Transits for the year 2021 — being your own astrologer

What can we expect in the year ahead? The aspects that transiting planets make to our birth chart can highlight areas that are likely to take on significance. Recently astrologer Peter Burns posted a planet tracks graphic as a service to the astrological community, which gives a visual guide to the transits of 2021. Here is a copy of Peter’s graphic.

Peter Burns

Planet Tracks for 2021
Peter’s 5th annual Planet Tracks graphic, free to the astrological community.

One way to work with the graphic is to start with the slowest celestial body Pluto and to work one’s way in toward Mars, which often acts as a trigger to other transits and also indicates areas of life where we expend a lot of energy.

As you can see in Peter’s diagram, Pluto spends the year 2021 moving back and forth within a few late degrees (24 – 26 degrees) of Capricorn, a cardinal sign. Since Pluto symbolizes dramatic change and transformation, any planets in these same late degrees of cardinal signs will be conjunct or in hard aspect to Pluto and therefore subject to the metaphorical “death and rebirth” symbolized by this dwarf planet. The exact degrees can be seen in the ephemeris for 2021:

2021 Ephemeris from Mars out.

For example, based on the time of birth on his official Birth Certificate, Donald Trump has his natal 10th ruler Venus at 25 Cancer 44, and it will be receiving an opposition from transiting Pluto throughout 2021, which will perfect in February and again in July. This opposition from Pluto to his 10th house ruler can symbolize a radical change in career maters, a chapter closing on one phase of development and the beginning of a new one.

In terms of Sun sign astrology, anyone whose Sun lies close to the range of 24 to 26 degrees of a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will acutely experience the transformative symbolism of Pluto in their lives in 2021. The same would hold true for any personal planet near these degrees of cardinal signs.

A similar analysis can be done for each of the planets listed above. Mars is faster moving and will traverse several signs and several houses of the horoscope, highlighting those areas of life and directing our energies and attention to the themes of those houses.

Addendum (01 Jan 2021):

In response to Steven’s comments below I am posting here a copy of Trump’s published Birth Certificate, which looks quite genuine. There is no evidence that it has been doctored or falsified, despite conspiracy theories to the contrary.

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5 Responses to Transits for the year 2021 — being your own astrologer

  1. Kelly says:

    Great visual! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Steven Ings says:

    Beneficent wellness and well-being to you and all whom you know.

    You are probably familiar with the subject of Mr. Trump’s birth time.

    Click to access Trump-Data.pdf

    With 9:51 AM, the MC is 8°31′ Taurus. On January 14, 2021 at 12:35:50 AM in Queens, NY Uranus is Stationary Direct at 6°43′ Taurus, Mars is 3°26′, Saturn is 3°09′ Aquarius, and Neptune is on the Mars/Saturn midpoint. Eileen Nauman describes this combination as “a major health axis. Vitality and endurance may be limited. Moreover, stress may cause illness if care is not taken.”
    p. 79, Medical Astrology

    Dymock Brose wrote, “An event of special importance in a person’s life is nearly always signalled by a Stationary planet aspecting a Natal significator.”

    April 27, 2021, Stationary Rx Pluto is at 26°48′ Capricorn.

    Use your software to look at dates the planets are Stationary. Solar Fire 9 shows the degrees. Of course, compare them with your own chart.

    With sincere best wishes


  3. Steven,
    Thanks for your extensive comments. Yes, I am familiar with the controversy about Trump’s birth data and prefer to use the documented evidence of this hospital record and official birth certificate.
    The 9:51 AM time appears to be based on speculation which cites unnamed sources. I don’t trust rectifications to reveal actual birth times, although they may work well with some astrological predictive techniques. If you look through, you will find many charts which have been rectified by prominent astrologers to times of birth hours apart. There are also documented cases of astrologers making up stories about their sources and apparently “documented” birth times which turn out to be false on investigation. If an expert in forgery were to confirm that Trump’s published official birth certificate is fake, I might change my mind. But until then, I would go with the 10:54 AM EDT which is officially documented, although I might rectify this time by a few minutes with astrological methods, if indicated. The Mars in the 1st vs 12th house argument doesn’t hold water. Since Hellenistic times a planet within 3 degrees of the Asc has been considered extremely powerful. In addition, the regal star Regulus at 29 Leo 05 is conjunct the Asc. It seems to me that Mars in Leo conjunct the fixed star Regulus on the Ascendant describes Donald very well, and probably better than Mars simply in the 1st house at some 10 degrees away from a 17 degree Leo Ascendant. I have also wondered whether the 9:51 time came from an astrologer converting EDT to EST to look up values in an ephemeris. Perhaps the mother said he was born at 10:51 AM and the astrologer converted that 10:51 EDT to 9:51 EST to more easily construct the chart and noted 9:51 AM est as the birth time. I recall making such conversions before computers were available and I had to draw charts by hand with an ephemeris and a table of houses. I believe that Alexander Marr converted all times on his clients’ charts to UT to make his data collection more uniform and less subject to calculation error.

  4. Steven Ings says:

    A new year.
    A new day.
    Gratitude smiles and joy sings even while doing fulltime care-giving with my 91-year-old Mom (Stage 6/7 Alzheimer’s).

    During an Edgar Cayce Reading, we might have gotten the time of the “spiritual birth.”

    I enjoy the work of Dr. Walter Semkiw, M.D.

    Joy and well-being to you and all whom your know.

    With reverent respect,


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