Further thoughts about Pluto, Wuhan and the pandemic

In March of 2020 I posted a blog about Pluto and the current pandemic with reference to Evangeline Adams’ USA chart. At that time I was a bit surprised that the transits of Pluto to the Independence Day USA chart seemed to imply the pandemic lasting into the year 2022 when Pluto returns to its natal position in the USA chart. Since then medical scientists and epidemiologists have been increasingly making the same prediction as the USA chart. Here is a list of Pluto transits to the USA chart (Adams version). The critical periods are those when transiting Pluto makes a station and those when transiting Pluto perfects an opposition to the natal Mercury in the USA chart with Gemini rising, so that Mercury rules the Ascendant, symbolizing the overall well-being of the country.

Stations and Transits of Pluto to the Adams USA chart with Gemini rising.

Note in the above list that the pandemic came into focus in the USA the week of March 9th during the first transiting Pluto opposite USA Mercury aspect, which is when many states first issued their “shelter in place” recommendations. The next tr. Pluto opposite Mercury aspect perfects on June 14, 2020, so this should be another highly significant period in the course of the pandemic.

According to many public health models, the Pluto station of April 25, 2020, will correlate with a peak period of corona virus infections in the USA. This may be followed by another peak period around October 4, 2020, when Pluto stations direct.

My hypothesis is that the pandemic in the USA is representative of the final phase of the nation’s Pluto cycle, which occurs in 2022.

Addendum (23 April 2020): the asteroid Wuhan

I just came across this article from Urania.com.ar about the asteroid “Wuhan” and its transits correlate very closely with those of Pluto described above: Wuhan: un asteroide, con nombre de ciudad, en sincronismo con el derrumbe del planeta.

The asteroid Wuhan perfects the following transits during this period:

8 March 2020: conjoins Jupiter

21 March 2020: conjoins Mars

24 March 2020: conjoins Pluto

25 April 2020: conjoins Saturn

29 May 2020: Wuhan turns Retrograde

11 July 2020: conjoins Saturn

6 August 2020: conjoins Pluto

11 September 2020: Wuhan turns Direct

13 October: conjoins Pluto

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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7 Responses to Further thoughts about Pluto, Wuhan and the pandemic

  1. Sims says:

    Can you please take a look at this horary chart I posted back on March 22nd asking when California would live it’s lockdown order? I delineated the chart myself but am stumped at the time. http://www.linda-goodman.com/ubb/Forum36/HTML/001697.html

  2. Peter Orne says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Re: your comment “The next tr. Pluto opposite Mercury aspect perfects on June 14, 2020, so this should be another highly significant period in the course of the pandemic.” June 14 is the birthday of D.J. Trump, Gemini Sun, and the profection year he will enter is in the 3rd House, which is cadent. I would not typically be so curious about the significations associated with a new profection year if Trump had not also been attempting to blow to bits institutions and individuals who embody high principles (Jupiter conjunct Pluto): the media, Congress, governors, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield, the inspector general assigned to oversee the CARES stimulus (fired), the captain of the Roosevelt (fired), and Dr. Bright who questioned the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine (reassigned). Do you see connections between Evangeline Adams USA and Trump natal?
    Best wishes,
    Belmont, MA

    • Peter,
      I hadn’t looked at the Pluto cycle/USA chart with Trump’s birth chart, so thanks for pointing out the connection. It must be significant but I’d need to ponder it some before trying to interpret what it might mean.

      • Peter Orne says:

        Hi Anthony,
        Just tracking on “next tr. Pluto opposite Mercury aspect perfects on June 14, 2020, so this should be another highly significant period in the course of the pandemic.” It appears as though this is bearing itself out.
        Belmont, MA

      • Peter Orne says:

        The COVID pandemic here in the U.S. also seems to be tracking closely to this year’s three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in early April, early July, and mid-November, which each wave bigger than the one before. If the July pattern is a gauge, cases could keep rising steadily in the weeks after the November 12 conjunction…. Have you thought about any relation between the USA Pluto return and this week’s vote-counting focus on Pennsylvania and especially Philadelphia, where the Continental Congress was so deeply divided?

  3. Bruce Scofield also noted on FB: “The progressed US Sun conj Sedna in March is yet another signal of something deep happening – in the Sibly chart.”

  4. Peter Orne says:

    Following up again –
    – The Pluto station of April 25, 2020 did correlate with a peak period of coronavirus infections in the USA — of 36,738.
    – On June 14, by the time of tr. Pluto opposite Mercury USA, daily cases had dropped to 19,129, but then they began to rise precipitously and are now four times that number.

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