My two cents on the recent protests and riots in the USA

May 25th of 2020 was an eventful day for race relations in the United States. In NYC a white woman in Central Park threatened to call the police on a black man, who was bird-watching, because she was unhappy that he asked her to leash her dog. She knew instinctively that the responding police might agree with her that bird-watching while black is a heinous crime in America. On the same day, responding to a complaint that a man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis had passed a fake $20 bill, police arrived at the scene and forced the man to the ground, after which one officer compressed the black man’s neck with his knee until the man fell unconscious at about 8:01 PM according to the NY Time reconstruction of the incident. The officer then continued the pressure for a couple more minutes, and Mr. Floyd man was later pronounced dead. Following the May 25th incidents of overt racism in Central Park and the murder of a black man in Minnesota because of a counterfeit $20 bill, the country understandably has experienced daily protests, some of which have turned into violent riots.

I wondered how these incidents would be reflected in the July 4th USA chart with Gemini rising. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and it is interesting that the murder of Mr. Floyd, which took place in the so-called Twin cities, became a matter of such national prominence.

It is theoretically questionable whether a country can be said to have a birth chart. I prefer the symbolic chart with about 7 Gemini 23 rising. Gemini is the sign which 19th century astrologers assigned to the USA. In the symbolic Gemini rising chart for the Declaration of Independence, Uranus (rebellion) and Mars (war) are rising in the 1st house. Here is the Gemini rising chart with the moment that the police compressed the neck of George Floyd enough so that he became unconscious.

This is a busy diagram. Note transiting Mars in Pisces near the top of the chart forming a close square to natal Uranus in Gemini the 1st house. Note also transiting Neptune in Pisces forming a close square to natal Mars in Gemini the 1st house. Thus, the two natal planets, Mars & Uranus, which are symbolic of the American demand from freedom from oppressive Britain, are being stimulated by transiting squares. In addition, the transiting Sun, which will enter into an eclipse in the near future, is applying to conjoin the natal ASC and natal Uranus. Also, transiting Jupiter is stimulating natal Pluto in Capricorn, the 8th whole sign which has to do with crises and death.

Not shown in the above diagram is that the MC of the moment that Mr. Floyd was rendered unconscious by the policeman’s knee lies opposite the secondary progress USA Sun, which lies at 14 Pisces 59, and in square to the upcoming Lunar Eclipse of June 5th which takes place in 15 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius. Here is the USA chart with the June 5th Eclipse superimposed.

Note how transiting Mars in Pisces of the eclipse ch
art lies in square to the eclipse itself. The Asc of the eclipse chart conjoins the USA natal Saturn, ruler of the natal 8th house. Eclipse Uranus in Taurus in the USA 12th is closely semi-sextile natal Uranus.

Not shown in the above chart are the positions of the MC of the George Floyd going unconscious chart at 14 Virgo 51, in square to the eclipse, and the USA progressed Sun at 14 Pisces 59, also in square to the eclipse. The next diagram shows the USA chart inside, surrounded by the eclipse chart in the middle and the secondary progressed chart (solar arc in RA) on the outside.

Note the progressed Sun at 14 Pisces 59 at the top of the chart, conjunct Mars in 15 Pisces in the eclipse chart, and square the eclipse Sun/Moon opposition in 15 Gemini/Sagittarius from the 1st to the 7th houses of the USA Gemini rising chart.

Given the prominence of Mars in the above charts, I looked up what Abu Ma’Shar wrote about Mars in this book Flowers regarding mundane astrology. He writes (italics mine):

“Mars signifies agents of wars and the authors of battles, and those rising up against the king; also sudden death with a multitude of infirmities, severe fevers and the cutting of roads [aka highway robbery], sheddings of blood, and attacks of fires, and the wasting of the river.” (Dykes translation, 2014, p319)

Abu Ma’Shar could easily be describing the events of the past week in the USA.

Back in March I wrote that I expected a resurgence of the pandemic in mid-June 2020 as transiting Pluto approached its exact opposition to the natal Mercury of the USA chart. At the time I believed it would be a result of opening the country after a prolonged period of lockdown. Given the events of the past week, it is more likely that the new spike in covid-19 cases around mid-June of 2020 will be the result of large groups of people protesting in the streets with little social distancing.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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