?

  2. Wolf says:

    Dear Anthony,
    thanks a lot for this very stimulating and always interesting blog! Please explain briefly the term “lord of the orb” and how it is defined or calculated. Thanks again and best regards.

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