Saturn square Uranus and the Death of Rush Limbaugh

The year 2021 will be marked astrologically by three squares between the slow-moving planets Saturn and Uranus, which are part of a roughly 45-year Saturn/Uranus synodic cycle, the most recent iteration of which began in 1988. These are waning squares that demarcate the final quarter of this cycle, and the first of these waning squares occurred yesterday on 17 February 2021.

Notable news events that correlated with this waning square included a severe winter storm and power outage that devastated the state of Texas whose electrical power grid was not designed to manage extreme cold conditions, FaceBook going to “war” with the government of Australia which wants FB to pay for news services which it now uses for free. the governor of New York getting caught in a lie about nursing home deaths due to Covid-19, the governor of Texas going on Fox News to lie about green energy causing the failure of the entire power grid of his state which is only 10% based on wind and solar power, problems with the rollout and availability of Covid-19 vaccines and the rise of mutant strains, etc. The symbolism of Saturn square Uranus (government control versus individual freedom) comes through in Rick Perry‘s comment that Texans should endure the pain and death caused by days of freezing weather and blackouts rather than let the feds oversee their power grid (i.e., let the feds require that the power grid be modified to withstand freezing temperatures).

The symbolism of Saturn in Aquarius (icy conditions, etc.) square Uranus in Taurus (novel vaccines, unusual natural events, green energy sources, etc.) can be seen in all these news events, but I would like to focus in this post on the death of Rush Limbaugh who was born with Saturn in Libra in the 8th Placidus House square Uranus in Cancer in the 6th Placidus House. The combination of the 6th and 8th houses suggests that these planets will play a role in his eventual demise.

Rush Limbaugh Natal Chart

In Rush Limbaugh’s solar return (SR) this year, the transiting Saturn square Uranus is prominent with SR Saturn in the 1st house conjunct the Ascendant of both the return and the natal charts. SR Saturn conjoins SR Mercury, the ruler of his 8th house. SR Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter all conjoin natal Venus, which rules the natal 4th of the final resting place.

Natal chart with 2021 birthplace SR superimposed

The next chart of the Saturn square Uranus on 17 Feb 2021 is set for Palm Beach, Florida, where Limbaugh resided. Note how the Ascendant (at 6 Cancer 43) of the moment of perfect of this transiting aspect in Palm Beach is almost exactly conjunct Limbaugh’s natal Uranus (at 6 Cancer 51) at the cusp of the Placidus 6th, triggering the natal Saturn square Uranus, which links the 6th of illness to the 8th of death.

Saturn square Uranus on 17 February 2021 set for Palm Beach, FL

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4 Responses to Saturn square Uranus and the Death of Rush Limbaugh

  1. Peter Orne says:

    Hi Tony. About Saturn–Uranus, Alexei Navalny’s return to Russia on January 17 also comes to mind — the video he released about the Putin palace, his arrest by the Kremlin, the protests across the country (Uranus), his sentence to a labor camp (Saturn). Russia then threatened Tiktok with fines over posts about the protests…. Saturn in Libra certainly seems characteristic of Rush Limbaugh. Would your analysis work as well using whole signs? Does Saturn need to be in the 8th to do its work in this case? Peter

  2. Hi Peter,
    I look at both quadrant and whole sign houses. In the whole sign system his natal Saturn lies in the 9th but rules the Ascendant and the 12th, which is also associated with death. Saturn is also a natural signifier of death as it is cold and dry, which are qualities inimical to life. Natally Saturn also disposes Mercury, which rules the 8th whole sign, signifying death.
    Good to hear from you,

    • Peter Orne says:

      Tony, thanks for your analysis, especially the nuance about Mercury. As I have watched over the past three years the damage tr. Saturn has done to two Capricorn Ascendants I know well, I see it brandish its cruel cudgel through any available path. In the first case, which included the second Saturn return, multiple concussions and a broken ankle across four separate accidents, and a job loss. In the second case, loss of spouse and, during an 8th house profection, a sudden heart condition and breast cancer. Both are mostly recovered but with lingering cognitive and nerve damage. A long way of saying, it’s helpful to see how your Limbaugh analysis also works in both systems. It is something you recommended in an interview with Chris Brennan and I have been thinking about working that way going forward. Peter

  3. Jon says:

    Like the mid-point analysis! Always a fascinating study. TNP – Asteroids?

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