14 Dec 2020 NM Solar Eclipse and the U.S. Elections

On 14 December 2020 the U.S. Electoral College met and confirmed Joe Biden as the President Elect of the United States. A Solar Eclipse occurred on the same day. Here is the New Moon Solar Eclipse chart for Washington, DC.

The solar eclipse took place in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, in the 10th Placidus and Whole Sign House, which has to do with governments and their rulers. Jupiter, which is dispositor of the eclipse, lies in and conjoins the cusp of the 12th house of dissolution and letting go. Jupiter in Capricorn is in the sign of its fall, a traditional disability. William Lilly in his treatise about eclipses noted that a solar eclipse falling in the third decan of Sagittarius indicates that “all things and matters go hardly on with the Nobility, who willingly and foolishly undo themselves to no purpose.” Nowadays the “Nobility” would refer to those in command at the top of society who, according to Lilly, would be foolishly undoing themselves to no purpose at this time.

Here is the eclipse chart with the loser of the presidential election Donald Trump’s natal chart superimposed.

14 Dec 2020 Solar Eclipse in DC with Trump’s birth chart superimposed.

For those unfamiliar with Lilly’s writings on eclipses, let me quote verbatim a section of his 1652 text An easie and familiar method whereby to judge the effects depending on eclipses, either of the sun or moon by William Lilly student in astrologie.
By William Lilly, 1602-1681, printed in London for the Company of Stationers, and H. Blunden, at the Castle in Corn-Hill, 1652.

I have slightly modernized the spelling to make it more readable for modern eyes. Here is what Lilly had to say about solar eclipses in the various decanates:

Of the Sun Eclipsed in any one Decanate of the 12 Signes.

When the Sun is Eclipsed in the first ten degrees of Aries, it portends the frequent Motions of Armies, and rumours of Wars, continual expeditions, assaults, and batteries, yea, and Wars, with much noise and tumult; Seditions, Controversies, an intemperancy of the air verging principally unto dryness.

When in the second Decanate, or from 10 to 20 degrees [of Aries], it brings some King, Prince, or eminent officer to Prison or restraint of Liberty, it adds sorrow and danger of Death unto him, destruction of the bearing fruit-trees, and it portends the rottenness or putrifaction of such things as the earth produces, whereby both man and beast are afflicted.

When in the last 10 degrees of Aries, it’s the forerunner of lamentation, woes, and mourning, unto mortal men, or most sorts of men, and the death of some Noble woman; unto these I may add, that it designs destruction unto the lesser Cattle, as Sheep, Conies, Goats, Hares, &c.

An Eclipse of either of the Lights in the first ten degrees of Taurus, afflicts such as are Negotiators, Solicitors, Agents, or are generally employed in men’s affaires, or in the public; it compels men to undertake unnecessary businesses, it brings to naught, and confounds all factions undertaken by the former sort of men, and is sufficiently hurtful to Corn.

In the second Decanate [of Taurus], it shows innumerable difficulties, and many discommodities to Travelers, and to such as bear Children many abortions, and births not natural, or Monsters are produced.

In the third Face or Decanate [of Taurus], it signifies both Plague and Famine: mortality in and amongst Oxen, Cows and Horses.

Eclipses in the ten first degrees of Gemini, stir up dissensions, strifes, seditions amongst those we call Priests, and all manner of Merchants and Mechanics of every Order, or any quality that is amongst them; Deadly hatred, contempt of Lawes, neglect of piety and holy duties doth also follow, so also breach of Covenants.

In the second Decanate or Face [of Gemini], much Piracy at Sea, and Murders, many fruitless treaties, many turbulent Petitions presented by the people to their Superiours.

In the last Face of Gemini, when any Eclipse happens, the Death of some King or great Person follows; various and sundry losses unto the State public, much action to no purpose in the Managing of the Civil affairs of the Commonwealth; Many simple Consultations and no Conclusions; Superiour men grant Commissions, which inferiour Officers never regard; much pratling, no action.

In the first ten degrees of Cancer, it disturbs the air, and stirs up strange weather, and variety of it, inclines men to Arms, and to violate National Leagues, deceitfully under the species of Religion.

In the second Decanate [of Cancer], it dries up Rivers and Fountains, and intends much incontinency in men and women, and petulancy, or ill offices amongst mortal men, viz. one cunningly thrusting an other out of his place.

In the last Decanate [of Cancer], it emits the Pox (I conceive the French Pox) amongst the men of that Country subject unto Cancer, many diseases, and seditions or risings of the people, the vulgar man afflicted generally with the Dropsie, or such malevolent matter in his stomac as brings him to a Consumption.

In the first Face or Decanate of Leo, it premonstrates the Death of some certain famous Prince as also great scarcity of Corn and grain; if the Prince miss death, he avoids not the occasion of many misfortunes and consumption of Treasure.

In the second Decanate [of Leo] it threatens great tribulation, and many damages unto Kings, Peers, and Prime of the Nobility; what is meant of persons of quality, must have relation to all Magistrates.

In the third Decanate [of Leo], it presages Captivities, besieging of Towns, Plunderings, Profanation of holy places, a scarcity of Horses, or a destructive Murrain amongst them.

In the first Decanate of Virgo, it argues the lamentable death, or pitiful end of some certain Prince or Nobleman, and a general ruin or slaughter of men, scarcity of corn and all manner of sustenance fit for man.

In the second Decanate [of Virgo], it designs Famine Plague, and seditions, of mortal men, great drought, and thereby no plentiful crops of Summer corn.

In the third Decanate [of Virgo], it powres down vengeance on poor Poets, Painters, or Limners, and men Mercurial, who flourish with excellent understandings, nothing thrives with them, nor are their Purses full, it produces Murders, Banishment, &c. it imposeth on the vulgar Writers of those times, harsh conceptions, and no esteem of their rude Poems.

In the first Decanate of Libra, it corrupts the air, begets the Plague, inclines youth to much wantonness, yet straitens provisions, and makes them dear.

In the second Decanate [of Libra], it portends the Death of some eminent Prince or King, or Nobleman, and for breach of Customs, stirs up Seditions, and designs a Famine.

In the third Decanate [of Libra], it premonishes of high Controversies amongst the Nobility, and great Detriment in their estates, much prodigality amongst them, and the extirpation of some one family.

In the first Decanate of Scorpio, it moves and raises warlike tumults, murders, dissentions, captivities, and cherishes underhand practices, or plots of Treasons.

In the second Decanate [of Scorpio], it argues Destruction to some certain King, or person of worth, and declares his mind averse to Armies or wars.

In the third Decanate [of Scorpio], it portends the coming in of some stranger Tyrant, and the drowsie dullness and slothfulness of the former King odious unto all men; sometimes it portends a deposing of the then present Governor or King or great dislike with him.

An Eclipse in the first ten degrees, or first Decanate of Sagittarius, doth manifest most dangerous seditions amongst men, and renders men’s minds averse to all manner of accommodations, or Treaties; each man fearing deceit in the man he deals with, or one Prince fearing another will delude him.

In the second Decanate [of Sagittarius], it portends the Death, or much destruction unto such Cattle as naturally bray, and of the bigger sort of any such beasts as are useful for man.

In the last Decanate [of Sagittarius], it afflicts several manner of ways Horses, and prejudices such Armies as then are on foot, all things and matters go hardly on with the Nobility, who willingly and foolishly undo themselves to no purpose.

In the first Decanate, or ten degrees of Capricorn, it imports the unhappy chances attending Great men, and strange casualties unto such; the transmigration, or oft shifting of places of some King, Prince, or Person of eminent Rank and quality, and it implies the Revolt or Rebellion of Nobles, and others of meaner quality, viz. of the common people; it imports a covetous Prince or Magistrate, by reason of his oppression, shall cause insurrections.

In the second Decanate [of Capricorn], it stirs up the fury or spirits of  sworn Soldiers against their Commanders in Chief, or against their  Emperor, King or Prince, it renders all their endeavors fruitless, and the events thereof unprosperous; it is the forerunner of scarcity of Corn, and that many will die for want thereof.

In the third Decanate [of Capricorn], it implies the tumultuary motion of a King, and induces famine, and shows great poverty unto the Husbandman, bad crops, little hay or grass.

In the first Decanate of Aquarius, it affords matter of publike sorrow and mourning unto Gentlemen, but comfort to the Country-man.

In the second Decanate [of Aquarius], Thefts publicly countenanced, Robberies, Rapines, Earthquakes, Famine, Monopolies, pilling and poling the people.

In the third Decanate, it tells of the death of field Cattell, and such like creatures, it shows great inundations to succeed the Eclipse.

In the first Decanate of Pisces, it drains the Rivers of their waters, infortunates the Sea coasts, and drives fishes far from shore.

In the second Decanate [of Pisces], it designs the death of a famous and excellent man, destruction and waste of fish near the Sea Towns, it imports an Earthquake, some great Church-man questioned, and he called to account for his Knavery.

In the third Decanate [of Pisces], it presages sedition, cruelty, bitterness of spirits, and the inhumanity of soldiers, as also much Controversy amongst Divines, and Lawyers.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to 14 Dec 2020 NM Solar Eclipse and the U.S. Elections

  1. thetarotman says:

    I also find it interesting that number 45 (I only refer to him by name when medically necessary. As when asked such questions as “What is your name? Where are you? What is today’s date? Who is the President of the United States?”). is a Sun-Sign Gemini, which is the Polar Opposite of Sagittarius.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s a significant observation. Trump’s natal Sun is almost exactly opposite the Solar Eclipse in this chart, so he bore the full brunt of an opposition from a solar eclipse on December 14th. I will post an image of the eclipse chart with Trump’s natal chart superimposed.

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