Wisdom Teeth and Solar Returns

This week a colleague showed me the chart of a 27-year-old man who needed oral surgery to remove his wisdom teeth which had recently become a problem. Glancing at his birth chart and solar return, and using some standard predictive techniques, we did not see any clear-cut indications of the timing of his dental problems or oral surgery in October of 2021. This puzzled me because the surgery of 12 October 2021 seemed like a major event which was disrupting his life at the moment and therefore ought to show up prominently in the chart.

After some further study and research, I think that I now understand the astrology behind his dental difficulties, which I will attempt to explain in this post. To preserve this person’s confidentiality, I will not show the birth data. Here is his natal chart with Placidus Houses, Egyptian terms and true lunar nodes.

Birth chart of 27 year old man who had wisdom teeth removed on 12 Oct 2021.

Below is his birthplace solar return for the current year (2021). Note that Scorpio, the sign on the natal 8th house cusp, has become the rising sign of the Solar Return for this year. The signs Aries and Scorpio are in a quincunx relationship.

Solar Return for 2021. He needed had dental surgery to remove his wisdom teeth on 12 Oct 2021. Does the surgery or dental problem show up in this chart?

The young man was 27 years old at the time of the oral surgery. Age 27 corresponds to a 4th place (topos) profection year. In his birth chart the 4th sign from his Aries Ascendant is Cancer, which makes the Moon the Lady of the Year (from his birthday in 2021 until his birthday in 2022).

Thus, the Moon is a major chronocrator in 2021. Natally the Moon occupies the 6th house and conjoins the 6th cusp, suggesting themes of the year centered around illness, health concerns, service rendered or received, his daily grind, pets, co-workers, etc.

The Moon in this year’s solar return (SR) is prominent due to its angular placement in the 10th house of the return. The SR Moon has just opposed a stationary SR Mercury in the return chart. In the birth chart Mercury rules the 6th of illness and disposes the Moon, so again there is a strong emphasis on the potential for illness this year.

The fact the SR Mercury is stationary and angular in the 4th makes Mercury a prominent indicator for events of the year. Natally Mercury rules the 6th of illness, and in the return chart Mercury rules the 8th, which is associated with life and death situations and illnesses that can be potentially fatal. The 8th house is often prominent when individuals require surgery. William Lilly regarded houses 8, 6 and 12 as the most troublesome places in the chart.

In the solar return chart Mars rules the Ascendant (body, vitality) as well as the Aries 6th cusp (illness). SR Mars lies in the 6th house where it conjoins Uranus (sudden unexpected illness). In addition, Mars in the return chart is square to the Saturn-Jupiter-Sun conjunction on the angular 4th SR cusp. Saturn is a general signifier of teeth, and natal Jupiter tightly conjoins the natal 8th cusp (surgery).

A classical technique for evaluation annual revolution charts is to consider the role of the divisor and participant. The divisor is the planet which rules the term which has risen to the eastern horizon by primary direction. The participant is the planet which as most recently perfected a major aspect to the Ascendant degree by primary direction. Here is the list of divisors and participants for this gentleman:

At the time of the dental surgery the divisor was Mercury (ruler of the natal 6th of illness) and the participant was Mars, which is a general signifier of surgery and which had recently squared the directed Ascendant.

Morin de Villefranche taught that the Solar Return can only trigger events which are presaged in the natal promise of the birth chart or in its primary directions. Here are the primary directions of this man’s natal chart for the current year, calculated in Janus software (method of Placidus, Naibod key, without latitude):

Primary directions of Natal Chart from Oct 2020 through Jan 2022.

Note that his man entered the current solar return year just after the primary direction of Mercury to Mars in his natal chart. Mercury rules his natal 6th (illness) and Mars rules his natal Ascendant (body, health). In the 2021 return Mars rules the Asc and the 6th cusp and occupies the 6th, whereas Mercury rules the 8th (surgery).

The dental operation took place on 12 October 2021. The closest primary direction was the directed natal Ascendant opposing the natal Moon just inside the cusp of the 6th house of illness in the birth chart. This opposition is sandwiched between the primary directed square of Jupiter coming to the natal MC in early September of 2021 and primary directed Venus coming to the MC in early January of 2022. Natally Jupiter closely conjoins the 8th cusp (surgery) and tightly squares Venus.

I was puzzled by the prominence of Venus in these primary directions. In the birth chart Venus rules the 2nd and the 7th houses. After some reflection, I recalled that in Jyotisha the 2nd house rules the teeth and the 7th house (as the 6th from the 2nd) rules infirmities related to the teeth. Western astrology tends to assign all parts of the head to the 1st house, but Jyotisha divides the associations of the head between the 1st and 2nd houses, which to my mind makes a lot of sense. The following quote is from an article entitled “A treatise on medical astrology” at http://mediastrology.blogspot.com/2012/12/astrological-factors-for-teeth-disease.html (bold mine):

The main planet responsible for teeth disease is Saturn and the house involved in the natal chart is second house signifying the facial portion of the body. The sixth house from second house is the seventh house of the natal chart which, therefore, signifies diseases relating to teeth. Therefore, affliction of the second house or its lord and the corresponding sign in the Zodiac i.e. Taurus and its lord Venus and/or the affliction of the seventh house and/or its lord and/or the seventh sign Libra of the Zodiac together with Saturn result in different types of teeth disease. Deposition or aspect of Rahu in the related houses or signs causes irregular shaped teeth. Affliction by Saturn causes acute pain of teeth.” 

As regards timing, one technique is to calculate the secondary progressions and primary directions for the current Solar Return. Here is a list of these factors between September of 2021 and January of 2022.

Progression and Directions of the 2021 Solar Return chart. Note how on 21 Oct 2021, within a week of the surgery, the primary directed Mercury squares the Return Asc in the solar return chart. Mercury rules the natal 6th and the return 8th houses.

Yet another technique for timing is to consider the hard aspects of the angles by secondary progressions of the Solar Return chart at the Mean Quotidian Rate. (Solar Fire software describes ‘mean quotidian’ as follows: “The MC is progressed by the same method as the planets, thus moving about 361° per day, as opposed to the Sun’s movement of about 1° per day. This method is also known as ‘Daily Houses’.”). Here is the list for October of 2021:

The surgery took place on October 12, 2021. The secondary progressed MC (mean quotidian rate) on October 13 was square to SR Pluto, which occupies the 8th house of the birth chart. On the same day the progressed Asc squared SR Chiron, a symbol of a wounded part of the body. On October 14 the progressed MC square SR Venus, which rules the return 2nd and 7th houses, associated in Jyotisha with dental problems. Etc.

Finally, when studying solar and lunar returns, it is important to consider eclipses which interact closely with the chart of the revolution. This man’s solar return for 2021 has 27 Scorpio rising, which happens to be the same degree as the partial lunar eclipse of 21 November 21, not long after his dental surgery in mid-October. Here is the partial lunar eclipse chart for his birthplace:

Partial lunar eclipse of 21 Nov 2021 at his birthplace

It is striking that the partial lunar eclipse of November 2021 falls exactly across the horizon axis of his 2021 solar return. In addition, transiting Saturn (a natural ruler of teeth) on the day of the eclipse exactly conjoins the meridian axis of his solar return for this year.

Furthermore, if we superimpose this lunar eclipse chart (green) on his natal chart (blue), we find the eclipse Sun in the natal 8th house, and eclipse Mars on the cusp of the natal 8th conjunct natal Jupiter:

Inner chart and cusps are the man’s birth chart (in blue).
Outer wheel is the partial lunar eclipse of 21 Nov 2021.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to Wisdom Teeth and Solar Returns

  1. If surgery was involved, would there not be progressions involving Mars/Uranus or the respective midpoint?

    • Not every predictive technique shows a “hit” for a specific event. Mars and Uranus are certainly active at the time, as seen by their conjunction in the solar return and their close opposition in the eclipse chart.

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