Predicting with Symolic Directions using Uranus-arc

Recently I was reading about Boris Cristoff’s “Proluna” method of prediction in which, if I understand it correctly, he directs the natal chart symbolically at the rate of 7 years per astrological house. This idea is based on the fact that the planet Uranus spends about 7 years in each sign and completes a cycle around the zodiac is about 84 years, roughly a human lifespan.

This method is quite similar to predictive techniques proposed by Charles Jayne, the innovative American astrologer who experimented with Solar arc, Ascendant arc, Vertex arc and declination arc symbolic directions.

If we wanted to experiment with a Uranus arc direction, we could calculate the arc between natal Uranus and transiting Uranus for a given event and then project that arc from every point in the natal chart. This would give a “true Uranus arc” direction. An alternative would be to calculate a “mean Uranus arc” by calculating the arc between natal Uranus and the first Uranus return, roughly 84 years later. Because the Uranus return may include a retrograde period, there may be three Uranus returns (two direct and one retrograde), so there is an issue of how to measure that arc.

An alternative would be to take the average orbit of Uranus in Earth-years (slightly more than 84 years) and divide the 360-degree circle by that orbit period, we can estimate the mean Uranus-arc to be about 4 degrees 16 minutes per year. The “true” arc will be somewhat greater or smaller than this figure, but 4d 16m of arc seems to work reasonably well with this technique. We would then symbolically direct the natal chart at this rate and look for ‘hits’ to natal planets or chart points, the most significant of which would be the boundaries between signs and the cusps of houses.

Let me illustrate the utility of this technique with a case example. Recently there was a post in a Classical Astrology Facebook group which asked the members to guess what happened in the life of a woman on a certain date. The woman was born on 2 Aug 1974 in Wichita KS at 7:17 AM, and the event occurred on 6 Oct 2005. Readers were asked to use only classical methods to guess the outcome, but I also experimented with Uranus arc, since it had captured my interest recently. Here is the chart of the woman in question, calculated in Solar Fire with Placidus houses, tropical zodiac:

Using Solar Fire I then directed the natal chart symbolically for the period from 01 Aug through 01 Dec 2005 to capture the significant symbolic directions by mean Uranus-arc in effect during the date in question (06 Oct 2005). Because we are working with a “mean” or “average” rate of travel for Uranus, we can’t expect precise hits but rather a “ballpark” estimation within a few weeks of the actual date of the event. Rather, the dates will be approximations to the exact dates of events. Here are the results:

We can see in this list that the user-arc (Uranus-arc) directed Ascendant changed signs on 16 September in the 5th house of child-bearing, so there is a high likelihood that the event had to do with pregnancy or having a child. In this method the directed Ascendant changing signs or houses are highly significant configurations and usually correspond to major life events related to the house in which they occur. Capricorn is on the 6th cusp, probably signifying the medical nature of the event.

In addition, Uranus-directed Mars sextiled natal Jupiter in the 8th on 11 October. Jupiter rules the 5th of children and the 8th is often related to surgical interventions. Mars natally rules the 4th of home and family, so the sextile of the 4th ruler to the 5th ruler in early October could signify the addition of a child to the family.

Also in October we see that Jupiter, ruler of the 5th of children and childbearing, entered Leo in the 12th house, possibly symbolizing a hospitalization and confinement related to having a baby. Leo is the sign of the Ascendant, so that 5th-ruler Jupiter entering Leo (the native) could symbolize having a child.

In fact, the event of 6 October 2005 was the birth of a child.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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