Biden vs Trump: who will win in November?

Until now I’ve avoiding speculating about the outcome of the 2020 U.S. elections but have been following various predictions online. Not surprisingly, astrologers are split on who will win the presidential election in November. Some say that the current incumbent is unbeatable, while others maintain that Biden will defeat Trump in a landslide victory. The polls currently favor Biden, but they also favored Hillary Clinton around this time four years ago and she lost in the electoral college, which is all that matters in our U.S. democracy.

Biden (b. 1942) will be 78 years old on 20 November of 2020 (which is after the election), and Trump (b. 1946) will be 74. In astrological terms Biden will be experiencing a 6th whole-sign-house profection year until Nov 20th when he will enter his 7th whole-sign-house profection year. Trump will be in a 3rd whole-sign-house profection year.

Joe Biden natal chart (tropical)

In Biden’s tropical chart, Taurus is his profected Asc sign until Nov 20, 2020. Venus rules the natal 6th house Taurus and natally lies in his 12th house where it is combust the Sun. This placement of the profected Asc lord in the 12th is not especially favorable to winning an election. On the other hand, Venus also rules the natal 11th and is in a close trine to Jupiter, exalted in Cancer but in the unfavorable 8th house. The activation of Taurus as profected Asc sign stimulates the natal Moon exalted in Taurus, but the Moon also rules the unfortunate 8th and occupies the 6th, so it’s a mixed bag.

Gemini becomes the profected Ascendant sign on Nov 20th and Mercury, the profected Asc-ruler. Biden’s natal Mercury rules his natal 10th house of career and lies in Scoprio in the natal 12th house where it is sandwiched between Mars (the out-of-sect malefic) and the Sun. The condition of Biden’s profected ASC ruler in the natal 12th could indicate some type of loss, decrease in status or wealth, or health problem during his Nov 2020- Nov 2021 year. In addition, Gemini (the profected ASC sign) contains natal Uranus and natal Saturn Rx, which could be harbingers of unexpected loss.

Donald Trump natal chart (tropical). If he were born a few seconds later, he would have Virgo rising.

In Trump’s tropical chart (if he has a Leo Asc), Libra becomes the profected Ascendant, and Venus the profected Asc-ruler. Trump’s natal Venus lies in Cancer in the 12th house and is afflicted by a conjunction with Saturn in Cancer, the sign of Saturn’s exile. On the other hand, Saturn is the “in-sect” malefic and also “rejoices” in the 12th house. The condition of Trump’s profected ASC lord Venus in the natal 12th could indicate a loss, a decrease in status or wealth, or a health problem during his 2020-2021 solar return year. The activation of Libra as profected Ascendant stimulates Jupiter, which rules his natal 8th house, another indicator of possible loss.

If Trump were born a matter of seconds after his recorded birth time, he would have Virgo rising. In the Virgo rising chart, at age 74 Scorpio becomes the profected Asc and Mars the profected ASC ruler. Mars, the “out-of-sect” malectic” in this chart, also rules the 8th house and occupies the 12th. Such a configuration (with the Mars, 8th and 12th house emphasis) would likely indicate that he would lose the 2020 election.

Continuing with the theme of profections, let’s look at the technique of profecting (symbolically directing) the entire chart at a rate of 30 degrees per year of life. Below are the natal charts of both candidates inside, with the profected wheels for Nov 3, 2020 (the date of the U.S. elections) outside.

In the above chart we see Biden’s profected Asc on 3 Nov 2020 conjunct natal Uranus at the cusp of the natal 7th house. At the same time his profected Uranus applies to conjoin his natal Ascendant at the cusp of the 1st house. Of concern is the fact that his profected Sun closely conjoins the malefic fixed star Caput Algol, the Head of the Medusa, which was associated in the past with beheadings, serious illness, and other misfortunes. Sun conjoins Algol in the natal 6th and turned 12th, which could indicate some type of serious illness or accident requiring hospital confinement.

In the above chart we see that Trump’s profected Uranus closely conjoins his natal Ascendant and the fixed star Regulus on the day of the election. Uranus is a planet of the unexpected and is associated with rebellion and the overthrow of governments. Trump’s natal Uranus in the 10th is also highlighted by a close opposition from profected Neptune in the 4th. With Uranus so prominent in both candidates’ charts on November 3rd, it seems that this will be an election full of surprises that we cannot even anticipate. In Trump’s favor is the fact that profected Mars (lord of the profected Asc in this technique) closely trines natal Mercury, lord and occupant of the natal 11th of his hopes and wishes. Against Trump winning is the unpredictable nature of profected Uranus conjoining his natal Ascendant and the fixed star Regulus on the day of the election.

I can see why astrologers are so divided on whether or not Trump will win a second term. Based on the above analysis, it looks like Trump has a reasonable chance of winning. What most concerns me about Biden is his profected Sun conjunct Caput Algol on the day of the election. As I try other astrological techniques, I will attempt to update this post. It’s a work in progress.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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5 Responses to Biden vs Trump: who will win in November?

  1. Raul Davila says:

    Thank you for your most interesting post. My comment, consider the chart of the Astrologer who makes the prediction. If the Astrologer’s Chart is favorable on Election day then the prediction is more likely to be correct. I have been saying since before the Impeachment, that the Democrats in the US Congress were going to help Trump win by a Landslide. Houses Speaker Nancy Pelosi took office on the day of a Solar Eclipse. She has been spinning her wheels for two years.

  2. Jon says:

    What happens during stationary Mars will ultimately decide the outcome.

  3. Amber says:

    Algol is a terrible star for death or loss, but this is a year defined by that already. Many people with Algol conjunct an important point can become famous and successful by making the most out of bad situations.

  4. E R says:

    Algol as the severed head of medusa also has associations with the press (MEDia), of healing(MEDicine), but also of tearing through obstacles and creating victory. The most common idea is that it’s a terrifying energy that causes loss, which it is this at many points. It seems to be an ambiguous energy, and unpredictable. Unpredictability is scary but also “being scary” is self-defense for some.

    The public have already “lost their heads”, the current President has lost his ages ago. I wonder, why is Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th a bad thing? Jupiter doesn’t fall in Scorpio, right? And an exalted Moon in the 6th of service seems benefic here. I.E Service to the public (as the moon is a very public planet). There were reports circulating that a terrorist group was trying to target Biden.

    His Mars is in Scorpio, which likely adds some power but it’s hidden in the 12th. And we have a lot of Pluto/Saturn action going on since January.

    Who knows! We will see.

  5. Thanks for your observations. I was concerned that the prominence of Algol could indicate an assassination attempt to “behead” a leader. Biden’s birth time is somewhat questionable — reported second hand from memory — so the timing may be off.

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