The surprising resignation of Pablo Iglesias Turrión

In breaking news from Spain on 4 May 2021, The Guardian reported the surprising news that Pablo Iglesias was leaving Spanish politics:

“One of the more remarkable and once-unthinkable trajectories in modern Spanish politics came to an end a little before midnight on Tuesday when the Podemos leader and former deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias announced he was leaving the political stage for good. Speaking after the conservative People’s party (PP) triumphed in the Madrid regional election in which he had stood as his party’s candidate, Iglesias said the time had come for him to “leave my post and leave politics”. But the former politics lecturer added that he remained “very proud” to have led “a project that changed the history of our country”.

I wondered what astrological factors might correlate with his decision to leave politics. With regard to at his natal chart, Pablo Iglesias Turrión was born on 17 October 1978 at 7:10 AM CET, a Jupiter hour, in Madrid, Spain. He has 19 Libra 14 rising with his natal Sun at 23 Libra 31 and his natal Moon at 6 Taurus 02. His prenatal Full Moon (SAN) occurred 24 hours earlier when the Sun was at 22 Libra 31, closely squared his natal MC at 22 Cancer 25.

Recalling that the recent slower transiting planet (Jupiter square Uranus, Saturn square Uranus, and Uranus turning stationary direct) strongly affected his natal chart, I did a comparison of these transits with his natal chart. Judging from these major transits to his natal chart, it is not surprising that he would experience sudden dramatic changes in his career and life course this year. Here is his natal chart with the January 14th Uranus direct station chart superimposed:

Inner wheel is the natal chart of Pablo Iglesias surrounded by the chart of the January 14th Uranus station. Transiting Jupiter squared transiting Uranus on 17 January 2021, and transiting Saturn squared transiting Uranus on 17 February 2021. These transiting hit his natal Moon (ruler of the 10th of career) and natal Jupiter in the 10th house. In addition, transiting Sun and Pluto were closely square his natal Sun and his natal SAN.

Born in 1978, Iglesias is now 42 years old, which makes his profected Ascendant Aries on the cusp of his 7th house, which is occupied by his natal Moon, ruler of the 10th of career. He was born during a Jupiter hour, so that his lord of the orb at age 42 is also Jupiter, which natally resides in the 10th, again highlighting the current period as one of major career developments.

On the day of the Uranus direct station, transiting Mars and Uranus conjoined his natal 10th-ruler Moon and squared Jupiter in the 10th. At the same time transiting Saturn-Jupiter-Moon-Mercury opposed natal Jupiter. In addition, the transiting Sun-Pluto conjunction squared his natal Sun and his natal SAN (prenatal syzygy).

The current solar return also indicates major career changes. SR Moon (ruler of natal 10th of career) conjoins the natal Asc and natal Pluto, suggesting dramatic and far-reaching changes in career. SR Pluto closely conjoins the natal IC, opposing the natal MC. SR Mars conjoins the natal Dsc, opposing the natal ASC/Pluto/Sun conjunction.

Inner wheel is the natal chart of Pablo Iglesias.
Outer wheel is his current solar return for the period Oct 2020 – Oct 2021.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to The surprising resignation of Pablo Iglesias Turrión

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  2. baalco says:

    Pablo Iglesias primary directed Ascendant reached his Saturn on May 4th, 2021, the day when he left politics, with an orb of 6′ minutes (using classic zodiac placidus primary directions in direct motion with ptolemy key). Saturn is ruler of his 4th house (retreat into private life).

    • Thanks for your observation. It is possible that he was born just a few minutes before the time on this birth certificate (7:10 AM), which would make the Asc -> Saturn primary direction more exact. At the Naibod rate, directed ASC does not reach Saturn until January of 2022. If he were born a little after 7:06 AM, the direction (Naibod key) would be exact on the day of his retirement from politics.

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