Alexander Marr’s Gemini Rising Chart for the USA

Alexander Marr (12 April 1919 — 9 February 2000) was a Swiss-born astrologer whose family moved to Germany when he was one year old. He was a pioneer in working on astrological charts with computer programs, using the topocentric system, and he was allegedly quite expert in rectification. In his book Astrologers, Kings, Politicians and Others Marr wrote that the hospital record for his birth states that he was born at 13.30 MET, which he rectified to 13.11.14 MET in Zurich with an Ascendant of 16Leo33 and Saturn rising. Marr published 6 books and over 150 articles on astrology. The American pediatrician and astrologer Margaret Millard of Maine was a devotee of Marr’s methods.

One chart that Marr spent time and care in rectifying was the Gemini-rising chart of the USA, of which there are many versions in the literature. After much study and verification, Marr believed that the best fit for a Gemini rising USA chart was one calculated for about 2:43 AM LMT in Philadelphia on 4 July 1776 with the Ascendant at 15 Gemini 21. This is what the chart looks like with Topocentric houses, which Marr advocated.

The Gemini rising USA chart by Alexander Marr is cast for about 2:43 AM LMT. A popular chart used by Elbert Benjamine has 7 Gem 35 rising at about 2:14:15 AM LMT. The chart used by Evangeline Adams is cast for 3:03 AM LMT and has 20 Gem 26 rising.

The Gemini rising chart is a symbolic chart rather than one cast for an exact historical moment of an event. Astrologers who use these Gemini-rising charts have reported good success in their ability to predict happenings in U.S. history. For example, if we superimpose the Solar Return for the year of the 9-11 terrorist attack on the USA over the Marr USA chart, we get the following:

Marr USA chart inside with Solar Return for 2001 (the year of the 9-11 terrorist attack) superimposed

A striking feature of this figure is that the midpoint of Mars/Pluto in the Solar Return for 2001 lies at 14 Sag 55′ 30″ and is opposite the midpoint of natal Mars/Uranus, which lies at 14 Sag 55′ across the horizon axis. At the same time SR Saturn conjoins natal Uranus, and SR Mercury (the natal chart Asc ruler) conjoins natal Mars, with the SR Mercury/Saturn midpoint at 16 Sag 09′.

The natal Mars/Uranus midpoint on the natal ASC horizon axis opposing the SR Mar/Pluto midpoint on the DSC makes this opposition of dangerous and explosive planets especially prominent and powerful in 2001. Solar Return Uranus at the Midheaven of the natal USA chart also portends sudden disruptive events.

For completeness, reproduced below is Marr’s original USA chart rectification from his 1985 book on political astrology:

Alexander Marr’s 1985 rectification of the USA Gemini rising chart

As an aside, I should mention that astrologer Bruce Scofield has rectified the Sibly USA Sagittarius rising chart to one cast for 5:18:28 pm LMT with an Ascendant of 14 sag 07, which is almost exactly opposite the Gemini rising Ascendant of the Marr chart. It’s not surprising that both charts would work since they share the same horizon axis.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to Alexander Marr’s Gemini Rising Chart for the USA

  1. Kearyn says:

    The US being mutable makes more than enough sense to sell me on this.

  2. I always get confused about the primary directions Marr used, I believe they are called “bajo el polo” meaning they take the latitude of the place into account. And that he payed more attention to house cusps as significators.

    • Hi Maria,
      That is also my understanding of Marr’s system. He preferred to work topocentrically, focusing on the actual location of the observer on the surface of the Earth, rather than geocentrically with a focus on the very center of the Earth as the center of the Celesial Sphere.
      In the topocentric system the observer on Earth acts as the center of the universe and everything in the sky appears to turn about a “topocentric” axis passing through that observer. The observer’s topocentric axis is parallel to the Earth’s axis. Rotating the observer’s geocentric horizon about his topocentric axis produces a “cone of rotation” which is used to calculate the topocentric house cusps.
      The circular base of the cone produced by rotating the horizon of the observer about his location on Earth is divided into equal 30 degree segments, whose radius lines are then successively trisected. Lines perpendicular to these trisection points of the radii intersect the ecliptic to produce the topocentric house cusps, which are very close in value to the geocentric Placidus house cusps.
      Aspects to house cusps were considered predictive. For example, in the above superimposed charts, the South Lunar Node of the Solar Return conjoins the 8th topocentric USA cusp within an orb of 32′ of arc. By solar arc direction, 32′ of arc corresponds to about 6 months, so that within 6 months the SR South Node/natal 8th cusp solar arc direction will perfect, indicating a period of major loss involving human mortality.

  3. Tabula rasa says:

    I have natal Uranus in libra 12th house 8:24 degrees. It’s karmic trust me.

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