Dariot on Triplicity Rulers

Triplicity rulers have been used in traditional astrology to further refine the significations of houses by assigning particular planetary lords of triplicities to particular meanings belonging to a house. Dariot explains that the first triplicity lord of the 4th house signifies the parents, the second triplicity lord signifies all things related to castles and cities, and the third triplicity lord signifies the endings of matters. For example, suppose Taurus where on the 4th cusp in a day chart. Then, the first triplicity lord Venus would rule the parents, the second lord Luna would signify the home or lands, and the third lord Mars would represent endings.

In 1598 Claudius Dariot’s introductory book on astrology was published in English translation in London, and it included a chapter which discussed triplicity rulerships, repeating much of what had been written by previous authors. I thought it would be interesting to present Dariot’s chapter here to make it more readily available to modern readers.

Below I have summarized Dariot’s comments about the triplicity rulers in slightly less archaic English. Occasionally I was unable to understand a word in the original text.

1st House (Angle of the East, Life): the life and body of the native or the querent, the beginning of all things; health, sickness, complexion, spirit, first age, all accidents of the body; the head; the color white. The Joy of Mercury (the text mistakenly puts the glyph of Venus here).

First Triplicity Lord: Early life of the Native, the life and nature of the native or querent and what he/she loves or hates in early life.

Second Triplicity Lord: the force and strength of the native’s body; middle age.

Third Triplicity Lord: same significations as the first two lord, and old age.

2nd House (Hope): substance, riches, servants, all gain gotten by labour, household stuff, the neck, the color green.

First Triplicity Lord: Substance and riches in early life. (The stronger of the first and second triplicity lords is judged to be the main significator of riches.)

Second Triplicity Lord: Substance and riches in middle age.

Third Triplicity Lord: Substance and riches in old age.

3rd House (the Goddess, the house of brethren): brothers, sisters, cousins; changes; small journeys, kindred, faith and religion; shoulders, arms, hands; the color croceal. The joy of the Moon.

First Triplicity Lord: Oldest siblings.

Second Triplicity Lord: Middle siblings.

Third Triplicity Lord: Youngest siblings.

4th House (Parents): parents, fathers, houses, lands, ancient heritages (not always of those who are dead); gardens, waters, woods, pastures; all things unmovable such as Castles; what may happen after death; the judgment of hidden treasures and all things hidden in the earth; the end of all things; the breast, spleen, lungs; the color red.

First Triplicity Lord: The parents.

Second Triplicity Lord: Castles and cities.

Third Triplicity Lord: The end of all things.

5th House (Children) : children, love, embassadors, messengers, gifts, joys, playing, banquets, apparel, the color of honey; the stomach, liver, heart, sinews, sides, back. “Fortunate” of Venus. Unfortunate of Mars and Saturn.

First Triplicity Lord: Children and the life of children.

Second Triplicity Lord: Love (romance?).

Third Triplicity Lord: Ambassadors, messengers; gifts.

6th House (Health or sickness): infirmities and sickness, chiefly affecting servants and maids; all that may happen before old age or the end of life; changing and removing from place to place; all small beasts and cattle; the inferior part of the belly; the color black. The Joy of Mars.

First Triplicity Lord: Maladies, diseases, griefs.

Second Triplicity Lord: Servants (employees?).

Third Triplicity Lord: Profit and commodity from servants and matters related to small cattle.

7th House (Marriage, the Wife): marriage, women; contention, wars, public enemies, banishments, robberies, the end of middle age. Buying and selling, runaways, thefts, rapes and all wickedness. Death because the 7th opposes the 1st house. The thighs and haunches and from the navel downward. The color black.

First Triplicity Lord: Marriage and women.

Second Triplicity Lord: Contentions (disagreements, disputes).

Third Triplicity Lord: Lawful or unlawful joining or coupling (marriage in or out of wedlock).

8th House (Death): death, labours, sadness, heaviness, the heritage of dead men, the end of life. Hidden treasures, deadly poisons, fears. The womb, the bladder, stones, strangury, colic, hemorrhoids. The color white.

First Triplicity Lord: Death.

Second Triplicity Lord: Precepts (guiding principles) and old ancient things.

Third Triplicity Lord: Heritages of the dead.

9th House (Religion and God): religion, faith, visions, wisdom, the Deity, true worshipping; rumors, tales, dreams, declarations of things to come (prophecies). Embassadors, long journeys, The half of man’s life is foreknown. Ecclesiastical dignities, arts. The color black. The fundament, buttocks and hips. The Joy of the Sun.

First Triplicity Lord: Peregrinations and long journeys and events associated with them.

Second Triplicity Lord: Faith and religion, and events associated with them.

Third Triplicity Lord: The interpreter of dreams and the ruler of wisdom.

10th House (the Middle of Heaven): a royal house, empire and rule, dignities, offices, arts, mothers. The art that a man is inclined unto. The knees and hams. The color red. (I am not sure but it looks like the original text reads “all things that are stolen” — perhaps because the thief is the 7th house and the 10th is the 4th from the 7th, which is where the thief hides the stolen goods.)

First Triplicity Lord: This lord moderates the works (praxis) and advancements of the native.

Second Triplicity Lord: The dignity (respect, recognition) and boldness of the native.

Third Triplicity Lord: The stability and continuance of the native’s dignities (honors) and advancements.

11th House (the Good Spirit): hope, trust, confidence, footmen, the aid and help of the King, praise and commendation. Familiar friends with whom one liveth. The legs to the ankles. The Joy of Jupiter.

First Triplicity Lord: Faith, favor, praise, commendation, confidence, boldness.

Second Triplicity Lord: Labors.

Third Triplicity Lord: Commodities (useful products or services that can be turned to advantage) and profits coming from the labors of the native.

12th House (the Evil Spirit): private and secret enemies, deceivers, envious persons, imprisonments, evil thoughts, whisperings (gossip), great beasts and cattle, all things good and evil which happen in the travel of women and of harlots. Hatred, dissention, certain diseases and illnesses. The feet. Gout. The color green. The Joy of Saturn.  

First Triplicity Lord: Secret enemies.

Second Triplicity Lord: Labors (painful, arduous, difficult or exhausting work) and sorrows.

Third Lord: Beasts and cattle (large animals).


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