An interesting horary about a promotion at work

On March 10th of 1930 a woman asked astrologer Robert DeLuce whether she would be promoted at work. She was apparently in a temporary position and hoped to be promoted to a more permanent post. Here is the chart:

Will I get the promotion at work?
Moon day, Mercury hour

The question was asked on a Moon day during a Mercury hour, the 7th hour of the day. DeLuce used Placidus houses.

Cancer rises, making the Moon in Cancer in the 1st the ruler of the querent. This is a strong and dignified Moon in an angular house and in her own domicile.

The job promotion is signified by the Aries 10th house, ruled by Mars which is peregrine in Aquarius in the 8th house. Cancer and Aquarius are in aversion, so the Moon and Mars cannot see each other. The primary significators, Moon and Mars, do not apply to an aspect, so we must look elsewhere in the chart to see if other factors indicate her getting the promotion which she desires.

The Moon’s last major aspect was to the Sun, the exalted ruler of the 10th cusp and thus a potential ruler of the job promotion. The Sun is also the 1st triplicity lord of the Aries tenth house and, as such, can signify career advancement.

The Moon’s next aspect is a trine to Venus, exalted in Pisces and the most angular planet in the chart. Thus, the Moon is transferring the light from the Sun (exalted in the 10th) to Venus (ruler of the 11th of her hopes, wishes, recognition from others, favors from the king, and the 4th of the end of the matter). This trine will perfect without prohibition, indicating that her wish to be promoted is likely to be fulfilled.

The fact that the Moon is a participating triplicity ruler of Pisces, and Venus is a triplicity ruler of Cancer, indicates that a mutual reception by triplicity exists between the Moon and Venus, which further testifies to the likelihood of her being promoted. Venus is also the dispositor of the North Lunar Node (Rahu) in Taurus, which is a point of increase and desire for material gain.

The next, and only, aspect which the Moon (querent) will perfect before leaving its sign is a trine to Venus (ruler of the 4th of endings and the 11th of her hopes and commendations). The 11th house can signify praise, recognition for one’s work and “promotion by recommendation of others” (see quote from Deborah Houlding at the end of this text).

In this case the promotion could be considered recognition for the good work she has done in her temporary position (Lilly viewed the 11th as showing those who are favored by the king). The first aspect, which the Moon will perfect when it enters Leo, is a trine to the Aries midheaven where the Sun (ruler of Leo) is exalted.

About a month after this horary question the querent received the promotion which she so desired.


Because the 11th rather that the 10th house plays so prominently in this horary about a promotion at work, let me quote some key phrases from Deborah Houlding’s description of the 11th house:

“… the 11th house has rulership over friends and friendship, supporters, benefactors and those that help us directly or behind the scenes. It is the house of beneficial fate, positive hope, trust, praise, comfort, goals and ambitions. … it has rulership over promotion by recommendation of others.
Historically it is associated with the king’s (or ruler’s) favourites
It is a house of ambition, freedom, optimism and confidence, denoting personal strength, motivation and increase. A fortunate 11th house is a beneficial influence for any chart.” (bold and italics are mine)

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