Horary on the fly

Recently I was visiting my in-laws because of an illness in the family. On Saturday, 25 Sep 2021, my sister-in-law was about to prepare some food from a recipe but she couldn’t find her reading glasses. She recalled having used the glasses earlier that day to do some work at her computer. The glasses seemed to have disappeared and she wondered if she had inadvertently dropped them in the garbage bin. Knowing that I had often done horary charts for my wife to find missing objects, she asked if I could help to locate her missing reading glasses. The question was asked on a Saturn day during a Sun hour. Fortunately, I had an astrology app on my smart phone. Here is the chart.

Where are my reading glasses?

Aquarius rises, so the querent is signified by Saturn Rx in Aquarius in the 12th house. Saturn has dignity by domicile and triplicity. Jupiter rules Pisces, which is entirely contained in the Regiomontanus 1st house. Neptune in the 1st house suggests that the eyeglasses had been misplaced due to inattention or distraction. Her husband has been quite ill recently and she has been generally distracted and preoccupied due to his illness.

Aries on the 2nd cusp makes Mars the signifier of the missing eyeglasses. Mars in Libra in the 7th is in detriment and peregrine, and also combust the Sun. An angular Mars (the missing object) suggests that it is nearby the querent or in a place she often frequents. Mars combust the Sun suggests that the eyeglasses are hidden or hard to see. Mars and Saturn mutually applying to a trine aspect indicate that she will soon find the reading glasses. Asc-ruler Saturn (the querent) receives Mars who casts his trine from Libra, the sign where Saturn is exalted. I took this to mean that she would quickly find her missing reading glasses.

Mars in the 7th made me wonder if the glasses were somehow among her husband’s things or otherwise related to her spouse. Mars in Libra (in mutual reception with Venus in Scorpio) suggested a location related to Libran things.

The 4th house has to do with the location of the missing object. With mutable Gemini on the cusp, it could be contained within something else (a box, bag, case, container, etc.). Mercury rules Gemini and is found in Libra (ruled by Venus ) in the 8th house, conjunct the Part of Fortune (a symbol of material goods). Since the 8th, like the 2nd, is related to where someone keeps their money & possessions, I wondered if the missing glasses could be in her pocketbook. She had last used her glasses at the computer some hours earlier. She then went to the supermarket to get some food items, and she was now seeking to read a recipe to prepare dinner for the evening. The fact that Venus ruled the 3rd (short trips) and disposed the Sun, Mars, Mercury and the Part of Fortune, as well as the 8th house, prompted an image in my mind of the eyeglasses in a case (Gemini 4th cusp) in her pocketbook (where she stores money and personal items) which she took with her to go shopping (Moon, a general signifier of missing things in Taurus in the 3rd of local travel).

I suggested that she look in her pocketbook, and there she found her missing reading glasses in a case where she usually keeps her distance eyeglasses.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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7 Responses to Horary on the fly

  1. alpheratz59 says:

    Hi Louis,
    What a wonderful horary chart and judgment, thank you for sharing it with us!
    On a completely separate topic, I have been meaning for ages to let you you know that I took up your suggestion about testing the Mini-Birthday Hours technique you described in Power Secrets of Astrology. I’ve used it for some years now to choose the time at which I buy Lotto tickets, something that previously I never had any luck at – and I mean, no luck at all, no bonus tickets, no small payouts, nothing! I don’t have a notably “lucky” natal chart, but my birthday planets are Venus, Jupiter & the Sun so I now buy tickets only on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, or at times when at least two of my planets are ruling the month, day and hour. I haven’t kept a detailed record and I don’t buy tickets every week but as soon as I started applying the technique my luck improved and I now regularly win bonus tickets and perhaps two or three small monetary prizes each year.
    I also try to schedule important appointments at times ruled by those three planets – if nothing else, it gives me confidence that things will turn out well!
    I think I’ve bought and read almost all your books over the years and have found them very useful, written with clarity & humanity as well as deep knowledge; thank you for your work and for so generously sharing it on this blog.

  2. Really good example! Thanks so much for posting it. I really enjoy how you pull all the pieces together and reach your conclusion.

  3. Qingyuan Li says:

    Thank you for sharing with chart. I have two questions: 1) how does the significator Mars in Libra describes the physical characteristics of the missing glass? 2) the Moon is not looked at in the analysis. It is about to change sign and lose its exaltation but it will make a trine to the Sun in an angular house. Is this also a good testimony of recovery if Moon is taken to represent the missing glass?

    • To be honest, I did not pay attention to how Mars in Libra describes the missing reading eyeglasses. However, looking now in Lee Lehman’s book of rulerships, I found that Lilly used Mars as a signifier of glass (Lilly, p.216). Perhaps the sign Libra is related to the shape of eyeglasses which are symmetrical and resemble a scale or balance (like the scales of Justice): _O_O_ .
      Regarding the Moon, I was more impressed by the very close mutual application of 2nd ruler Mars to 1st ruler Saturn as a compelling testimony that the glasses would soon return. Even though the Moon will leave its sign of exaltation shortly after the question was asked, it will trine the Sun, which is a testimony of recovery as the two ‘Lights’ of the chart will favorably illuminate the matter.

  4. Qingyuan Li says:

    I guess glass is made through a fire-melting process which explains the association of Mars with glass.

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