Another VOC example from Lilly — Is my son at home?

The querent was consulting with William Lilly and asked about the whereabouts of her son (CA 152). Was the boy with this master, or was he at her own house? Here is Lilly’s chart for the question:

Where is my son? at my house, or with his master?
Venus day, Mars hour.

Libra rises, making Venus the ruler of the querent. Jupiter rules the 5th cusp, signifying her son. Jupiter occupies the angular 1st house, which is a place the mother most frequents, so her son is most likely at home. Venus in Gemini applies to trine Jupiter is Libra, showing mother reuniting with son.

The Moon, which can co-ruler the querent and shows the general flow of events in the situation, occupies the 5th of children and will next perfect a sextile to Saturn (ruler of the 4th of the querent’s home) when the Moon changes sign and enters Aries. The Moon is also a general signifiers of fugitives, that is, of persons or animals which are wandering about.

Lilly does NOT say that the Moon is void of course in this chart. Instead, he writes “I observed further that the Moon did apply to a sextile dexter of Saturn, lord of the 4th house, which signifies the house or dwelling place of the querent.” (Lilly defines a VOC planet as (CA 112): “A planet is void of course, when he is separated from a planet, nor doth forthwith, during his being in that sign, apply to any other.” Note that Lilly only requires an applying aspect within orb.

Clearly, in this chart Lilly judges the fact that the Moon applies to sextile Saturn across sign boundaries as significant, he allows for out-of-sign aspects which are within orb, and he does not regard the Moon in this chart as VOC.

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